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American English: /rɪsk/
British English: /rɪsk/

Translation of risk in Spanish:


  • 1 countable and uncountable (danger) the benefits outweigh the risks
    los beneficios superan los riesgos
    the risks are too great
    hay demasiados riesgos
    the risks involved are enormous
    los riesgos que implica son enormes
    there's an element of risk in any investment
    toda inversión implica or encierra un cierto riesgo
    the risk of infection is slight
    el riesgo or peligro de infección es mínimo
    there's no risk of anyone knowing you here
    no hay riesgo or peligro de que alguien te conozca aquí
    will we lose our jobs? — there's little risk of that
    ¿nos vamos a quedar sin trabajo? — es muy poco probable que eso suceda
    at the risk of -ing
    a riesgo de + infinitive
    at the risk of repetition
    a riesgo de repetirme
    is there any risk that she'll say 'no'?
    ¿hay algún peligro de que se niegue?
    there's always the risk that he'll forget
    siempre existe el riesgo or el peligro de que se (le) olvide
    those most at risk from the disease
    los que corren mayor riesgo or peligro de contraer la enfermedad
    our jobs are at risk
    nuestros trabajos están en or corren peligro
    at one's own risk
    por su ( or mi etc. ) cuenta y riesgo
    bajo su ( or mi etc. ) propia responsabilidad
    that's a risk we'll just have to take
    no tenemos más remedio que correr ese riesgo
    you must be prepared to take risks
    hay que estar dispuesto a arriesgarse or a correr riesgos
    you're running the risk of offending him
    te estás arriesgando a or corres el riesgo de que se ofenda
    it isn't worth the risk
    no vale la pena arriesgarse or correr el riesgo
    a health risk
    un peligro para la salud
    that is a fire risk
    eso podría causar un incendio
    (before noun) the risk factor increases if …
    el riesgo or peligro es mayor si …
    Example sentences
    • He was closest to the situation, knew the risks, knew what they could gain from such a crime, and knew what they stood to lose if they were discovered, which was very little.
    • Young farm children need to be limited in their exposure to risks; older youths must be trained and closely supervised.
    • They are well aware of their threat exposure and understand the risks associated with the systems in use.
  • 2 (Finance) to be a good/bad risk
    constituir un riesgo aceptable/inaceptable
    an insurable/uninsurable risk
    un riesgo asegurable/no asegurable
    are you insured for all risks?
    ¿estás asegurado contra todo riesgo?
    ¿estás asegurado a todo riesgo? (Spain)
    to spread the risk
    diversificar las inversiones para minimizar los riesgos
    high-/low-risk investment
    inversión (feminine) de alto/bajo riesgo
    risk manager
    gestor (-tora) (masculine, feminine) de riesgos
    gerente (masculine or feminine) de riesgos
    Example sentences
    • The management of financial risk is the most obvious dimension.
    • In terms of companies with the highest financial risk profile of those analysed, Greencore comes out on top when the three measures are taken together.
    • Each year a report is produced by the trustees of your pension scheme and every three years there is a valuation by actuaries, who analyse financial risk.

transitive verb

  • 1 (put in danger)
    poner en peligro
    she's prepared to risk everything
    está dispuesta a arriesgarlo todo
    to risk one's life for somebody
    arriesgar or poner en peligro su ( or mi etc. ) vida por alguien
    Example sentences
    • I was afraid to risk you, and was worried you'd be in danger if she kept working for me.
    • I need to find a way to monitor the subjects without risking anybody's life.
    • I wasn't going to risk my friends safety, plus Nick was getting scary.
  • 2 (expose oneself to)
    arriesgarse a
    correr el riesgo de
    we risk defeat
    corremos el riesgo de or nos exponemos a una derrota
    are you going to take your umbrella? — no, I think I'll risk it
    ¿vas a llevar el paraguas? — no, creo que me voy a arriesgar
    to risk -ing
    arriesgarse a or correr el riesgo de + infinitive
    you risk being late
    te arriesgas a or corres el riesgo de llegar tarde
    Example sentences
    • I know you say that now, but we simply cannot risk another incident like this and have you lose your scholarship or even get suspended or expelled.
    • Today he was too concerned for Mariah to risk an accident.
    • My bet is nobody yet wants to risk the possibility of losing their subscribers to another such facility, through charging too much, or too early.
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