There are 2 translations of reward in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rɪˈwɔːrd; rɪˈwɔːd/


  • 1.1 c u (recompense) recompensa (f) after all I've done for you, is this my reward? ¿así es como me pagas todo lo que he hecho por ti? the financial rewards are very attractive desde el punto de vista económico bien vale la pena seeing you happy is reward enough con verte contento ya me doy por pagado, no necesito más recompensa que verte contento your reward will be in heaven Dios te lo pagará, en el cielo tendrás tu recompensa teaching has its rewards la enseñanza puede ser gratificante as a reward, they were allowed to go out como premio los dejaron salir
    More example sentences
    • The system even provides students with computer games as rewards for effort and achievement.
    • Since June I have visited many bases and units and have heard from many of you as to how we can do our jobs better, be better recognised for effort and enjoy suitable reward for service.
    • At the same time, those who render meritorious service should be given due recognition with fitting rewards.
    1.2 c (sum of money) recompensa (f) to offer/get a reward ofrecer*/recibir una recompensa
    More example sentences
    • Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards for such information.
    • Police are offering rewards for any information about the vigilante, the hostage, or the robber.
    • Last week police offered a R20000 reward for information leading to finding Liyabona.

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There are 2 translations of reward in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (recompense) premiar, recompensar she rewarded him with a smile lo premió con una sonrisa their efforts were rewarded sus esfuerzos se vieron recompensados or premiados
    More example sentences
    • Therefore, I believe we have to reward investments in technology, we have to reward quality.
    • Packing was an occupation that rewarded innate qualities and paid little regard to status or civility.
    • Both see a system that doesn't reward quality, whether it's apples grown with Integrated Pest Management or tender lean beef.
    1.2 (with money) recompensar the finder will be rewarded se recompensará or se dará una recompensa a quien lo encuentre
    More example sentences
    • Watsonians' resurgence was finally rewarded by a thoroughly deserved try by centre Colin Gregor.
    • In my opinion this sort of arrogance deserves to be rewarded by denying parole.
    • There has been a lot of teamwork and trust and that deserves to be rewarded by having new investment.

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