There are 2 translations of ring in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rɪŋ/


  • 1 1.1 (on finger) anillo (masculine); (woman's) anillo (masculine), sortija (feminine); (for nose, ear) aro (masculine) diamond ring anillo or sortija de brillantes or diamantes
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    • The diamond ring and the wedding band Nikolas placed on my finger six months ago blinds me as it catches the sun's rays.
    • There are four branches of the collection of individually-crafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and brooches.
    • She was festooned with bangles, rings, necklaces, earrings and jewellery.
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    • Suppose you have a rubber band, an apple and a ring doughnut.
    • John and Vanessa passed on the burgers (they said that they were vegetarians) and munched on some onion rings.
    • We stopped at this Denny's and I ordered a huge cheeseburger, fries, onion rings, and a huge vanilla shake.
    1.2 (circular object) the bull had a ring through its nose el toro tenía un aro en la nariz or una nariguera he had a ring in his ear tenía un aro en la oreja a curtain ring una argolla or anilla there was a ring around the pigeon's foot la paloma tenía una anilla en la pata 1.3 (circular shape) círculo (masculine) to stand in a ring hacer* un corro, formar un círculo (growth) ring [Botany/Botánica] anillo (masculine) a dirty ring around the bathtub un cerco de suciedad or de mugre en la bañera the rings of Saturn los anillos de Saturno she put a ring around the date/advertisement marcó con un círculo la fecha/el anuncio to have rings around one's eyes tener* ojeras to run rings around sth/sb darle* mil vueltas a algo/algn, darle* sopas con honda(s) a algo/algn (Spain/España) [colloquial/familiar], bailarse algo/a algn (Colombia) [colloquial/familiar]
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    • Behind these rings of trees are yet more grassy fields, some wild and overgrown, others kept trim and tidy.
    • The guests form a ring enclosing the bride, Ona, and men dance with her.
    • It was almost possible to see the location of the Palace, at the centre of concentric rings of islands.
    1.4 (burner) (British English/inglés británico) quemador (masculine), hornilla (feminine) (Latin America except Southern Cone/América Latina excepto Cono Sur) , hornillo (masculine) (Spain/España) , hornalla (feminine) (River Plate area/Río de la Plata)
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    • A higher-wattage gas ring is designed to handle the shape and heat demands of a convex shaped wok with ease.
    • Each table has its own gas ring, and you cook the beef as you need it, then dip the paper-thin slices in chilli or sesame sauce.
  • 2 2.1 (in boxing, wrestling) cuadrilátero (masculine), ring (masculine) to throw o toss one's cap o hat into the ring echarse or lanzarse* al ruedo, entrar en liga my hat is in the ring estoy en la contienda 2.2 (in circus) pista (feminine)
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    • The darkness around the arena made it hard for spectators to see the ring.
    • The audience were seated in rows of benches surrounding the ring.
    • Then I picked up my sword, which I had rested on the fence surrounding the ring.
    (bull ring)
    ruedo (masculine)
    2.4 (at race course) (in UK) recinto (masculine) para apuestas 2.5 (in livestock market) corral (masculine) de exposición
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    • The final bout in the boxing ring is genuinely exciting, although the evening seems to tail off, lacking a real ending.
    • Perhaps another tragedy but created not in the flashpoint of the boxing ring but over a phenomenal career was that of Muhammad Ali.
    • The sand was abruptly gone, and he faced the Hulk across a boxing ring, in the gym where a kid with a zip gun once tried to kill Jack McGee.
  • 3 3.1 (of criminals) red (feminine), banda (feminine) vice/drug ring red de corrupción/de narcotráfico spy ring red de espionaje 3.2 [Business/Comercio] cártel (masculine)
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    • There was always some sort of gang fights or drug rings or brothels around here.
    • It's a high place of crime, drug rings, and prostitution due to the obvious lack of law enforcement.
    • At first they don't get along, but in the course of investigating a murder, they uncover a drug ring… and a friendship.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado ringed)

  • 2 (with pen, pencil) marcar* con un círculo, encerrar* en un círculo
  • 3 [bird] anillar to ring a bull ponerle* un aro en el hocico a un toro, ponerle* una nariguera a un toro

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There are 2 translations of ring in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rɪŋ/


  • 1 countable/numerable (sound of bell) there was a ring at the door sonó el timbre de la puerta a loud ring was heard se oyó un timbrazo
  • 2 uncountable/no numerable (sound, resonance) the ring of the smith's hammer el martilleo del herrero the ring of horses' hooves on cobbles el sonido de los cascos de los caballos en los adoquines his voice/the language has a harsh ring su voz/el idioma tiene un timbre áspero the name has a ring to it el nombre suena bien a name with a familiar ring to it un nombre muy conocido or que suena mucho a story with a ring of truth una historia verosímil
  • 3 countable/numerable (no plural/sin plural) (British English/inglés británico) (telephone call) to give sb a ring llamar (por teléfono) a algn, telefonear a algn, darle* or pegarle* un telefonazo a algn [colloquial/familiar], hablarle a algn (Mexico/México)
  • 4 countable/numerable (set of bells) juego (masculine) de campanas

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (past tense of/pasado de rang past participle of/participio pasado de, rung)

  • 1 1.1 (make sound) [church bell] sonar*, repicar*, tañer* [literary/literario]; [doorbell/telephone/alarm/alarm clock] sonar* 1.2 (operate bell) [person] tocar* el timbre, llamar al timbre to ring at the door tocar* el timbre, llamar a la puerta or al timbre you rang, sir? ¿ha llamado, señor?to ring for sb/sth you have to ring for service tiene que llamar al timbre para que lo atiendan she rang for the butler hizo sonar el timbre/la campanilla para llamar el mayordomo
  • 3 3.1 (resound) resonar* their shouts still rang in our ears todavía oíamos sus gritos, sus gritos aún resonaban en nuestros oídos [literary/literario] the house rang with the laughter of children la casa resonaba con risas infantiles the air rang with their shouts of joy sus gritos de alegría resonaban en el aire the whole office rang with talk of the boss's wedding en la oficina no se hablaba sino de la boda del jefe to ring true ser* or sonar* convincente the characters ring false los personajes no son convincentes her laughter rang hollow su risa sonaba forzada their boasts/threats rang hollow sus alardes/amenazas no convencían a nadie 3.2 [ears] zumbar

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense of/pasado de rang past participle of/participio pasado de, rung)

  • 1 (operate) [doorbell/handbell/church bell] tocar*

Phrasal verbs

ring around

(British English/inglés británico) ring round
verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio llamar a varios lugares or sitios 1.1verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento hacer* varias llamadas a

ring back

(British English/inglés británico)
verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio volver* a llamar could you ring back in half an hour? ¿podría volver a llamar dentro de media hora? 1.1verb + object + adverb/verbo + complemento + adverbio (ring again) volver* a llamar; (return call) llamar would you ask her to ring me back? ¿le podría decir que me llame?

ring in

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio (telephone) (British English/inglés británico) llamar to ring in sick llamar para dar parte de enfermo 1.1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento ring up 1 2 1.2verb + adverb + object/verbo + adverbio + complemento ring out 2

ring off

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio (British English/inglés británico)
colgar*, cortar (Southern Cone/Cono Sur)

ring out

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio [shot/voice] oírse*, resonar*; [bells] sonar*, resonar* 1.1verb + adverb + object/verbo + adverbio + complemento to ring out the old (year) and ring in the new despedir* al año viejo y recibir al nuevo (al son de las campanas)

ring up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento 1.1 (on cash register) [amount] marcar*, registrar 1.2 (notch up) [triumphs/victories] anotarse 1.3 (telephone) (British English/inglés británico) ring2 3 2 1.1verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio (British English/inglés británico) ring2 2 2

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