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Translation of record in Spanish:


American English: /ˈrɛkərd/
British English: /ˈrɛkɔːd/
  • 1 1.1 countable (document)
    (of attendances etc) registro (masculine)
    medical records he keeps a record of attendance at meetings
    lleva un registro de asistencia a las reuniones
    keep a record of your expenses
    anote sus gastos
    no record was taken of what was discussed
    no se tomó nota de lo discutido
    no se levantó acta
    there are no written records dating from that period
    no hay documentos escritos que daten de ese período
    we have no record of having employed him
    no consta en nuestros archivos que haya trabajado aquí
    according to our records
    según nuestros datos
    please keep this copy for your records
    conserve esta copia para su información
    the wettest March since records began
    el marzo más lluvioso del que se tienen datos
    official records
    documentos oficiales
    a photographic record of a vanishing way of life
    un testimonio fotográfico de un estilo de vida en vías de extinción
    let the record show that …
    que conste en acta que …
    it is a matter of record that … [formal]
    hay constancia de que …
    (before noun) record keeping
    archivado (masculine)
    archivamiento (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • Landmark dates in the history of radio will be illustrated by archive recordings and written records of the time.
    • The earliest historical records contain evidence of capital punishment.
    • Travellers in York are compiling a book about their lives which should provide a permanent record of their community's history.
    Example sentences
    • In the absence of the file, Ms. Sava arranged for a search of the court record.
    • On Friday, the official judgment of his conviction was entered into the court record.
    • Evidence from pages 46, 47 and 48 of the transcript of the examination of Luke Brock was read into the court record.
    1.2 (in phrases) for the recordfor the record, I had no financial interest in the deal
    yo no me beneficiaba con el acuerdo, que conste
    for the record, their team finished third off the recordthe minister spoke off the record
    el ministro habló extraoficialmente
    his off-the-record remarks
    sus declaraciones extraoficiales
    on recordthe police kept their names on record
    la policía los fichó
    the hottest summer on record
    el verano más caluroso del que se tienen datos
    there are more than 50 instances on record
    se han registrado más de 50 casos
    it is on record that at the last committee meeting …
    consta en acta que en la última reunión de la comisión …
    she is on record as saying that …
    ha declarado públicamente que …
    to put or place something on record
    dejar constancia de algo
    hacer constar algo
    to set or put the record straight, let me point out that …
    para poner las cosas en su lugar, permítame señalar que …
  • 2 countable 2.1 (of performance, behavior) they'll have to fight the election on their economic record
    van a tener que basar su campaña electoral en sus logros en el plano económico
    a company with an excellent financial record
    una compañía con una excelente trayectoria financiera
    he has a good service/academic record
    tiene una buena hoja de servicios/un buen currículum or historial académico
    he has a poor record for timekeeping
    en cuanto a puntualidad, su expediente no es bueno
    the country's human rights record
    la trayectoria del país en materia de derechos humanos
    our products have an excellent safety record
    nuestros productos son de probada seguridad
    also: criminal record
    antecedentes (masculine plural) (penales)
    to have a record
    tener antecedentes (penales)
    tener prontuario (Southern Cone)
    she had a record as long as your arm [colloquial]
    tenía un historial más largo que un día sin pan [colloquial]
    tenía un prontuario más largo que un día sin pan (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
  • 3 countable (highest, lowest, best, worst) to break/set a record
    batir/establecer un récord or una marca
    to hold the world record
    tener el récord or la marca mundial
    ostentar el récord or la marca mundial [formal]
    the high jump record
    el récord de salto de altura
    his latest movie has broken box-office records
    su última película ha batido todos los récords de taquilla
    Example sentences
    • He established new records in both these events.
    • He broke both the British and European records in this event.
    • Thompson has held world records in four different events, but she hasn't won an individual gold.
  • 4 countable (Audio, Music) to make or cut a record
    hacer or grabar un disco
    on record
    en disco
    Example sentences
    • Consider the difference between distributing CDs and distributing cassette tapes or vinyl records.
    • However, the truth is that over time, records and cassette tapes deteriorate and the quality of sound diminishes.
    • On a plus side, it could also play records, cassette tapes, CDs, and even tune in to radio stations.
    Example sentences
    • Too many contemporary film-makers prefer to use collections of pop records for theme music.
    • I'm more used to the first approach, mainly because I think that's how you make the best records of classical music.
    • Yes, this includes your favorite music, the records you cannot live or breathe without.

transitive verb

American English: /rəˈkɔrd/
British English: /rɪˈkɔːd/
  • 1 1.1
    (person) (write down) anotar
    (in minutes) hacer constar
    it was recorded on his medical card
    fue anotado or quedó registrado en su ficha médica
    these letters record the friendship that grew up between them
    estas cartas documentan el desarrollo de la amistad que nació entre ellos
    the minutes record that …
    consta en el acta que …
    history records that …
    cuenta la historia que …
    the bloodiest battle ever recorded
    la batalla más sangrienta en los anales de la historia
    Example sentences
    • They also had the women keep a daily diary in which they recorded everything they ate.
    • Use a food diary to record everything you eat and drink on a daily basis.
    • The statistics show the region has the second highest level of overall crime recorded by the police.
    Example sentences
    • The coroner records a verdict of death by misadventure.
    • Bradford's Deputy Coroner Mark Hinchcliffe, recording his verdict yesterday, concluded no doctors were to blame.
    • After hearing the results of the post-mortem carried out by consultant pathologist Dr William Keeley, the coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.
    1.2 (register)
    Example sentences
    • These waves are recorded by instruments all over the world, allowing scientists to accurately measure distant quakes.
    • Just as not all species were recorded by both methods, not all species were recorded by both observers.
    • Numerous irregularities were recorded by observers in these areas during the elections.
    1.3 (make known formally)
    dejar constancia de
  • 2
    put or set the machine on record
    aprieta el botón de 'grabar'
    Example sentences
    • Suddenly you have the ability to listen to almost any piece of music ever recorded whenever you like. This is a million times better than just having a few CDs.
    • Tzadik has done a typically great job of recognizing and recording an undervalued piece of music.
    • Lots of the music on the compilation was recorded specifically for the album, and all of it will be new material.
    Example sentences
    • I have been trying to find a good freeware program to record my audio tapes using my computer.
    • Others have the inputs for recording audio from external devices like cassette players.
    • The debate was being recorded on audio tape and chaired by one of my housemates.

intransitive verb

American English: /rəˈkɔrd/
British English: /rɪˈkɔːd/


American English: /ˈrɛkərd/
British English: /ˈrɛkɔːd/
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