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American English: /roʊd/
British English: /rəʊd/

Translation of road in Spanish:


  • 1 (for vehicles)
    (out of town) carretera (feminine)
    is this the road to Boston?
    ¿éste es el camino/la carretera que va a Boston?
    ¿por aquí se va a Boston?
    the Cambridge road
    la carretera (que va) a Cambridge
    la carretera de Cambridge
    five miles down the road
    a cinco millas siguiendo la carretera/el camino
    a factory just down the road (from here)
    una fábrica que hay aquí muy cerca
    una fábrica que hay aquí nomás (Latin America)
    there's a baker's over or across the road
    enfrente or al otro lado de la calle hay una panadería
    the people from over the road (British)
    los de enfrente
    the house is set back a mile or so from the road
    la casa está como a una milla de la carretera
    a major/minor road
    una carretera principal/secundaria
    a dirt road
    un camino sin pavimentar
    it's good road all the way now
    de aquí en adelante el camino es bueno
    by road
    por carretera
    por tierra
    my car's off the road (British)
    tengo el coche fuera de circulación or averiado
    to take to the road
    empezar a vagar por los caminos
    road closed
    carretera cerrada
    road narrows
    estrechamiento de calzada or carretera
    to have one for the road [colloquial]
    tomarse la del estribo or la penúltima
    all roads lead to Rome
    todos los caminos conducen or llevan a Roma
    (before noun) (accident)
    de tráfico
    de tránsito (Latin America)
    road junction
    cruce (masculine) de carreteras
    road mender road racing
    (in car) carreras (feminine plural) automovilísticas (en carretera)
    (on foot) carrera (feminine) a pie por carretera
    road repairs
    obras (feminine plural) en la carretera
    road traffic accident
    accidente (masculine) de circulación,
    accidente de tránsito (Latin America)
    road transport
    transporte (masculine) por carretera
    Example sentences
    • New roads were constructed as wide boulevards to prevent fires from spreading from one side of the street to the other.
    • Consequently, in the absence of a good public transport system, the vehicles on Delhi's roads have swollen to around 2.7 million.
    • Training horses to accept traffic, road works and roadside obstacles is more important than ever in these days of litigation and the increasing number of vehicles on the roads.
  • 2 (route, way) the road to peace
    el camino hacia la paz
    el sendero hacia la paz [literary]
    we're on the right road
    vamos por buen camino or bien encaminados
    this could mean the end of the road for the company
    esto podría acabar con la compañía or causar la quiebra de la compañía
    he is taking the country down the road to bankruptcy
    está llevando el país camino a la bancarrota
    the economy is on the road to recovery
    la economía está en vías de recuperación
    his agent put or set or started him on the road to stardom
    su agente lo encaminó hacia el estrellato or lo puso en camino al estrellato
    Example sentences
    • Understanding this can aid teachers and learners as they make sense of interpersonal conflict on the road to forming successful groups.
    • Even though her storyline - which follows João on the road to stardom, with several stopovers in prison - can seem underdeveloped, Ramos is always charismatic.
    • A gang of petty thieves make a big score on an armored van, but instead of landing on easy street, they find themselves on the road to frustration.
  • 3on the roadthe car's been on the road for ten years
    el coche tiene diez años de uso
    a rattletrap like that shouldn't be on the road
    un cacharro como ese no debería estar en circulación
    he shouldn't be on the road
    no debería manejar
    no debería conducir (Spain)
    we've been on the road for four days
    llevamos cuatro días viajando
    they were on the road before six
    se pusieron en camino antes de las seis
    antes de las seis ya estaban en camino
    the exhibition will go on the road in March
    la exposición iniciará una gira en marzo
    to take a circus/band on the road
    llevar un circo/un grupo de gira
    let's get this show on the road [colloquial]
    pongamos manos a la obra
    pongámonos en movimiento
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