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American English: /rən/
British English: /rʌn/

Translation of run in Spanish:

intransitive verb present participle running past tense ran past participle run

  • 1 (literally: to move fast) I had to run for the train she ran to meet them
    corrió a su encuentro
    I heard the sound of running feet
    oí a alguien que corría
    to run across the street
    cruzar la calle corriendo
    she ran back to the house for her gloves
    volvió a la casa corriendo a buscar los guantes
    he ran downstairs/indoors
    bajó/entró corriendo
    they ran out into the yard
    salieron al patio corriendo
    run for your lives!
    ¡sálvese quien pueda!
    to run for cover
    correr a ponerse a cubierto
    Example sentences
    • He rushed downstairs in his bare feet and ran outside on to the snowy street.
    • Jobs used to be more physical and kids walked to school and ran about outside rather than playing on computers.
    • The way the cars are parked, there's only inches either side of you and you're worrying in case a child or a dog comes running out from between the cars.
  • 2 [colloquial] 2.1 (to go quickly) run and fetch me my pipe
    corre a buscarme la pipa
    I'll have to run home and change
    tendré que ir corriendo or rápido a casa a cambiarme
    he runs to the doctor with every little thing
    va corriendo al médico por cualquier tontería
    don't come running to me afterward if things go wrong
    luego no me vengas a mí corriendo si hay problemas
    2.2 (to go by car)
    ir (en coche)
    I run down/over/up to Birmingham most weekends
    la mayoría de los fines de semana voy a Birmingham
    it's the ideal car for running around town in
    es el coche ideal para ir por la ciudad
    es el coche ideal para andar por la ciudad (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • First Buses, which runs children to and from Prince Henry's Grammar School, says the school's tough discipline policy makes life easier for its drivers.
    • I feel sorry for her, as she spends all her time running me to classes.
    • Here's my car ... can I run you home?
  • 3 (to operate, to function)with the engine running
    con el motor encendido or en marcha
    con el motor prendido (Latin America)
    it runs off batteries/on gas
    funciona con pilas/a gas
    funciona a pila/a gas (esp Latin America)
    the talks have been running smoothly
    las conversaciones han marchado sobre ruedas
    if everything runs according to plan …
    si todo sale según lo previsto …
    the work is running six months behind schedule
    el trabajo lleva seis meses de retraso
    Example sentences
    • We contacted a doctor who ran a series of tests on Erin at his office.
    • Bexley Centre for the Unemployed is running a free course in food hygiene in the Boys Brigade hall next to Christ Church in Bexleyheath Broadway.
    • GM currently is running a pilot program in Brazil and investigating plans for Australia and Japan.
    Example sentences
    • Schumacher managed to keep the engine running after the collision.
    • While the hospital runs off a generator, kindergartens have no generators or power.
    • Do not run your auto in the garage, not even to warm it up.
  • 4 4.1 (to go) (vehicles) the truck ran into the ditch/over the cliff
    el camión cayó en la cuneta/se despeñó por el acantilado
    the wagons run on tracks
    los vagones corren sobre rieles
    the drawer runs very smoothly
    el cajón abre y cierra muy bien
    she let the line run through her hands
    dejó que la cuerda se deslizara entre sus manos
    4.2 (Transport) (trains, services)the trains run every half hour
    hay trenes cada media hora
    this service runs only on weekdays
    este servicio funciona solamente los fines de semana
    Example sentences
    • A villager has criticised the rail service which runs trains to and from his rural community, claiming the transport needs of people living in the countryside are being ignored.
    • As well as the Manchester Airport services, it runs trains from Liverpool to Hull and Newcastle and Manchester Piccadilly to Cleethorpes.
    • The firm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dutch state-owned NS train operator, which runs the majority of services in the Netherlands.
    4.3 (Nautical)to run aground the frigate ran back into port
    la fragata volvió a puerto
    to run before the wind
    navegar con viento en popa
  • 5 (to travel) our thoughts were running along or on the same lines
    nuestros pensamientos iban por el mismo camino
    the news ran through the building
    la noticia corrió or se extendió por el edificio
    a shiver ran down my spine
    me dio un escalofrío
    his finger ran down the list
    recorrió la lista con el dedo
  • 6 (to extend) 6.1 (in space)the streets run parallel to each other
    las calles corren paralelas
    the balcony runs the length of the building
    el balcón se extiende de un extremo al otro del edificio
    the path runs across the field/around the lake
    el sendero atraviesa el campo/bordea el lago
    the crack runs from top to bottom
    la grieta va de arriba abajo
    the lane runs into the main street
    el callejón da or sale a la calle principal
    this idea runs through the whole book
    esta idea se repite or está presente a lo largo del libro
    the cable runs underground
    el cable va bajo tierra
    Example sentences
    • St James's Street runs uphill from Pall Mall and the Palace to Piccadilly.
    • Taxis will be diverted to Wigmore Street, which runs parallel to Oxford Street.
    • The last time I had been there, Church Street, which runs north and south, had been a broad and busy avenue.
    6.2 (in time) the film runs for 95 minutes
    la película dura 95 minutos
    the show will run for 10 weeks
    el espectáculo estará en cartel 10 semanas
    to run and runthis one will run and run
    este va a ser el cuento de nunca acabar
    the treaty has a year left to run
    al tratado le queda un año de validez
    the contract runs for a year
    el contrato es válido por un año or vence al cabo de un año
    she received two eight-year sentences to run concurrently/consecutively
    le impusieron dos condenas de ocho años cada una, que se cumplirán simultáneamente/sucesivamente
  • 7 (of stories, sequences) how did that line run?
    ¿cómo decía or era esa línea?
    I can't remember how the chorus runs
    no me acuerdo de qué dice el estribillo
    the argument runs as follows
    el argumento es el siguiente
    the sentence runs more smoothly if …
    la frase queda or suena mejor si …
    Example sentences
    • The very first paragraph of my book The Truth about Writing runs as follows.
    • There's an old saying that runs along the lines of ‘no publicity is bad publicity’.
    • CD copying is not just illegal, runs the argument, but immoral.
  • 8 8.1 (to flow)
    (drip) gotear
    drops of sweat ran down his face
    le corrían gotas de sudor por la cara
    she let the sand run through her fingers
    dejó correr la arena por entre los dedos
    the water ran hot/cold
    empezó a salir agua caliente/fría
    the river runs through the town/into the sea
    el río pasa por la ciudad/desemboca en el mar
    the tide is running out
    está bajando la marea
    she left the water running
    dejó la llave abierta
    dejó el grifo abierto (Spain)
    dejó la canilla abierta (Río de la Plata)
    dejó el caño abierto (Peru)
    my nose is running
    me gotea la nariz
    his face was running with perspiration
    tenía la cara bañada en sudor
    the streets ran with blood
    corrían ríos de sangre por las calles
    Example sentences
    • This is not like the tsunami, or normal floods, where the water runs back into the sea when it's done.
    • Cold water ran from the faucet as he washed his face in an attempt to wake up.
    • Even our garden is getting wet and there is nowhere for the water to run.
    Example sentences
    • Tin shanties litter the backyards of the more formal brick housing, rows of chemical toilets stand outside homes, and the untarred roads run with streams of filthy water.
    • For some two hours, we drove on rutted gravel running with rainwater.
    • He collapsed onto the bed, his face running with sweat.
    8.2 (to pass) the rope runs over this pulley
    la cuerda pasa por esta polea
    Example sentences
    • Ten boats, each manned by two skilled operators with up to eight passengers, can be hired to run the rapids.
    • In short, he has both the strength and skill to run any whitewater that's runnable.
    • The other trainees ran the rapid again and again; I pitched a tent and crawled into my sleeping bag.
  • 9 (to turn liquid)
    despintarse (Mexico)
    will this shirt run in the wash?
    ¿esta camisa desteñirá al lavarla?
    these colors will not run
    estos colores son inalterables or no destiñen
    Example sentences
    • Her black mascara was running and she knew she looked horrible.
    Example sentences
    • Their dye never ran, which is what made all their products sought after.
    • Dry-cleaning also prevents the common problem of the dye bleeding and running.
    • I thought that I had prewashed out all the excess dye but it ran anyway.
  • 10 10.1 (to be, to stand) feelings are running high inflation is running at 4%
    la tasa de inflación es del 4%
    earnings are running behind inflation
    los sueldos no se están manteniendo al nivel de la inflación
    it runs in the family the true cause runs deeper
    la verdadera causa es más profunda
    the problem runs deeper
    el problema tiene raíces más profundas
    water 1 1
    10.2 (to become + adj) seedry 1 1 3, → low1 1 3, → short 2 2to run to something seefat 2 2, → seed 1 1 2
    Example sentences
    • All the sentences will run concurrently, giving him a total of three months behind bars.
    • He was given two years for grievous bodily harm and 28 days for the drug offence, the sentences to run concurrently.
    • Francis was jailed for nine years for the first attack and 15 for the second, the sentences to run concurrently.
  • 11 (Politics)
    postularse (Latin America)
    he is running for Governor again
    se va a volver a presentar como candidato a Gobernador
    se va a volver a postular como candidato a Gobernador (Latin America)
    will you be running as a candidate in the elections?
    ¿se va a presentar como candidato a las elecciones?
    ¿se va a postular como candidato a las elecciones? (Latin America)
    she'll be running against two other candidates
    se enfrentará a otros dos candidatos
    he's running on an ecology ticket
    se presenta con una plataforma ecologista
    Example sentences
    • In 1996, he ran as a candidate in Western Canadian provincial and civic elections.
    • Burton, a civil rights lawyer in Los Angeles, ran as a candidate in Tuesday's election.
    • Collier ran unsuccessfully for the Upper House at the last election.
  • 12 12.1 (to migrate)
    Example sentences
    • This means that when the fish are running (right now in May and June for instance) there is a heavy demand for guides.
    • Beats higher up the river are often more prolific this late in the season with fish running hard to the middle and upper stretches.
    • There are still fresh spring fish running, and the grilse are beginning to arrive in numbers, with a lot of small fish among them.
    12.2 (to hunt)
  • 13
    hacerse carreras en
    correrse (Latin America)

transitive verb present participle running past tense ran past participle run

  • 1 1.1
    tomar parte en
    she runs five miles every day
    corre cinco millas todos los días
    to run errands
    hacer recados
    hacer mandados (esp Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • The British athlete ran a personal best to win the 400m and gain a one point lead over his rivals.
    • Athletes must run three of the four races to qualify for overall prize.
    • Spanish athlete Morta Dominguez ran superbly to take the silver ahead of Ethiopia's Ayelech Worko who won the bronze.
    1.2 (to chase) to run somebody close
    seguir a alguien de cerca
    ir pisándole los talones a alguien
    the Green candidate ran them a close third
    el candidato de los verdes quedó en tercer lugar a muy poca distancia de ellos
    they were run out of town
    los hicieron salir del pueblo
    los corrieron del pueblo (Latin America) [colloquial]
  • 2 (to drive, to transport) (person) [colloquial]
    llevar (en coche)
    I'll run you home/to the airport
    te llevo a casa/al aeropuerto
    he ran the truck into the ditch
    se metió con el camión en la cuneta
    to run a ship aground
    hacer encallar un barco
  • 3 (to move through) (fingers/comb) run your fingers across the surface/the vacuum cleaner over the rug
    pasa la mano por la superficie/la aspiradora por la alfombra
    he ran his fingers absent-mindedly through his beard
    se mesaba distraídamente la barba
    she ran her finger down the list
    recorrió la lista con el dedo
    run a comb through your hair
    pásate un peine (por el pelo)
    Example sentences
    • Then one night two years ago, Aaron was driving one of their friends home from their house when a drunk driver ran a stop light and hit the car.
    • Two young men on a motorcycle were stopped for running a red light on Pattaya Central Road.
    • Some 220 of the fatal accidents were caused by people running red lights or stop signs.
    Example sentences
    • I marched over to the sink, turned on the lukewarm water and ran my arms under it.
    • If you run it under hot water you will also find that when you leave it to dry in the cutlery drainer it will dry off quicker and have fewer streaks.
    • I rip the lid off the bottle of shampoo and run it under the water to try and get the last drop out.
  • 4 (to enter in competition)
    Example sentences
    • Willie Mullins runs Rule Supreme in today's Ladbrokes' World Hurdle, but has also left him in the Gold Cup.
    • Dermot Weld has won the race five times, most recently with Refuse To Bend two years ago, and he runs Elusive Double in the same colours.
    • Any trainer who wants to run a horse in any race must log that entry with Weatherbys.
  • 5 (to manage)
    she runs her own publishing business
    dirige or lleva or tiene su propia editorial
    a family-run business
    un negocio familiar
    the state-run television network
    la cadena de televisión estatal or del Estado
    the company runs a pension plan for its employees
    la empresa tiene un plan de pensión para los empleados
    who's running this business?
    ¿aquí quién es el que manda?
    we need someone to run the financial side of the business
    necesitamos alguien que se encargue or se ocupe del aspecto financiero del negocio
    I can run my own life
    soy capaz de tomar mis propias decisiones
    he ran 15 agents
    tenía a 15 agentes bajo su mando or a su cargo
    Example sentences
    • Christine returned to Dawson Fold to help her father manage the farm and run the shop.
    • From that time he has managed and run his business from Hong Kong where his principal activity is in shipping.
    • Currently Mr Gutman is running the firm by himself, but he hopes to have employed several staff members in the next couple of years.
  • 6 6.1 (to conduct)
    llevar a cabo
    6.2 (to organize)
    the paper ran a series of interviews with …
    el periódico publicó una serie de entrevistas con …
  • 7 (Transport)
    we run regular buses to the airport
    tenemos un servicio regular de autobuses al aeropuerto
    several companies run daily flights to Hong Kong
    varias compañías tienen vuelos diarios a Hong Kong
    they run extra trains on Saturdays
    los sábados ponen más trenes
  • 8 (to maintain, to have) she runs her own car
    ella tiene su propio coche
    I can't afford to run a car
    no puedo mantener un coche
    it's very cheap to run
    es muy económico
    they run a permanent trade deficit with the EU
    tienen un déficit permanente en la balanza de pagos con la UE
    Example sentences
    • With servicing and maintenance paid for in advance, the cost of running the vehicle each year becomes much more predictable.
    • Transport, our biggest expense, includes buying and running a vehicle, plus fares for public transport.
    • Drivers are also concerned at the rising cost of running their vehicles.
  • 9 (to operate)
    hacer funcionar
    it's not worth running the washing machine
    no vale la pena poner la lavadora
    you can also run the hairdryer off batteries
    el secador también funciona con pilas
    el secador también funciona a pila (esp Latin America)
  • 11 (to cause to flow) run some hot water over it
    échale agua caliente
    to run a bath
    preparar un baño
    to run something under the tap (British)
    hacer correr agua sobre algo
  • 12 12.1 (to smuggle)
    Example sentences
    • When she took them to the man she was running the drugs for, he told her to give one package to an Australian girl.
    • Known as ‘tunnel rats’, they run drugs for the cocaine cartels.
    • Greene began building a drug empire, using Spain as a staging post to run drugs into Europe from north Africa.
    12.2 (to get past)
    to run a (red) light (US)
    saltarse un semáforo (en rojo)
    pasarse un alto (Mexico)


  • 1 (on foot) she goes for a short run every day
    todos los días sale a correr un poco or a hacer un poco de footing
    he does everything at a run
    todo lo hace (deprisa y) corriendo or a la(s) carrera(s)
    to break into a run
    echar a correr
    on the runI usually grab a cup of coffee on the run
    por lo general me tomo un café a la(s) carrera(s) or (deprisa y) corriendo
    the children keep her on the run all day
    los niños la tienen todo el día en danza
    after seven years on the run (from the law)
    después de estar siete años huyendo de la justicia
    después de siete años como fugitivo
    to have somebody on the run
    tener dominado a alguien
    to give somebody a (good) run for her/his money
    hacerle sudar tinta a alguien
    to have a good run for one's moneyhe was champion for six years, he had a good run for his money
    fue campeón durante seis años, no se puede quejar
    she lived to 91, she had a good run for her money
    vivió hasta los 91, que no es moco de pavo
    to have the run of something
    tener libre acceso a algo
    tener algo a su ( or mi etc. ) entera disposición
    we were given the run of the house
    pusieron la casa a nuestra entera disposición
    to make a run for it
  • 2 2.1 (trip, outing) let's go for a run in the car
    vamos a dar una vuelta en coche
    Example sentences
    • As it's been such a nice day, after having had lunch at Blairmains this afternoon I thought it would be nice to go for a run in the car, so we headed off northwards to Callander, where we had a nice walk around and some ice cream in the sunshine.
    • We went for a run in the car and ended up in Bundoran so we went bowling.
    • Yesterday, Val came for lunch and then we went for a run out to Milngavie to the Garden Centre and came home laden with purple and yellow primulas for the balcony.
    2.2 (journey) the outward run
    el trayecto or viaje de ida
    the London to Edinburgh run is the most profitable
    la línea que va de Londres a Edimburgo es la más rentable
    it's only a short/10-mile run
    está muy cerca/solo a 10 millas
    it's no more than a day's run
    no hay más de un día de camino
    2.3 (Aviation)
    Example sentences
    • The problem of vehicles on the school run jamming up roads was being discussed by councillors this afternoon.
    • Most of those who pass it will do so habitually: commuters going in and out of the city, commercial drivers doing regular runs from one depot or customer to another.
    • Is your school run part of your journey to work or do you need a second journey for it?
  • 3 3.1 (sequence) a run of good/bad luck
    una racha de buena/mala suerte
    una buena/mala racha
    a run of coincidences
    una serie de coincidencias
    3.2 (period of time) in the long run in the short run
    a corto plazo
  • 4 (tendency, direction) the run of opinion
    la corriente de opinión
    out of the common run
    fuera de lo corriente or común
    the run of the tide/current
    la dirección de la marea/corriente
    in the normal run of events
    en el curso normal de los acontecimientos
    Example sentences
    • What lifts this movie above the usual run of dutifully sweet romantic comedies is the bright, fantasy-friendly sensibility of its two directors, Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini.
    • Plato realizes that the general run of humankind can think, and speak, etc., without (so far as they acknowledge) any awareness of his realm of Forms.
    • It is also to help new generations discover that they are not that different from the common run of humanity.
    Example sentences
    • He also learned to read various animal trails, runs, beds and feeding areas and how to track and trap them.
    • Where rabbit-proof fencing cuts across badger runs, particularly near active setts, the badgers are likely to dig under or make holes in the netting, thus allowing rabbits to cross the fence.
    • Trees should be felled away from any holes, main badger runs or obvious latrines.
  • 5 (heavy demand)run on somethingthere's been a run on these watches
    estos relojes han estado muy solicitados or han tenido mucha demanda
    a run on sterling
    una fuerte presión sobre la libra
    a run on the banks
    una corrida bancaria
    un pánico bancario
    Example sentences
    • Two years back this newspaper carried a story suggesting a serious run on the dollar was becoming a distinct possibility.
    • The threat of disruptions in gasoline supply due to Hurricane Ike sparked a run on gas last Thursday and Friday.
    • Nervous motorists start stockpiling fuel, causing a run on petrol, which in turn sparks yet more panic buying.
  • 6 6.1 (Cinema, Theatre) the London/Broadway run
    la temporada en Londres/Broadway
    the longest run in theatrical history
    la más larga permanencia en cartel en la historia del teatro
    Example sentences
    • Palace are three points adrift at the bottom on a run of five defeats, but Dowie insists the league table should be no shock.
    • Gaelic Players Chicago and Tara Theatre Company, Winnipeg, have had sellout runs with the play over the past twelve months and Westport Drama Group became the first Irish group to stage the play last April.
    • Still, they both extended their unbeaten runs to five matches.
    6.2 (Computing)
  • 7 (Technology)
    Example sentences
    • This is not too bad when the number of components is relatively small, or the production runs are relatively large.
    • We do not know what their production runs were, but this is stuff you can keep.
    • On the other hand, he says, the production runs tie up money.
  • 8 (Printing)
    also: print run
    a run of 20,000 copies
    una tirada de 20.000 ejemplares
  • 9 9.1 (track) 9.2 (for animals)
    Example sentences
    • The main breeding cattery is a six- by twelve-metre enclosure, divided into runs.
    • The previous owners had two small dogs and treated this area as a dog run, so it was much flattened and stale when we moved in.
    • We have an enclosed dog run behind our garage where we usually leave the dogs when we are at work.
  • 10 (in stocking, knitted garment)
    Example sentences
    • Her legs were old and worn, tiny blue and purple veins played along the backs of her knees, and stockings with runs as long as the Mississippi fell to her ankles.
    • Take all your tights (check them first for runs and holes) and put them in a lined basket.
    • Seam sealants have a wide variety of uses, including stopping hosiery runs.
  • 11 (Music)
    Example sentences
    • His voice retains its evenness in all registers, and he cleanly articulates Vivaldi's most difficult runs and fioriture.
    • The first movement moves to a too-stately tread, although the 16th note runs are light enough.
    • His tone and legato playing are ravishing, and his execution of the composer's florid runs and other figurations is smooth.
  • 12 (in baseball, cricket)
    Example sentences
    • His first five balls resulted in eight runs scored for two wickets.
    • They went on to win by four wickets when the winning runs were scored in the 16th over.
    • But in cricket, the batsmen get the runs and bowlers get wickets.
    Example sentences
    • He retired with a total of 649 stolen bases and nearly 1,200 runs scored.
    • The Tigers fared far better in other categories, leading the league with 185 home runs and 671 runs scored.
    • On balance, stolen bases have very little to do with runs scored.
  • 13
    also: the runs plural
    (diarrhea) [colloquial] to have the runs
    tener diarrea
    estar churriento (Colombia) [colloquial]
    estar churrete (Chile) [colloquial]
    tener cagalera (Spain) [vulgar]
    Example sentences
    • We are trying to win every game but we will continue to give as many lads a run as possible and we'll continue to experiment as much as we can.
    • As we are currently holding second place in the Eastern Centre Championship, we are hoping to have a good run at this one to see if we can overtake the current holder of this title.
    • At least that way we could pick up on points that we have learned in the first year and have a good run at developing the project further over two, three, four or five years.
    Example sentences
    • During the night I had a bad case of the runs.
    • I did have the runs a bit, but never anything like bleeding and I didn't think anything dramatic was wrong.
    • Another thing I always take with me is dirolyte, which is a tablet-form medicine which dissolves in water and is for replacing body vitamins when you have had the runs.

Phrasal verbs

run about

run around 1

run across

verb + preposition + object
1 (meet)
encontrarse or toparse con
2 (find)

run after

verb + preposition + object
1 (pursue) he went running after her
salió corriendo detrás de ella or tras ella
she's been runing after him for months
hace meses que anda detrás de él or que lo persigue
2 (be a servant to) if he thinks I'm going to run (around) after him all day he's very much mistaken
si cree que le voy a hacer de sirvienta todo el día, está muy equivocado

run along

verb + adverb
run along now, it's late I told them to run along home
les dije que se fueran a su casa

run around

verb + adverb
1 (play, busy oneself) the children are running around in the garden
los niños están correteando por el jardín
I was running around like a mad thing all day yesterday
ayer anduve todo el día dando vueltas or de un lado para otro como un loco
why should I run around after you?
¿por qué tengo que estar haciéndote de sirvienta?
¿por qué tengo que estar yo atendiéndote a ti?
2 (keep company) [colloquial] who's she running around with now?
¿ahora con quién sale?
3 (drive around) I often see her running around in her dad's car
a menudo la veo por ahí en el coche de su padre

run at

verb + preposition + object
1 (attack)
abalanzarse sobre
2 (in order to jump) you can clear the ditch if you run at it
puedes saltar la zanja si tomas carrera
puedes saltar la zanja si tomas carrerilla (Spain)

run away

verb + adverb
1 (escape)
he threw the stone and ran away
tiró la piedra y salió corriendo or huyó
she ran away from school
se escapó de la escuela
you can't run away from your responsibility/from reality
no puedes evadirte de tu responsabilidad/de la realidad
don't run away, I want to ask you something
no te escapes, quiero preguntarte algo
don't run away with the idea that …
no te vayas a creer que …
don't run away with the wrong idea
2 2.1 (extend into distance)
perderse (de vista)

run away with

verb + adverb + preposition + object
1 1.1
ganar fácilmente
alzarse con
1.2 (take over) she lets her enthusiasm/imagination run away with her
se deja llevar por el entusiasmo/la imaginación
he lets his temper run away with him
no se sabe controlar
2 2.1 (steal)
alzarse con
2.2 (elope with)
escaparse or fugarse or irse con
huirse con (Mexico)
2.3 (use up) (money)
liquidar [colloquial]
the project ran away with all my savings
el proyecto me comió todos los ahorros
el proyecto me liquidó todos los ahorros [colloquial]

run back

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (rewind)
2 (in car)
llevar (en coche)

run down

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (exhaust) (battery) (Motor Vehicles)
(in radio, shaver etc) gastar
1.2 (reduce)
ir recortando or reduciendo
ir restringiendo
1.3 (deplete)
1.4 (disparage) [colloquial]
hablar mal de
1.5 (knock over)
darle caza a
2verb + adverb 2.1
(battery) (Motor Vehicles)
(in radio, shaver etc) gastarse
venirse abajo

run in

verb + object + adverb
1 (British) (Motor Vehicles)
hacer el rodaje de
running in, please pass
en rodaje
en ablande (Río de la Plata)
2 (arrest) [colloquial]
llevar preso

run into

verb + preposition + object
1 (collide with)
chocar con
chocar or darse contra
2 (meet by chance)
encontrarse or toparse con
3 (encounter)
toparse or tropezar con
20 miles out of port we ran into a storm
a 20 millas del puerto nos topamos con una tormenta
4 (amount to, extend to) the cost runs into millions of dollars
el costo asciende a millones de dólares
the weeks ran into months
las semanas se convirtieron en meses

run off

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (produce)
he ran the play off in a week
escribió la obra en una semana
2verb + adverb 2.1 (depart)
salir corriendo
she saw me and ran off
me vio y salió corriendo

run off with

verb + adverb + preposition + object
run away with 2 1, → run away with 2 2

run on

1verb + adverb 1.1 (continue running)
seguir corriendo
(run ahead) you run on, I'll catch you up
tú ve delante, que ya te alcanzaré
she ran on ahead to get the tickets
fue corriendo delante para sacar las entradas
1.2 (continue, last) the game ran on into overtime or (British) extra time
el partido tuvo prórroga or tiempo suplementario
the meeting ran on till nine o'clock
la reunión siguió or se alargó hasta las nueve
1.3 (extend)
1.4 (follow without a break) each track runs on from the one before
los temas van uno detrás del otro, sin interrupción
run on (in proofreading) (Printing)
unir líneas
2verb + object + adverb

run out

1verb + adverb 1.1 (exhaust supplies) I went to make some tea, but I found we'd run out
fui a hacer té, pero me encontré con que se nos había acabado
to run out of something
quedarse sin algo
we've/they've run out of money
nos hemos/se han quedado sin dinero
se nos/se les ha acabado el dinero
I'm running out of patience
estoy perdiendo la paciencia
1.2 (become exhausted)
her luck ran out
la abandonó la suerte
se le acabó la suerte
time is running out for them
les queda poco tiempo
se les está acabando el tiempo
2verb + object + adverb 2.1
ir soltando
2.2 (in cricket)
(eliminar (al bateador) cuando está entre las bases)

run out on

verb + adverb + preposition + object
dejar plantado [colloquial]

run over

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (knock down)
2verb + adverb 2.1 (overflow)
2.2 (exceed time limit)
excederse or pasarse del tiempo previsto
3verb + preposition + object (review)
(main points/arrangements)
volver sobre
let's run over that scene again
ensayemos otra vez esa escena
volvamos otra vez sobre esa escena

run through

1verb + preposition + object 1.1 (rehearse) 1.2run over 3 1.3 (money)
(use up) gastarse
liquidar [colloquial]
1.4 (Railways)
pasar por (sin parar)
2verb + object + adverb (with sword)

run to

verb + preposition + object
1 (amount to) the report runs to 614 pages
el informe ocupa 614 páginas
the film runs to over four hours
la película dura más de cuatro horas
his working day can run to 12 hours
puede llegar a trabajar hasta 12 horas al día
2 (extend to) if your taste runs to something a little more exotic …
si sus gustos son algo más exóticos …
his enthusiasm won't run to giving up his weekends
su entusiasmo no llega al extremo de sacrificar sus fines de semana
3 (suffice for) (British) (income/resources)
alcanzar para
dar para [colloquial]
I don't think it will run to a second cup
no creo que alcance para otra taza
no creo que dé para otra taza [colloquial]
4 (afford) (British)
I'm afraid we can't run to hotel accommodation
lo siento pero no podemos permitirnos pagar un hotel

run up

1verb + adverb + object 1.1 (build up)
ir acumulando
she'd run up quite a bill in the restaurant
debía bastante dinero en el restaurante
1.2 (hoist)
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (put together)
hacer (rápidamente)

run up against

verb + adverb + preposition + object
toparse or tropezar con
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