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American English: /ˈrizən/
British English: /ˈriːz(ə)n/

Translation of reason in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable and countable (cause) the reason that I'm telling you is …
    la razón por la que te lo digo es …
    el motivo por el que te lo digo es …
    that was the main reason I accepted
    esa fue la razón principal por la que acepté
    there's no reason why we should fail
    no tenemos por qué fracasar
    I'd like to know the reason why
    quisiera saber por qué or el porqué
    I'll want to know the reason why!
    ¡me vas ( or van etc. ) a tener que dar explicaciones!
    all the more reason he should go
    razón de más para que vaya
    I left it there for a reason
    por algo lo dejé ahí
    for health reasons
    por razones or motivos de salud
    with (good) reason
    con razón
    for reasons best known to herself
    por razones or motivos que solo ella conoce
    vete a saber por qué [colloquial]
    she has good reason to be upset
    tiene razones or motivos para estar disgustada
    reason for something
    razón or motivo de algo
    the reason for the delay
    la razón or el motivo del retraso
    what reason did he give for leaving?
    ¿qué razón or motivo dio para irse?
    reason to + infinitiveI have reason to believe that …
    tengo razones or motivos para pensar que …
    there's no reason to worry
    no hay por qué preocuparse
    should you have any reason to complain
    si usted tuviera algún motivo de queja
    you've no reason to complain
    no tienes motivos para quejarte
    Example sentences
    • His main reason for quitting was personal, he said, as he wanted to spend more time with his wife and two children.
    • The reason for the present event, according to their explanation, is immodest behavior.
    • Their goal is simply to cause terror without a justified reason.
  • 2 uncountable (faculty) to reach the age of reason
    alcanzar la madurez
    the Age of Reason
    la Edad de la Razón
    el Siglo de las Luces
    to lose one's reason
    Example sentences
    • He believed that with his powers of reason and his faith he could master the world about him.
    • We must not believe that all opinion is ideology, that reason is only power, that there is no truth to prevail.
    • For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream.
  • 3 uncountable (good sense) there's some reason in what she says
    hay cierta lógica en lo que dice
    where's the reason in starting over again?
    ¿qué sentido tiene volver a empezar?
    to listen to reason
    atender a razones
    to make somebody see reason
    hacer entrar en razón a alguien
    he couldn't make her see reason
    no pudo hacerla entrar en razón
    I'm prepared to do anything, within reason, to …
    estoy dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa, dentro de lo razonable, para …
    it stands to reason
    es lógico

transitive verb

intransitive verb

Phrasal verbs

reason out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
entender (razonando)
she just couldn't reason it out
por más que pensaba or discurría, no lo podía entender

reason with

verb + preposition + object
razonar con
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