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American English: /rəˈtərn/
British English: /rɪˈtəːn/

Translation of return in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (go back)to return (to something)
    (to a place) volver or regresar (a algo)
    (to former activity, state) volver (a algo)
    he returned to Spain
    volvió or regresó a España
    they returned home late
    volvieron or regresaron tarde a casa
    the series will be returning to our screens soon
    la serie volverá pronto a nuestras pantallas
    she never returned to the game
    nunca volvió a jugar
    they returned to the task with renewed energy
    volvieron a la tarea or reanudaron la tarea con renovadas energías
    to return to what we were saying earlier, …
    volviendo a lo que decíamos anteriormente, …
    Example sentences
    • When he returned to the living area, his three crewmates had already returned.
    • The band returned to Seattle because Geffen asked them to, so of course I happily returned with them.
    • Every Saturday she returned to the same bench with his lunch, waiting for him to return.
    Example sentences
    • After Alexis' illness passed our lives returned to normal and continued in the same way.
    • So Aileen returns to her old trade, which spirals into violence and tragedy.
    • He returns to flying and a glorious career as a fighter pilot.
  • 2 (reappear)
    volver a aparecer
    presentarse de nuevo
    the child's cheerfulness returned
    el niño recuperó la alegría
    Example sentences
    • The familiar feelings of longing returned, and his heart ached for her.
    • I was almost happy as the familiar hot feeling of anger returned in me like a long lost companion.
    • The feeling returned, of perseverance to love him forevermore.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (give back)
    regresar (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    restituir [formal]
    to return something to somebody
    devolverle or [formal] restituirle algo a alguien
    regresarle algo a alguien (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    she returned the letter to the file
    volvió a poner la carta en el archivo
    Example sentences
    • Like every date on the tour, when we caught consecutive shows in Memphis and Atlanta, they were sold out, despite some fans having returned their tickets in protest.
    • He returns the computer to the store, and exchanges it for another one.
    • Patrice returns the tissue to Mary - their tears now blended into the same cloth.
    Example sentences
    • You know how is it like to love someone and not have your feelings returned but you still love that person no matter what.
    • McDonald's didn't return repeated phone calls for this article.
    • He brushed a kiss over Piper's lips which wasn't returned, but he didn't notice.
    1.2 (reciprocate)
    corresponder a
    corresponder a
    to return somebody's call
    devolverle la llamada a alguien
    to return fire
    devolver el fuego
    to return good for evil [literary]
    devolver bien por mal
    1.3 (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • Batters have three separate ways to return the ball into play.
    • If you missed returning the ball, you were disqualified.
    • The left analogue stick moves your player from left to right and beyond the table - heated rallies often saw us returning the ball from half way across the room.
    1.4 (in cards)
    Example sentences
    • In fact if you are first or second and your partner is fifth, you might well choose to return a good card to help your partner.
    • One way of cooperating with declarer is by returning the suits which she leads.
  • 3 (Law)
    the jury returned a verdict of guilty
    el jurado emitió un veredicto de culpabilidad
    el jurado lo ( or la etc. ) declaró culpable
    Example sentences
    • The jury returned a verdict of manslaughter and Dunphy was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment.
    • A US judge has dismissed a spamming conviction after concluding that there was no ‘rational basis’ for the jury to return a guilty verdict.
    • The jury returned a so-called ‘special verdict’ of guilty but insane.
  • 4 (Finance)
    Example sentences
    • Delaney said the FAI would break even this year and return a profit in 2005.
    • In other words, 80 cents in Pepsi profit is returned for every $1 spent on Pepsi advertising.
    • Analysts say they never expected the company, which is faring much better than most dotcoms, to return a profit until 2003.
  • 5 (Politics) 5.1 (British) (elect)
    Example sentences
    • At the first election for a Legislative Assembly in 1856 he was returned for the electorate of Murrumbidgee.
    • In 1943 the Dublin Labour Party nominated Larkin as a Dáil candidate and he was returned in the election of that year.
    • Clark opened his purse again for the fall elections, determined to elect a legislative majority that would return him to the Senate.
    5.2 (reelect)


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (to place) the return to school
    el regreso or la vuelta al colegio
    on his return
    a su regreso
    a su vuelta
    the return of this series to our screens
    el retorno de la serie a nuestras pantallas [formal]
    Example sentences
    • All I ask is that you pray for me and my safe return.
    • I apologize for being late - a cancelled flight on my return from Chicago in mid-week disrupted my schedule a bit.
    • That night, over a hundred people showed up to pray for the safe return of the captives.
    1.2 (to former activity, state)
    Example sentences
    • Steve Chapman writes today about terrorism, fear, and the return to normalcy.
    • In particular, the Duke's absence and consequent abuse of power by one of his deputies serves to justify the return of full centralized authority in the last Act.
    • Coming at a time when students here are demonstrating for the return of government grant funding the play leaps into sharp contemporary focus.
    1.3 (reappearance) the return of the symptoms
    la reaparición de los síntomas
    his words brought a return of my earlier doubts
    sus palabras hicieron resurgir mis dudas iniciales
    many happy returns of the day!
    ¡feliz cumpleaños!
    ¡que cumplas muchos más!
  • 2 (before noun) 2.1
    de vuelta
    de regreso
    (ticket/fare) (British)
    de ida y vuelta
    de viaje redondo (Mexico)
    by return mail (US)
    2.2 (Sport) the return game
    el partido de vuelta
    la revancha
  • 3 3.1 uncountable and countable (to owner)
    devolución (feminine)
    regreso (masculine) (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    (of thing bought) devolución (feminine)
    thanks for the return of the coat
    muchas gracias por devolverme el abrigo
    muchas gracias por regresarme el abrigo (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    this book is due for return next week
    hay que devolver este libro la semana que viene
    hay que regresar este libro la semana que viene (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    Example sentences
    • Lost lovers and lost children rarely figure in his accounts - but lost books are mourned, and their return marked with rejoicing.
    • All Inland Revenue correspondence has a return address on the back of the envelope.
    • Parents pay £3 to join the service and then a further £1 to hire a toy for two weeks, 50p of which will be refunded on return of the item.
    3.2 countable (something given back) the show is sold out, but you may be able to get returns (British) (Theatre)
    las localidades están agotadas, pero quizás consigas alguna devolución
    please place returns here (in library)
    se ruega dejar aquí los libros devueltos
    Example sentences
    • With the 2,750-seat City Center selling out every performance (with a long nightly line outside the box office hopefully waiting for returns) it must be judged a smashing success.
    • The 300 tickets available for the event sold out weeks ago and there is a long waiting list of people hoping for returns.
    • 37-year-old Hughes had audiences queuing around the block for returns when he staged his first one-man show, Map, at the Traverse in 2002.
  • 4 (in phrases) by return (of post) (British) in return I can offer you nothing in return
    no te puedo ofrecer nada a cambio
    in return for something
    a cambio de algo
    they offered him a share in return for his silence
    le ofrecieron una parte a cambio de su silencio
  • 5 uncountable and countable (profit)return (on something) we expect a good return on our investments
    esperamos un buen rendimiento de nuestras inversiones
    the rate of return has been disappointing
    la tasa de rendimiento ha sido decepcionante
    the law of diminishing returns
    la ley de los rendimientos decrecientes
    we haven't seen much return on our efforts
    nuestros esfuerzos no se han visto muy recompensados
  • 6 countable
    also: tax return
    declaración (feminine) (de la renta)
    declaración (feminine) de impuestos (esp Latin America)
    6.2 (reply) the analysis is based on the returns of over 1,000 people
    el análisis se basa en las declaraciones de más de 1.000 personas
    also: returns plural
    datos (masculine plural)
    (figures) cifras (feminine plural)
    we won't know who's won until all the returns are in
    no se sabrá quién ganó hasta que no hayan llegado todos los resultados
    Example sentences
    • Examining surviving Victorian housing from outside and from within can be very revealing particularly if these can be matched to information from Census returns.
    • Secondly, we built a database of information transcribed from the census returns.
    • However, SER staff registers suggest that the staff at Ashford works in 1881 was 1,366, far beyond the 496 of the census return.
  • 7 countable (Sport) return of serve (in tennis)
    devolución del servicio or saque
    Example sentences
    • He nets a backhand return on the first set point but forces an error with the second, and the crowd goes bananas!
    • The technology can resolve disputes for viewers over line calls, compare first and second serves and identify areas where returns of serve are made.
    • Her opponent from Eastridge nailed a cross-court winner on the return.
  • 9 countable
    also: carriage return
    interlineación (feminine)
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