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American English: /rəˈɡrɛt/
British English: /rɪˈɡrɛt/

Translation of regret in Spanish:

transitive verb present participle regretting past tense, past participle regretted

  • (decision/mistake)
    arrepentirse de
    I regretted it as soon as I'd said it
    me arrepentí en cuanto lo dije
    don't do anything you might regret
    no hagas nada de lo que te puedas arrepentir
    we regret any inconvenience caused
    rogamos disculpen las molestias (que hayamos podido ocasionar)
    you'll regret this!
    ¡te vas a arrepentir de esto!
    I may live to regret this, but …
    es probable que luego me arrepienta, pero …
    to regret -ing
    arrepentirse de
    lamentar + infinitive
    I regret not having kept in touch with them
    me arrepiento de or lamento no haber mantenido el contacto con ellos
    I regret that I shall be unable to attend
    lamento no poder asistir
    to regret to + infinitive
    lamentar tener que + infinitive
    we regret to announce that …
    lamentamos tener que anunciar que …
    we regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful
    lamentamos comunicarle or informarle que en esta ocasión su solicitud no ha prosperado
    it is to be regretted that …
    es lamentable que … followed by subjunctive
    Example sentences
    • ‘I always come here when I want to be alone,’ I said, immediately regretting my words.
    • He shut his eyes immediately, probably regretting the words he had just uttered.
    • Maureen's cheeks were tinted red, and I immediately regretted my words.


  • 1 uncountable and countable (sadness) to his everlasting regret
    para su eterno pesar
    it is with regret that we announce …
    lamentamos tener que anunciar que …
    my biggest/one regret is that I didn't have children
    lo que más lamento/lo único que lamento es no haber tenido hijos
    do you have any regrets about your life?
    ¿hay algo de lo que te arrepientes?
    I've no regrets about leaving
    no me arrepiento de haberme ido
    Example sentences
    • It does not matter what counsel may think, it is never wise, as many have learnt to their regret, to come without the pleadings.
    • They took a bow, and then Brandon stepped away from Kitty, much to her regret.
    • Letting go of her hand much to her regret, he opened the door and walked in.
  • 2
    also: regrets plural
    excusas (feminine plural)
    to send one's regrets
    presentar sus ( or mis etc. ) excusas
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