There are 2 translations of request in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rɪˈkwest/


  • 1.1 (polite demand) petición (f), pedido (m) (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) , solicitud (feminine) [formal] to make a request hacer* or presentar una petición or [formal] una solicitud request for sth petición ( or pedido etc) de algo a request for assistance una petición or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) un pedido de ayuda they came with the request that … vinieron a pedirnos or [formal] a solicitarnos que … at her/Mary's request a petición suya/de Mary, a pedido suyo/de Mary (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) by popular request a petición or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) a pedido del público price lists available on request solicite nuestras listas de precios (before noun/delante del nombre) request stop (British English/inglés británico) parada (feminine) discrecional
    More example sentences
    • The funds raised remain in the specific country and when funds are required for an operation of a patient, then the company formally sends in a request for funds.
    • The company expects to receive a formal request for documents or a subpoena in the next few days.
    • If you haven't received something from an institution for some time, it may mean your request for change of address may not have been processed.
    1.2 (for record, song) petición (f), pedido (m) (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) to play a request for sb tocar* algo a petición or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) a pedido de algn (before noun/delante del nombre) request program programa (masculine) con peticiones or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) pedidos de los oyentes
    More example sentences
    • Listeners' requests may or may not have made a difference.
    • It was initially leaked to a US radio station earlier this year, and listeners immediately flooded Djs with requests to hear it.
    • In the spirit of trying to personalize the listening experience, both XM and Sirius have made it possible for people to contact DJs and programmers with feedback and requests.

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There are 2 translations of request in Spanish:



  • 1.1 [help/loan] pedir*, solicitar [formal] Mr & Mrs Tuthill request the pleasure of your company at … [formal] los señores Tuthill tienen el agrado de invitar a usted a … [formal] to request sb to + infinitive/infinitivo/that pedir(le)* a algn que + subjunctive/subjuntivo I requested them to leave les pedí que se fueran customers are requested not to touch the displays se ruega a los señores clientes no tocar las mercancías expuestas [formal] he requested that he be allowed to see his client [formal] solicitó que se le permitiera ver a su cliente [formal] 1.2 [song/record] pedir*, solicitar [formal]
    More example sentences
    • So he sends an e-mail to both his customer marketing manager and his category management analyst requesting information from their recent consumer segmentation research about marketing to moms and gatekeepers.
    • But he said the reduction in the extra time available to local authorities to decide on an application after requesting additional information had serious staffing implications.
    • Lawyers in the Caymans say that if the Irish inspectors are requesting the information as a result of an investigation into tax evasion, the legal framework will not allow the disclosure of information.

Definition of request in: