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American English: /rəˈzɑlv/
British English: /rɪˈzɒlv/

Translation of resolve in Spanish:


  • 2 countable (decision) she made a firm resolve to …
    tomó la decisión or determinación de …
    hizo el firme propósito de …
    Example sentences
    • A resolution does not carry any force of law; it expresses the resolve of a legislative body by drawing attention and awareness to an important subject.
    • The successful outcome of this dispute will also serve as a warning to management who doubted the resolve of union members.
    • Meanwhile the resolve of some 18,000 engineers and technical workers to continue walking the picket lines remains strong.

transitive verb

  • 1 (clear up)
    Example sentences
    • Sometimes, the most vexed problems are resolved through simple solutions.
    • It is a big concern but we are working very hard on a solution to try and resolve the matter before it goes to court.
    • Through that approach, persons with a dispute in the civil court are given the opportunity to resolve the matter with solutions that they devise.
  • 2 (decide) to resolve to + infinitive
    resolver or decidir + infinitive
    she resolved to do it herself
    resolvió or decidió hacerlo ella misma
    Example sentences
    • However, when he finally resolved on retreat a bizarre series of accidents enabled the Spaniards to occupy Bailén and cut off Dupont and a large portion of his army.
    • And it was for that reason, because of all that fear, and want, and confusion, that I had eventually resolved on asking him to be friends.
    • How can anger, or any other emotion or feeling, get someone to go against what they have deliberately resolved on doing?
  • 4 (Medicine)
    Example sentences
    • Giving capsules to children to resolve dietary deficiencies tells their families the problem is beyond their control.
    • The first priority of the dentist is to alleviate pain and resolve infection.
    • The patient was treated and the infection was resolved.
  • 5 (Music)
    Example sentences
    • Thus Skalkottas, although continuing the motivic development, follows the essential principle of traditional sonata form and resolves the previous harmonic tensions.
    • Dissonant notes resolve in a conventional way, only to become part of an unexpected chord.
    • Generally speaking, notes resolve in the direction of their inflection: upward- inflected notes resolve up, and downward-inflected notes resolve down.

Phrasal verbs

resolve into

1verb + object + preposition + object (light/force) (Physics)
descomponer en
dividir en
2verb + preposition + object (Physics)
descomponerse en
dividirse en

resolve on

resolve upon verb + preposition + object
[formal]the committee resolved on a subsidy for the group
la comisión resolvió or decidió otorgar una subvención al grupo
he resolved on completing the task alone
resolvió or decidió terminar el trabajo solo
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