There are 2 translations of repair in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rɪˈper; rɪˈpeə(r)/


  • 1.1 (mend) [machinery/clock/roof] arreglar, reparar; [shoes/clothes] arreglar
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    • Led by the local district council and part-funded by the Energy Saving Trust, the 10 mill owners are installing new turbines, restoring blocked leats and repairing sluice gates.
    • Companies try to protect their margins by selling additional services which consumers do not necessarily need, such as selling an insurance policy to cover the cost of repairing a faulty item.
    • The restoration project involved repairing the roof, columns, and finishes; conservation of the art murals; and improving accessibility.
    1.2 (redress) [error/harm/wrong] reparar


  • (retire, withdraw) [liter or hum] to repair to retirarse a they repaired to their rooms se retiraron a sus aposentos [frml o hum]
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    • Although the government says it won't bail out the company, it has done precious little to repair the situation apart from sacking Subramanyam.
    • Ford and his new executive team have already begun the healing process through a back-to-basics strategy which includes repairing relations with dealers and smoothing feathers ruffled by Nasser.
    • They spent a long time repairing relations with Saudi Arabia and wouldn't therefore be involved, it seems to me, in an operation of bombings in Saudi Arabia.
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    • What kind of maniac, moreover, would deliberately ignite 20 pounds of explosives without first clearing the area by several city blocks at least (or in my case, repairing to our finished basement a block away)?
    • I did mix it up in those three weeks, though: the occasional sojourn in a hostel, then repairing to a restaurant with actual tablecloths for a meal with the parents.
    • Before repairing to a local hostelry for beer, cosmopolitans, odd conversation about the noise cotton wool makes and other such essential trivia.

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There are 2 translations of repair in Spanish:



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  • arreglo (m), reparación (f) they do bicycle/watch/shoe repairs arreglan bicicletas/relojes/zapatos dental repairs arreglos de prótesis dentales repairs while you wait reparaciones al minuto the museum is closed for repairs el museo está cerrado por obras my watch is in for repair me están arreglando el reloj the engine/wall is damaged beyond repair el motor/la pared no tiene arreglo in a good/bad state of repair, in good/bad repair en buen/mal estado (before n) a repair job un arreglo a bicycle repair shop un taller de reparación de bicicletas

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