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American English: /ˈrædl/
British English: /ˈrat(ə)l/

Translation of rattle in Spanish:


  • 1 (no plural) (noise)
    (of train, carriage) traqueteo (masculine)
    there's a rattle somewhere in this car
    algo está vibrando en el coche
    the rattle of hailstones
    el golpeteo or tamborileo del granizo
    death rattle
    estertor (masculine) de la muerte
    Example sentences
    • In the distance there is the rapid rattle of a Kalashnikov.
    • Somewhere around Parliament House, the rattle turned to a clunk.
    • There's the rattle and clang of the air lock opening and closing, and it seems she has worn her lead-weighted diving boots home.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (make noise)
    hacer ruido
    (vibrate) vibrar
    I heard a key rattle in the lock
    oí el ruido de una llave en la cerradura
    the chain rattled in the wind
    el viento hacía sonar la cadena
    something in this car rattles
    hay algo en el coche que está haciendo ruido or vibrando
    your door's rattling
    tu puerta vibra
    the hail rattled on the plastic
    el granizo golpeteaba en or repiqueteaba sobre el plástico
    he started rattling at the door
    empezó a sacudir la puerta
    Example sentences
    • A sharp series of knocks rattled the door in its frame.
    • To sit in it on a windy day was an experience in itself as you listened to the wind whistling through and rattling the galvanised roof.
    • Thunder rattled the windows and lightning gave an eerie and unworldly light to halls.
  • 2 (move) (+ adverb complement) the carriage rattled over the cobblestones
    el carruaje traqueteaba por el empedrado
    there's something rattling around in the back
    hay algo suelto allí atrás
    Example sentences
    • Soon, dozens of guests began pouring in, their carriages rattling past the front door and around to the back.
    • The carriage rattled along the narrow, winding streets to Montemarte, where the Basilica of the Sacre Couer lay.
    • Drags of empty coal cars rattle past on their westward run.

transitive verb

  • 1 (make rattle)
    hacer sonar
    he was rattling coins in a box
    agitaba una caja haciendo sonar las monedas que había dentro
    the ghost rattled its chains
    el fantasma sacudía sus cadenas
    he started furiously rattling pots and pans
    empezó, furioso, a hacer ruido con los cacharros
    he rattled the door until I opened it
    sacudió la puerta hasta que le abrí
  • 2 (worry, scare) [colloquial]
    poner nervioso
    to get somebody rattled
    poner nervioso a alguien
    hacerle perder la calma a alguien
    Example sentences
    • Jack's presence rattled Wilson, reminding him of Henry as a little boy showing Jack how to work the old cash register.
    • The sight of Anna, not the slightest bit ruffled, rattled him severely.
    • He looked at the capable assistant with sincere eyes knowing that this would rattle him into some flustered explanation of his whereabouts.

Phrasal verbs

rattle off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
decir de un tirón

rattle on

verb + adverb
hablar sin parar
parlotear sin parar [colloquial]

rattle through

verb + preposition + object
decir rápidamente
apurar (Latin America)
they rattled through the rest of the performance
terminaron la actuación a las carreras [colloquial]
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