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rear 1

American English: /rɪr/
British English: /rɪə/


  • 1 uncountable (back part)
    parte (feminine) trasera or posterior or de atrás
    a room at or (US also) in the rear of the building
    una habitación en la parte trasera or en la parte de atrás del edificio
    the courtyard at or (US also) in the rear of the building
    el patio de detrás del edificio
    the rear of the train
    los últimos vagones del tren
    she sat in the rear (Motor Vehicles)
    iba sentada atrás or en el asiento trasero
    the people at or (US also) in the rear couldn't hear
    la gente que estaba al fondo no oía
    Example sentences
    • Staff vehicles enter at the rear of the building by means of a ramp that leads down to a subterranean car park.
    • Stromness Fire Brigade were called out and extinguished the fire, which caused minor damage to the doors at the rear of the building.
    • One of the buildings at the rear of the main house dates from that time.
  • 2 uncountable (of column, procession) the rear
    la retaguardia
    to bring up the rear
  • 3 countable (buttocks) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Now Macy's in New York is endorsing big bottoms by adding an extra 2.5in to their dummies' rears.
    • We're not getting off our rears and just walking places.
    • If our folks sit on their rears, the Republicans are better organized in Pennsylvania than they've ever been.


  • (window/wheel)
    de atrás
    the rear entrance
    la puerta de atrás
    rear lamp or light (British) (Motor Vehicles)
    luz (feminine) trasera or de atrás
    the rear windows overlook a garden
    las ventanas de atrás or del fondo dan a un jardín
    Example sentences
    • The back end was completely crumpled and the rear window was shattered.
    • I live smack between two bridges, and I see them both from my rear windows - I can see them now.
    • One round went through my already shattered rear window; another whistled past my head.
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There are 2 entries that translate rear into Spanish:

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rear 2

transitive verb

  • 1 (raise)
    Example sentences
    • She felt her baby had a better chance with new parents better equipped to rear her child.
    • This means that the original enslaver was not concerned with the ‘cost of production’ - the cost of rearing a child until it was old enough to be sold into the trade.
    • Jackson used the exercise to demonstrate the challenges parents face in rearing children.
    Example sentences
    • The firm rears chickens from just days old and processes them through to cooked finished products.
    • These larvae were reared separately until eclosion and both classes were viable.
    • The scientists from the University of California at San Francisco reared young rats in an environment of moderate continuous noise.

intransitive verb

rear (up)

  • 1
    pararse en dos patas (Latin America)
    (with anger, fear) encabritarse
    Example sentences
    • Already last night difficulties were rearing up.
    • Glennon and Holmes reared up on the referee: ‘We're not going to be dictated to by television,’ Glennon told him.
    • She held him upright and kind of buried his face in her shoulder, which didn't seem right, but neither of the Grans reared up on her, so it must have been okay.
  • 2 (tower)
    the mountains reared (up) before us
    las montañas se erguían or se alzaban ante nosotros
    Example sentences
    • Beyond it, the Cumbrian mountains rear, an impenetrable barrier.
    • The mountains now rear before us like terrestrial tsunamis - snow-peaked surf in five-thousand metre sets.
    • Lahore station rears out of the surrounding anarchy like a liner out of the ocean.
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