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American English: /raɪd/
British English: /rʌɪd/

Translation of ride in Spanish:

transitive verb past tense rode past participle ridden

  • 1 (as means of transport) 1.1 (animal)he rides his horse to school
    va a la escuela a caballo
    do you want to ride my horse? I've never ridden a horse/an elephant
    nunca he montado or (in Latin America also) he andado a caballo/nunca he montado en un elefante
    he was riding his father's horse/a camel
    montaba el caballo de su padre/un camello
    he rode his horse into the river
    se metió en el río con el caballo
    Paradise Boy, ridden by G. Moffatt
    Paradise Boy, jineteado por G. Moffatt or con G. Moffatt en la monta
    Example sentences
    • Why else would they risk injury to ride a bull or horse for eight seconds?
    • As a young girl, she lived on a farm and first rode sheep, then ponies and then horses which she loved.
    • The holidays will also offer the children, many of whom are from urban areas, the chance to look after animals and even ride horses and ponies.
    1.2 (bicycle/motorbike)he rides a bike to work
    va al trabajo en bicicleta
    I can't ride a bike
    no sé montar or (in Latin America also) andar en bicicleta
    let him ride your bike
    préstale la bicicleta
    she rode her bike down the steps
    bajó los escalones con la bicicleta
    (American English) (bus/subway/train)
    ir en
    we rode the bus downtown
    fuimos al centro en autobús
  • 2 2.1 (traverse on horseback)
    recorrer a caballo
    2.2 (run)
    Example sentences
    • I felt like I was riding so well, and the team rode a great race.
    • He rode a hard race in 2003 for victory but had to make do with third place this time around.
    • What's the most appalling weather you've ridden a race in?
    Example sentences
    • He rides the area around Bachelor nowadays.
    • They are not against country folk or anyone else riding the fields and meadows on horseback.
    • Maybe it takes riding the landscape with a native or old-timer who can point something out, to let you know how the geography has changed.
  • 3 3.1 (be carried upon)
    dejarse llevar por
    3.2 (absorb impact of)
    sterling is riding the crisis with ease
    la libra está aguantando or sobrellevando bien la crisis
    Example sentences
    • Jay-jay Okocha supplied the attacking inspiration as Wanderers rode the early blows to pose some serious first half problems of their own.
    • Leger favourite Enchanting Hero gave his supporters reason to sweat in the early stages of Heat 9 when forced to ride a few hefty bumps.
  • 4
    (American English) [colloquial] (harass)
    tenerla tomada con [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • At the end of the day, I am just a player, and it's not something that has been riding me too hard.
    • What's more, when Baltimore is on the road, opposing fans will ride him like he's never been ridden.

intransitive verb past tense rode past participle ridden

  • 1 1.1 (on animal) See examples: to ride on horseback
    montar or (in Latin America also) andar a caballo
    she learned to ride in Argentina
    aprendió a montar or (in Latin America also) a andar a caballo en Argentina
    shall we drive or ride?
    ¿vamos en coche o a caballo?
    Carson rode to victory again today
    hoy Carson volvió a ganar la carrera
    he rides under 120lb
    pesa menos de 120 libras
    (un jockey)
    Dusty rides again (title)
    el retorno de Dusty
    Victorian morality rides again [humorous]
    vuelve a salir a relucir la moral victoriana
    to go riding
    ir a montar or (in Latin America also) a andar a caballo
    ir a hacer equitación
    we rode over to Garsville
    fuimos a Garsville a caballo
    they rode over the moors
    iban a caballo or [literary] cabalgaban por los páramos
    he rode away at a gallop
    se alejó al galope
    they rode off into the sunset
    cabalgaron hacia el horizonte a la luz del atardecer
    she rode up on a gray mare
    llegó montada en or a lomos de una yegua gris
    a boy riding on a dolphin/donkey
    un niño montado en un delfín/burro
    1.2 (on bicycle, in vehicle) we rode into town
    fuimos al centro en bicicleta ( or en moto etc)
    a bodyguard rode on the running board
    un guardaespaldas iba en el estribo
    can I ride with you, John? (especially American English)
    ¿puedo ir contigo en el coche, John?
    she couldn't ride up the hill
    no pudo subir la cuesta pedaleando
    she let me ride on her bike
    me prestó la bicicleta
    Example sentences
    • It is, for example, a great deal easier to demonstrate how to ride a bicycle than to verbalize it.
    • Alan noticed the bike a couple of weeks after he first rode his own bicycle to Tracy's weekly appointment.
    • Another allegation was that he rode a motorbike and quad bike erratically.
    Example sentences
    • He is also forbidden to ride in or on any vehicle without the consent of the owner or to drive without a licence.
    • As he rode in the vehicle half of his heart was overjoyed that he would be returning home so quickly.
    • He refuses to wear a seat belt when he's riding in the passenger side of a car.
  • 2 (run, go)
    Example sentences
    • The Satellite rides like a bike that costs twice as much.
    • This car rides like the granite-wheeled sedans on The Flintstones.
    • On the highway the big truck rides like a large sedan, firm, quiet and comfortable.
  • 3 (be carried along, borne up)to ride on somethingthe gulls were riding on the waves/wind
    las gaviotas se dejaban llevar por las olas/el viento
    they ride on the backs of the working population
    viven a costa de la clase trabajadora
    to be riding high to let something ridelet it ride
    déjalo correr or pasar
    we'll have to let things ride for a while
    vamos a tener que dejar que las cosas sigan su curso por un tiempo
    Example sentences
    • Megawati took over the national leadership in July riding a wave of support from a rainbow coalition united against former president Abdurrahman Wahid.
    • They knew they just had to ride this wave of support and make sure that they put down the kind of roots that will attract ongoing support.
    • The Bulldogs rode their wave of momentum to win by 71 points, giving the club its first premiership since 1975.
    Example sentences
    • Higher yet, and the cue stick will ride over the ball, probably causing it to go nowhere.
    • Breaking waves ride over each other reddened by the lividity of a fulminous sky, mount and collapse, as they wrest down a tall toppling ship not far out of landfall.
    • Rebated rims are considered less reliable by some shooters who are concerned that the rifle bolt might ride over the rim rather than push it forward.


  • 1 (on horse, in vehicle etc) See examples: let's go for a ride on our bikes/ponies/horses
    vamos a dar una vuelta or un paseo en bicicleta/en pony/a caballo
    we went for a ride in his new car
    fuimos a dar una vuelta or un paseo en su coche nuevo
    will you give me a ride on your back?
    ¿me llevas a cuestas?
    it's only a short bus/taxi ride from here
    queda a poca distancia de aquí en autobús/taxi
    it's a ten-minute train ride
    queda a diez minutos en tren
    es un trayecto de diez minutos en tren
    it was a long ride and we were exhausted when we arrived
    fue un viaje largo y llegamos agotados
    it wasn't a smooth ride
    no fue un viaje cómodo
    it was a bumpy ride over the sand dunes
    nos zarandeamos mucho por los médanos
    the firm has had a bumpy ride recently
    las cosas no han marchado muy bien para la empresa últimamente
    from then on, it was a smooth ride the audience gave her a rough ride
    el público le hizo pasar un mal rato
    the bill had an easy ride through Parliament
    el proyecto no encontró gran oposición en el Parlamento
    the ride of the Valkyries
    la cabalgata de las valkirias
    we were trying to hitch a ride (especially American English)
    estábamos haciendo dedo or auto-stop
    estábamos pescando aventón (Mexico)
    she gave us a ride into town (especially American English)
    nos llevó al centro en coche
    nos acercó al centro
    nos dio un aventón (Mexico) or (Colombia) [colloquial] una palomita al centro
    I went along for the ride
    aproveché el viaje, aproveché el aventón (Mexico)
    or (Colombia) [colloquial]
    to take somebody for a ride [colloquial]
    tomarle el pelo a alguien [colloquial]
    llevar a alguien al baile (Mexico) [colloquial]
    agarrar a alguien de punto (River Plate area) [colloquial]
  • 2 2.1 countable (at amusement park) See examples: we went on all the rides
    nos subimos a todos los aparatos or atracciones or (in Latin America also) los juegos
    everything was £1 a ride
    todo costaba una libra la vuelta
    2.2 countable (path)
    Example sentences
    • On Sunday, the first evening of the ride, a Nez Perce chief will bless the trail ride.
    • Land formations and sightings of land, water and air creatures from 12 actual trail rides are documented in great detail.
  • 4
    (person giving a lift) (American English)
    persona (feminine) que lleva a alguien en coche ( or carro etc)
    persona (feminine) que da (un) aventón (Colombia) (Mexico)
    Example sentences
    • After cleaning up and finding a ride into town, Seth and I didn't hesitate with spending most of the money on Tomas' credit card.
    • And, well, after Mysti talked to me, I kind of needed a ride to town so I could help.
    • If you stay here the night I can get you a ride into one of the border towns tomorrow morning.

Phrasal verbs

ride about

verb + adverb
ride around

ride around

verb + adverb
(in car)
pasearse en coche
(on horse)
pasearse a caballo
(on motorbike)
pasearse en moto

ride behind

verb + adverb
(be mounted behind)
ir montado en la grupa
ir en ancas (Latin America)

ride down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1.1 (trample)
(con el caballo)
1.2 (catch up with)
(a caballo)

ride on

verb + preposition + object
depender de
a lot rides on these elections for the Liberals
para los liberales hay mucho en juego en estas elecciones

ride out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object

ride up

verb + adverb
my skirt rides up
se me sube la falda

Definition of ride in:

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