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American English: /rəˈpɔrt/
British English: /rɪˈpɔːt/

Translation of report in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (account)
    (piece of news) noticia (feminine)
    reports are coming in of a coup
    están llegando noticias de un golpe de estado
    latest reports indicate that …
    las últimas informaciones indican que …
    Example sentences
    • However one defines its official status, the report is to a considerable degree at variance with the picture of the Communist Party of the United States given by historians of the American left.
    • A good case can be made against foreign aid simply by perusing the official documents and reports published by government lending agencies themselves.
    • Unwanted annual reports and other shareholder documents may also bother you.
    Example sentences
    • She has investigated the events, the media reports and testimony from victims of those attacks.
    • Media reports suggest Eircom does not intend to use the proceeds of any refinancing to repay equity.
    • Media reports at the time described Yeltsin as ‘a brash bear of a man from the Urals brought to Moscow to boost Gorbachev's reform efforts’.
    1.2 (evaluation) medical report (school) report
    boletín (masculine) de calificaciones or notas
    she got a good/bad report
    tuvo buenas/malas calificaciones or notas
    annual report official/Government report
    informe (masculine) oficial/del Gobierno
    Law Reports (in UK)
    relación (feminine) de pleitos y causas
    actas (feminine plural) de procesos
    1.3 (school assignment) (written) (US) a book report
    una reseña sobre un libro
    to give an oral report on something
    exponer or reseñar algo oralmente
    Example sentences
    • Teachers can enter progress reports for each student and print a summary progress report when desired.
    • The teacher completes a report and returns it to the student's school counselor at the end of each grading period.
    • Along the way, I must qualify extreme principles in various ways and then challenge my students with examinations and term paper reports about my lectures.
  • 2 uncountable [literary] 2.1 (hearsay) report has it or according to report
    según se dice
    Example sentences
    • We never get a complete picture of Sayonara, merely a series of lively second-hand reports, which is very much the point - through these she achieves a mythical status.
    • According to recent reports, Attorney General Michael McDowell is examining legal options to tackle this growth industry.
    • It's been two years since we first began to hear reports of a promising new wave stirring in Thailand, a country whose cinematic past is almost completely unknown in the West.
    2.2 (reputation)of good/evil report
    de buena/mala reputación or fama

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (relate, announce) several people reported seeing the tiger
    varias personas dijeron haber visto al tigre
    he is reported to own several wells
    se dice que es dueño de varios pozos de petróleo
    many companies reported increased profits
    muchas empresas anunciaron un incremento en sus beneficios
    1.2 (Journalism)
    informar sobre
    reportear (Andes) (Mexico)
    the news was widely reported
    la noticia fue ampliamente divulgada
    Example sentences
    • Coverage such as the Time article illustrates reflexivity because it not only reported on the event, but it drew attention to the production of the event as news.
    • But news agency AFP reported on Monday that thousands of the League's supporters took to the streets of the capital Dhaka on Monday in protest.
    • An American editor and newspaperman who reported on the Scopes trial, which concerned evolution.
  • 2 2.1 (notify)
    informar or dar parte de
    dar parte de
    reportar (Latin America)
    nothing to report
    nada que informar
    to report something to somebody
    dar parte de algo a alguien
    to report something stolen/somebody missing
    denunciar el robo de algo/la desaparición de alguien
    reportar el robo de algo/la desaparición de alguien (Latin America)
    dar parte del robo de algo/de la desaparición de alguien
    Example sentences
    • The Communications Authority has called on the general public to make their complaints official by reporting them to the Authority.
    • Garnet was accused of knowing about the plot beforehand and not reporting it to the authorities. he was accused of Jesuitical equivocation.
    • A ferryman to whom they gave a silver 20-shilling piece decided they must be noblemen who were going to fight a duel abroad, and reported them to the authorities.
    2.2 (denounce)to report somebody (to somebody)
    denunciar a alguien (a alguien)
    reportar a alguien (a alguien) (Latin America)
    I will report you to the authorities
    lo denunciaré a las autoridades
    lo reportaré a las autoridades (Latin America)

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (Journalism)
    Alice Jones reporting from Kabul
    Alice Jones, desde Kabul
    she reports for the Post
    es corresponsal del Post
    to report on something
    informar sobre algo
    reportear algo (Andes) (Mexico)
    1.2 (present report)
    presentar un informe
  • 2 2.1 (present oneself)
    reportarse (Latin America)
    Private Wood reporting for duty, sir!
    soldado Wood se presenta, mi teniente ( or sargento etc. )
    to report sick
    dar parte de enfermo
    report to the reception desk/your supervisor
    preséntese en recepción/a su supervisor
    Example sentences
    • Finally he simply took refuge in his dressing room and refused to report for his next scene, announcing that he hated his wardrobe.
    • When 100 hopeful young boys report for training camp at the end of the summer, they think they are headed for the usual pre-season good time.
    • Within minutes, firefighters off shift and heading home were calling, reporting in and getting ready to go to work.
    2.2 (be accountable) (Business)to report to somebody
    estar bajo las órdenes de alguien
    reportar a alguien
    you will report to the finance director
    estará bajo las órdenes del director financiero
    reportará al director financiero
    Example sentences
    • Seward responds immediately, and reports to Holmwood.
    • Day-to-day activities varied from helping with the telephone and photocopying to reporting to her supervisor about on-going legislative committee hearings and her own bill-analysis research.
    • Analysts and investment bankers now must report to different supervisors, and they must be physically separated.

Phrasal verbs

report back

verb + adverb
1 (return) to report back (to base)
regresar a la base
2 (give report)to report back (to somebody)
presentar un informe (a alguien)

report out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (US)
(devolver (un proyecto de ley) acompañado de un informe)
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