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American English: /raɪz/
British English: /rʌɪz/

Translation of rise in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (upward movement)
    (of tide, level) subida (feminine)
    to get a rise out of somebody [colloquial]
    conseguir que alguien se fastidie
    he's only trying to get a rise out of you
    te está toreando [colloquial]
    to take the rise out of somebody [colloquial]
    tomarle el pelo a alguien [colloquial]
    mamarle gallo a alguien (Colombia) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Finally opening her eyes, she noted that, other than the shallow rise and fall of his chest, there was no movement coming from him.
    • Ian put the bag down and watched Justin lying there, nervously checking the rise and fall of his chest.
    • They were both almost completely motionless, save the rise and fall of their chests as they breathed.
    Example sentences
    • The score anticipated Schoenberg's technique in Gurrelieder and Pierrot Lunaire, indicating the rises and falls of the voice with relative pitches.
    1.2 (increase)
    (in pressure, temperature) aumento (masculine)
    subida (feminine)
    (in number, amount) aumento (masculine)
    to be on the rise
    ir en aumento
    estar aumentando
    Example sentences
    • Businesses know U.S. consumers can shoulder a rise in energy prices and that domestic demand should keep increasing this year.
    • Increasing use of email has already prompted a rise in the price of posting a letter.
    • Is the corporate spending increase enough to sustain the price rise?
    1.3 (in pay) (British) a pay rise
    un aumento salarial
    un incremento salarial [formal]
    to be given a rise
    recibir un aumento
    Example sentences
    • The incipient rebellion was quickly quashed, however, when journalists received email notification of the enormous salary rises which will accompany the deal.
    • But analysts say compromises on wage and pension rises are likely.
    • In terms of wages, 69 percent of exporters surveyed expect to pay a wage rise in the next 12 months.
    1.4 (improvement) a rise in living standards
    una mejora en el nivel de vida
    Example sentences
    • After a meteoric rise comes the inevitable fall.
    • As she began her rise in the political world, the media began to take notice.
    • If he keeps being cast as such one-dimensional, charisma-free characters, his fall may be as quick as his meteoric rise.
  • 2 (advance) the rise of Manchester as an industrial city
    el surgimiento de Manchester como ciudad industrial
    her meteoric rise to stardom
    su meteórico ascenso or su meteórica ascensión al estrellato
    the party's rise to power
    el ascenso or la ascensión al poder del partido
    the rise and fall of somebody/something
    la grandeza y decadencia de alguien/algo
    el auge y (la) caída de alguien/algo
    to give rise to something
    dar origen or lugar a algo
    (to problem/dispute)
    ocasionar or causar algo
    (to ideas/interest)
    suscitar algo

intransitive verb past tense rose past participle risenPronunciation: /ˈrɪzn/

  • 1 1.1 (come, go up)
    elevarse [formal]
    the curtain rises at eight o'clock
    la función empieza a las ocho
    the curtain rises on a Paris street scene
    cuando se levanta el telón, estamos en una calle de París
    leave the dough to rise
    dejar crecer or subir la masa
    his eyebrows rose in astonishment
    arqueó or enarcó las cejas asombrado
    a few eyebrows rose when …
    más de uno se mostró sorprendido cuando …
    the fish weren't rising
    los peces no picaban
    to rise to the surface
    salir or subir a la superficie
    their anger now rose to the surface
    entonces afloró su ira
    the color rose to her cheeks
    se le subieron los colores
    se ruborizó
    Example sentences
    • She didn't see the mist starting to rise from the ground.
    • His brows rose, and he moved to touch my leg, but I slapped him.
    • Small flames were beginning to rise, and she moved in towards the fire.
    Example sentences
    • The sun had finally risen above the horizon, lighting up her path.
    • The sun had risen above the horizon, and threw a faint light over the mountains.
    • Her eyes watched the stars dance as the full moon rose over the horizon.
    Example sentences
    • It grew gradually like bread dough rising in a bowl on a radiator, until it filled her up and made her feel slightly sick with excitement.
    • Making the bread is a living process, similar to yoghurt, where the dough rises and develops with the yeast.
    • The downstairs rooms were moderately clean by the time the dough had risen the second time.
    Example sentences
    • Slowly but surely, the water level is rising, and pathetic river and sea defences aren't going to do anything to stop more flooding.
    • As the seas rose, new coral islands grew from the underlying shelf platform.
    • And yet, we have a whole bunch of people, serious, accomplished scientists, telling us that the seas will rise in some places while deserts will be created in others.
    1.2 (increase)
    the price has risen by $200/by 8%
    el precio ha subido or aumentado 200 dólares/en un 8%
    the euro rose slightly against the dollar
    el euro subió ligeramente en relación con el dólar
    to rise in price
    subir or aumentar de precio
    the property has risen in value
    la propiedad se ha (re)valorizado
    the level of violence has risen dramatically
    ha habido una escalada de violencia
    a feeling of rage rose (up) within him
    lo invadió la ira
    the wind was rising
    el viento estaba arreciando
    Example sentences
    • As the amount of gold coins in circulation increases, prices rise - but only very, very slowly.
    • Since 2001, the cost of the provincial game has risen from €5.8 million to €11.2 million.
    • During the past 18 months, the cost of a barrel of oil has risen from less than $40 to more than $70.
    (sound) (become louder) aumentar de volumen
    (become higher) subir de tono
    the shouting rose
    el griterío fue aumentando
    her voice never rose above a whisper
    su voz no se elevó por encima de un susurro
    a few voices rose in protest
    se alzaron algunas voces de protesta
    Example sentences
    • Felix was growing upset now, his voice rising in pitch and volume.
    • I objected, my voice rising in pitch of its own accord.
    • She yelled, her voice rising in pitch until she was screeching.
    1.4 (improve)
    their spirits rose
    se les levantó el ánimo
    se animaron
    Example sentences
    • They would be looked down upon by others who rose in the society to be successful individuals.
    • Allan is clearly a spineless kind of fellow - a philanthropic friend to the poor but lacking drive and the ability to rise in his profession.
    • During more than 20 years in the profession, he had risen to the post of deputy head at a school in the north of England and was happy with his workload and responsibilities.
  • 2 2.1 (slope upward)
    Example sentences
    • The land rises abruptly to highland ridges with mountain summits as high as 3000 feet.
    • From the edges of the valley, the land rises abruptly in steep high buttes.
    • The land rises progressively toward the south.
    2.2 (extend upwards) (building/hill)
    erguirse [literary]
    the mountain rose up before them
    la montaña se alzaba ante ellos
    the city rose up out of the mist
    la ciudad surgió de entre la niebla
    Example sentences
    • Some say, if that's the case, why don't they rise up and overthrow the government themselves?
    • Future generations will have to find some other way to rise up against their parents.
    • She asks for everyone to rise up against this evil.
    Example sentences
    • Before them, a great structure of green stone rose seamlessly from a basin of grass.
    • The battered masonry walls rise dramatically from the landscape.
    • Barely a thousand feet high, it rose dramatically from the surrounding landscape.
  • 3 3.1 (stand up)
    (person/audience) [formal]
    ponerse de pie
    pararse (Latin America)
    please rise for the national anthem
    por favor pónganse de pie para escuchar el himno nacional
    to rise to one's feet
    ponerse de pie
    to rise from the table/one's chair
    levantarse de la mesa/silla
    Example sentences
    • When no answer came, Beth rose from her chair and went to kneel beside his.
    • Giving a deep sigh, she rose from the chair and walked into the sitting room.
    • When Baker grabbed Daisy's necklace, John rose from his chair.
    3.2 (out of bed)
    rise and shine! [colloquial]
    ¡vamos, arriba y a espabilarse! [colloquial]
    to rise from the dead
    resucitar de entre los muertos
    Example sentences
    • Ted rose early the next morning and took a taxi to the Museo Nazionale, cool, echoey, empty of tourists despite the fact that it was summer.
    • She rose early one morning, determined to make it up to Emmy.
    • They rose early the next morning, and Rhia sensed that the soldiers seemed well-rested and eager to resume their journey.
  • 4 (in position, status) he rose to the rank of general
    ascendió al rango de general
    she has risen in my estimation
    ha ganado en mi estima
  • 5 (adjourn) (British)
    levantar la sesión
    Example sentences
    • There was, therefore, considerable disappointment that when the Dail rose for the summer recess nothing had been done.
    • The courts sit from 11 am to 1pm, then rise for lunch and sit again from 2pm to 4pm.
    • Before the Dail and Seanad rose for the summer recess, Dempsey formulated a series of proposals for the reform of the Oireachtas.
  • 6

    rise (up)

    (revolt)to rise up (against somebody/something)
    levantarse or alzarse (contra alguien/algo)
  • 7 (originate)
    (river) [formal]
    Example sentences
    • The Mejerda River, which rises in Algeria, drains into the Gulf of Tunis.
    • The longest river in the country is the Medjerda, which rises in Algeria and flows through Tunisia to the sea.

Phrasal verbs

rise above

verb + preposition + object
sobreponerse a
estar por encima de

rise to

verb + preposition + object
1 (respond to) to rise to the challenge
aceptar el reto
to rise to the demands of the situation
estar a la altura de las circunstancias
2 (be provoked by)
reaccionar frente a
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