Translation of ripe in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /raɪp/


  • 1.1 [fruit/vegetables] maduro ; [cheese] a punto to live to a ripe old age vivir muchos años 1.2 (ready)to be ripe for sth the fruit was ripe for picking la fruta estaba lista para ser cosechada the law is ripe for reform es el momento propicio or oportuno para reformar la ley we will act when the time is ripe actuaremos cuando sea el momento or cuando sea oportuno the time is ripe for change están dadas las circunstancias para un cambio 1.3 (full, rounded) [lips] carnoso ; [breasts] turgente [literario/literary] 1.4 (pungent) [colloquial/familiar] [smell] fuerte those socks are a bit ripe esos calcetines huelen que apestan or (Esp tb) huelen que alimentan [familiar/colloquial]

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