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Pronunciation: /rɪˈspɑːnsəbəl; rɪˈspɒnsəbəl/


  • 1.1 (accountable) (predicative/predicativo)to be responsible (for sth) the window is broken: who's responsible? la ventana está rota: ¿quién es el responsable? those responsible will be punished los responsables serán castigados a build-up of gas was responsible for the explosion una acumulación de gas fue la causa de la explosión who was responsible for the flower arrangements? ¿quién se encargó de los arreglos florales? to hold sb responsible for sth responsabilizar* or hacer* responsable a algn de algo responsible to sb responsable ante algn they are responsible to the committee son responsables ante el comité
    More example sentences
    • The law holds that such blame and censure are only appropriate if the offender was morally responsible for his behaviour.
    • They called instead for a morally serious art, which would teach responsible behaviour by example.
    • Western culture is based on an idea of an integrated, coherent, solid-state self and on the related idea that we are all equally morally responsible.
    1.2 (in charge) (predicative/predicativo) to be responsible for sth ser* responsable de algo they're all responsible for cleaning their own rooms cada uno es responsable del aseo de su habitación each nurse is responsible for five patients cada enfermera tiene cinco pacientes a su cargo he will be responsible for maintenance se hará cargo del mantenimiento
    More example sentences
    • The engineers responsible for control systems care about around-the-clock reliability.
    • Acute care nurse practitioners are responsible for routine management of patients in the step-down units.
    • The general practitioner provided the nurse specialist with a workplace in the practice and was ultimately responsible for patients' care.
    1.3 (trustworthy) [person/worker/attitude] responsable, formal that's not a very responsible thing to do hacer eso demuestra falta de responsabilidad
    More example sentences
    • He also agreed that the head nurse in obstetrics was a highly capable, responsible, and conscientious nurse.
    • Fireworks should be completely avoided, although if people did insist on using them, it should only be by a reliable and responsible adult.
    • Even if the ice is considered safe, a responsible adult should always supervise children playing on or near ice.
    1.4 (important) (before noun/delante del nombre) [post] de responsabilidad
    More example sentences
    • But more surprising is the number of independent people wanting to take on such a responsible position.
    • He was a highly respected attorney who held a number of responsible positions in city and county governments.
    • But what about the poor driver, with no better accommodation, despite his responsible job?

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