Translation of ripe in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /raɪp/


  • 1.1 [fruit/vegetables] maduro; [cheese] a punto to live to a ripe old age vivir muchos años
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    • Outside in the back garden, he could see Mrs Galloway, who was their cook, picking ripe fruit from the strawberry patches nearby the greenhouse, collecting them in her apron.
    • I proceeded to pick the ripe fruits and vegetables.
    • The vendors took great pride in displaying and selling their wares; the ripe fruits adding colour and the voices of vendors adding din to the already noisy bazaar.
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    • I give them each some of my real buttermilk, soured just right, or a chunk of my ripe cheese.
    • A generation of consumers accustomed to ripe, sweeter fleshy wines from the new world will be astonished at the sheer opulence of these wines.
    • This is a gorgeous, perfectly ripe and totally consistent Cabernet Sauvignon.
    1.2 (ready)to be ripe for sth the fruit was ripe for picking la fruta estaba lista para ser cosechada the law is ripe for reform es el momento propicio or oportuno para reformar la ley we will act when the time is ripe actuaremos cuando sea el momento or cuando sea oportuno the time is ripe for change están dadas las circunstancias para un cambio
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    • The time is ripe for a new focus on winning a share of the shopper that will have a shelf life well beyond the cold, hard realities of an economic slowdown.
    • The time was ripe for change, hence the creation of the Academy in 1980.
    • He felt his stomach growling, and decided the time was ripe for some food.
    1.3 (full, rounded) [lips] carnoso; [breasts] turgente [literary/literario]
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    • The two riders hauled their animals to a halt at the very edge of the riverbed, smelling the carnage before they saw it: a ripe stench hanging on the breeze.
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    • George's poetry is ripe with sexual symbolism.
    • And most importantly, they are ripe with greed.
    • But the future is ripe with possibilities, like live television or an entire network with programming made especially for your cell phone.
    1.4 (pungent) [colloquial/familiar] [smell] fuerte those socks are a bit ripe esos calcetines huelen que apestan or (in Spain also/en España también) huelen que alimentan [colloquial/familiar]

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