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American English: /rəˈmeɪn/
British English: /rɪˈmeɪn/

Translation of remain in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (+ adj or adv compl) 1.1 (continue to be)
    (stay) quedarse
    permanecer [formal]
    her condition remains critical
    su estado sigue siendo crítico
    continúa en estado crítico
    these laws will remain in force
    estas leyes continuarán or permanecerán en vigor
    the best thing is to remain silent
    lo mejor es quedarse callado or es callarse
    he remained cheerful despite everything
    a pesar de todo no perdía el buen humor
    if the weather remains fine
    si sigue haciendo buen tiempo
    the mystery remained unsolved
    el misterio no se llegó a resolver or quedó sin resolver(se)
    he remained standing
    se quedó de pie
    please remain seated
    por favor no se levanten
    por favor permanezcan en sus asientos [formal]
    I remain, yours faithfully [formal] (in letters)
    le saluda atentamente
    Example sentences
    • Though a silver bullet does not exist, hope remains for improved weed control.
    • However, uncertainty remains regarding the effectiveness of interventions to reduce lead hazards and blood lead levels.
    • But even so uncertainty remains as to possible changes in the state of targets between the time of missile launching and its flying.
    Example sentences
    • She met and married her husband, Lou, and remained there for the rest of her life.
    • I no longer wish to support my husband's application to remain in the UK and we are no longer together.
    1.2 (stay)
    permanecer [formal]
    remain here until I call you
    quédese aquí hasta que lo llame
    how long do you intend to remain in the country?
    ¿cuánto tiempo piensa quedarse en el país?
    ¿cuánto tiempo piensa permanecer en el país? [formal]
  • 2 2.1 (be left) this is all that remains of the city
    esto es todo lo que queda de la ciudad
    a few crumbs were all that remained
    solo quedaban unas migajas
    there are less than five minutes remaining
    quedan menos de cinco minutos
    let me enjoy the few pleasures that remain (to me)
    déjame que disfrute de los pocos placeres que me quedan
    the fact remains that …
    el hecho es que …
    sigue siendo cierto que …
    to remain to + infinitivewhat still remains to be done?
    ¿qué falta hacer?
    ¿qué queda por hacer?
    certain questions remain to be answered
    hay ciertos puntos que hay que aclarar aún
    that remains to be seen
    eso está por verse
    it only remains for us to say goodbye
    ya solo nos queda despedirnos
    all that remains is for this last restriction to be lifted
    lo único que falta es que se levante esta última restricción
    lo único que resta es que se levante esta última restricción [formal]
    to remain behind
    Example sentences
    • In the end, with absolutely no time remaining, a deal was cut.
    • If the Court pleases, there are nine matters remaining for me to deal with.
    • Twelve minutes remained to be played, and four more were added.
    also: remaining present participle
    they spent the remaining day in Paris
    pasaron el día que les quedaba en París
    the remaining ten pounds can be paid later
    las diez libras restantes or que quedan or que faltan pueden pagarse más adelante
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