Translation of renew in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rɪˈnuː; rɪˈnjuː/


  • 1.1 (reinvigorate) [enthusiasm/interest/hope] renovar* 1.2 (extend) [lease/passport/subscription] renovar*; [library book] renovar*
    More example sentences
    • Why were his gun licences continually renewed when even police officers expressed doubts over his fitness?
    • So, they fired me, or, they didn't renew my contract.
    • The insurer told her and her partners that it would not renew their contract.
    1.3 (take up again) [vow/promise] renovar*; [efforts/attempts/friendship] reanudar they renewed their attack on the minister volvieron a arremeter contra el ministro
    More example sentences
    • They have appealed their convictions to this court and renewed their constitutional challenge.
    • As a result, Pakistan is renewing its longstanding request to buy at least two dozen F - 16s.
    • The resignations and ongoing conflicts with the Board of Governors were renewing the demands for the establishment of a student government.
    (renewed past p)
    [interest/hope] renovado; [efforts/attempts] nuevo with renewed energy con renovadas energías there have been renewed calls for an inquiry se ha vuelto a pedir que se lleve a cabo una investigación renewed outbreaks of rioting nuevos brotes de disturbios
    More example sentences
    • He therefore induced a public campaign to accuse Parliament of obstruction at a time of national danger (the British having renewed their activities in Tibet).
    • In addition, we must renew our coalition-building activities.
    • ‘We will begin a dialogue with the Israeli side to see if there is willingness to renew the process,’ he said.
    More example sentences
    • Our strength renewed, I ground the almonds along with the sugar and combined that mixture with flour.
    • Feeling his strength renewed he cast aside his staff and walked steadily upon lush, green grass.
    • They rushed back to fight, with furor and strength renewed.

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