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American English: /rəˈmɛmbər/
British English: /rɪˈmɛmbə/

Translation of remember in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (recall)
    acordarse de
    don't you remember me?
    ¿no te acuerdas de mí?
    I can't remember where I put it
    no me acuerdo de or no recuerdo dónde lo puse
    I can't remember if or whether I locked the door
    no recuerdo si cerré la puerta con llave
    I always remember faces
    nunca olvido una cara
    here's a little something to remember me by I remember him as a young man or when he was a young man
    lo recuerdo de joven
    me acuerdo de él cuando era joven
    this year will be remembered as a turning point in our history
    este año se recordará como un hito en nuestra historia
    he remembered me in his will
    me dejó algo en su testamento
    she remembered him as (being) a shy young man
    lo recordaba como un joven tímido
    el recuerdo que tenía de él era el de un joven tímido
    it was an evening to remember
    fue una noche memorable
    to remember -ingshe remembers leaving her watch on the table
    se acuerda de or recuerda haber dejado el reloj encima de la mesa
    I remembered having read it when I was young
    me acordé de or recordé que lo había leído cuando era joven
    to remember somebody/something -ingI remember him saying something about a meeting
    me acuerdo de or recuerdo que dijo algo de una reunión
    she remembers the car coming toward her
    se acuerda de or recuerda cuando el coche se le vino encima
    Example sentences
    • I suggest that you give him a new name as hearing his old name may cause him to remember the past.
    • I still remember quite vividly reading the story when I was at primary school.
    • Whenever a team isn't winning, people always remember who isn't playing.
  • 2 2.1 (be mindful of, not forget) remember your manners
    no olvides tus modales
    I'll remember you if anything comes up
    te tendré presente or me acordaré de ti si surge algo
    remember where you are/who you're talking to!
    ¡recuerda donde estás/con quién estás hablando!
    to remember to + infinitive
    acordarse de + infinitive
    did you remember to water the plants?
    ¿te acordaste de regar las plantas?
    2.2 (commemorate)
    he has asked to be remembered in our prayers
    nos ha pedido que lo tengamos presente en nuestras oraciones
    2.3 (send regards)to remember somebody to somebodyremember me to your mother
    dale recuerdos or saludos a tu madre (de mi parte)
    Peter asked to be remembered
    Peter te manda recuerdos or saludos
    Example sentences
    • I told everyone to remember me to their husbands.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (recall)
    I used to sit next to you at school, remember?
    me sentaba a tu lado en la escuela ¿recuerdas or te acuerdas?
    as far as I remember
    que yo recuerde
    por lo que recuerdo
    for as far back as I can remember
    desde que tengo memoria
    as I remember, you promised to pay me back today
    me parece recordar que or que yo recuerde prometiste devolverme el dinero hoy
    if I remember correctly or right(ly) try to remember!
    ¡haz memoria!
  • 2 (be mindful, not forget)
    no olvidarse
    I'll try to remember
    trataré de no olvidarme or de que no se me olvide
    Example sentences
    • Then, when you're stopping the paper and the mail, remember to plant some trees as well.
    • Please list your 5 choices in order, remember to sign your post, and get it in by midnight on the 21st.
    • Paul's strengths are that he vacuums, does dishes, and remembers to turn the car blinker off pretty quick after completing a left hand turn.
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