There are 2 translations of repeat in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rɪˈpiːt/


  • 1 1.1 (say again) [sound/word/sentence] repetir* could you repeat the question? ¿podría repetir la pregunta? 1.2 (divulge) contar* don't repeat this, will you, but … no lo vayas a contar, pero … 1.3 (recite) (AmE) [lesson/poem] repetir*, recitar
    More example sentences
    • He repeats it once too often, and it begs the question, ‘From whom?’
    • Because it is becoming less and less likely every day that they will prosper by attempting to repeat the actions of the Baby Boomers who came before them.
    • Gass repeated the experiment dozens of times - and each time the blade stopped immediately.
  • 2 (do again) [procedure/movement/experiment] repetir*; [Educ] [year/course] repetir*; [Mus] [bar/chorus/phrase] repetir* it was an experience I wouldn't care to repeat fue una experiencia que no desearía repetir the design is repeated every two inches el dibujo se repite cada dos pulgadas the store is repeating its special offer on Brazilian coffee la tienda vuelve a tener una oferta especial de café brasileño one of our most popular serials ever is to be repeated vuelve una de nuestras series más populares this episode will be repeated on Sunday [Rad] [TV] el episodio se volverá a emitir or transmitir el domingo
    More example sentences
    • I missed 2 weeks of school and almost had to repeat second grade.
    • Young children often repeat grades because teachers or parents feel they have not acquired the appropriate academic or social skills to advance to the next grade.
    • I was in the classroom with Merce for over ten years and not once did he repeat a class.

v refl


  • 1 (stressing instruction, statement) repetir* repeat after me repitan lo que digo this is not, (I) repeat, not an exercise esto no es un simulacro, repito, no es un simulacro
    More example sentences
    • I don't think I need to repeat what I've already said about this film.
    • Even if you've read everything that Moore has ever written, and know this already, it bears repeating.
    • The name Susanna is also repeated, echoing that same vowel and sibilant.
    More example sentences
    • We can take that small gift, and rather than give in to the emptiness, the ever-echo that merely repeats us back to us - we can sing through it, and listen for something else.
    • Similarly, Lee repeats Carter's greeting to his black buddies and creates many funny situations.
    • He also repeated Judge Woolsey's famous remark about Ulysses being ‘emetic rather than erotic’ though he did not refer the court to his source.
  • 2 [food]to repeat on sb onions repeat on me la cebolla me repite
  • 3
    (repeating pres p)
    [rifle] de repetición; [clock/watch] de repetición
  • 4 (recur) repetirse*
    More example sentences
    • While we do not necessarily expect history to repeat itself, a dollar rally may still take longer to materialise than many now seem to expect.
    • Our linguistic history is repeating itself in this latest verbal revolution.

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There are 2 translations of repeat in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (repetition) repetición (f) we want to avoid a repeat of last year's fiasco queremos evitar que se repita el desastre del año pasado (before n) repeat offender (delincuente (mf)) reincidente (mf) repeat performance [Theat] repetición (f) it's a repeat performance of last year's crisis se repite la misma historia que cuando la crisis del año pasado a repeat visit una nueva visita
    More example sentences
    • As many recall, the soybean market, along with other grains to a more limited extent, went through the roof during the past year; the coming year may perhaps be a repeat in some similar way.
    • And, clearly, the majority of Russians are averse to any repeat of the terror employed by the Soviets in 1918.
    • Because there'll be no repeat, we believe ourselves safe, and tomorrow we'll be able to pretend that nothing happened.
    1.2 [Rad] [TV] (of program) repetición (f); (of a series) reposición (f), retransmisión (f)
    More example sentences
    • By the way, if you missed the show, you can catch the repeat on Radio 4 at 5pm on Sunday, 27 April.
    • Presuming for a second that no one has ever watched repeats of the television show on Nick at Nite, the premise is that the central female character is a real-life honest to goodness witch, whose family are the only ones aware of her secret.
    • We'd do a film together if somebody came up with an idea that wasn't a remake or a repeat or a sequel.
    1.3 [Mus] repetición (f) (before n) repeat sign doble barra (f) de repetición
    More example sentences
    • The term was commonly used in Baroque instrumental music, such as concertos, and regularly in minuet-and-trio structures, to indicate the repeat of the minuet.
    • He gives us few tempo indications, but gives us repeats that we can arbitrarily take or not.
    1.4 (on wallpaper, fabric) pattern repeat: three inches el dibujo se repite cada tres pulgadas

Definition of repeat in: