There are 3 translations of ray in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /reɪ/


  • 1 (beam) rayo (masculine) a ray of hope un rayo or un resquicio de esperanza he's a little ray of sunshine es un sol
  • 2 (line) [Mathematics/Matemáticas] radio (masculine)
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    • A Camera Obscura is when an inverted image is created by rays of light passing through a pinhole into a dark space.
    • Light rays pass through the cornea and the lens and focus on the retina.
    • I can't move, I'm so enraptured by the way the last luminous rays of light dance over his glowing skin.
    More example sentences
    • All coding elements redirect light so that no ray, besides the on-axis ray, travels toward the traditional geometric focus point.
    • It is always wise to make a sketch of the system, including the ray bundles for the on-axis and off-axis imagery.

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