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American English: /rəˈzɪstəns/
British English: /rɪˈzɪst(ə)ns/

Translation of resistance in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (opposition)resistance (to something/somebody) resistance to change
    resistencia al cambio
    to put up resistance
    oponer resistencia
    to meet with resistance (from somebody/something)
    encontrar resistencia (por parte de alguien/algo)
    to take or follow the line or path of least resistance
    seguir el camino más fácil
    Example sentences
    • A resistance movement emerged on a scale that the military had not anticipated.
    • But many people said that it was the Italian resistance movement that liberated Italy from fascism.
    • But the hopes of the resistance movement - 80 percent Communist - were dashed.
    1.2 (movement) (+ singular or plural verb) the resistance
    la resistencia
    the (French) Resistance
    la Resistencia francesa
    (before noun) (fighter)
    de la resistencia
    the resistance movement
    la resistencia
  • 2 uncountable (Biology)resistance (to something) the body's natural resistance to disease
    la resistencia natural del cuerpo a las enfermedades
    Example sentences
    • He'd leave the windows open in winter so we'd develop a resistance to cold.
    • The drugs used to prevent the body rejecting the new heart adversely weakened his resistance to infection.
    • Sorry to bring up smoking again, but smoking reduces your resistance to bugs, lowers the body's ability to expel the mucus and lengthens recovery time.
  • 3 3.1 uncountable (to movement) wind resistance
    la resistencia del viento
    Example sentences
    • If the intent to stop this madness is forced to go through the path of resistance and violence, than so so be it.
    • Support for the so called resistance or newer anti-occupation forces will mean bloodshed on a much greater scale than there is at present.
    • The garrison of Kilkenny surrendered without putting up much resistance and Cromwell's forces entered the town without losing a man.
    3.2 uncountable and countable (Electricity)
    Example sentences
    • The voltage and/or resistance and thereby the temperature of each thermistor is measured at several second intervals.
    • Bolometers are devices whose electrical resistance changes with temperature.
    • Input resistance was measured as the voltage deflection induced by a - 0.5 or - 1.0 nA current pulse.
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