There are 2 translations of sad in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /sæd/

adjective/adjetivo (-dd-)

  • 1.1 (unhappy) [person/face] triste; [expression] triste, de tristeza to feel sad estar* or sentirse* triste I was very sad at the news of his death la noticia de su muerte me entristeció or me apenó mucho he came away a sadder but wiser person la triste experiencia le sirvió de lección
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    • Every time I felt unhappy and sad I just ate what I wanted and made myself sick.
    • The last twenty years of Plumb's life were increasingly sad, lonely and unhappy.
    • As I saw him off at the airport, I was at once proud of him, sad and anxious - he was my little brother.
    1.2 (causing grief) [news/loss] triste how sad! ¡qué pena! 1.3 (regrettable, deplorable) (before noun/delante del nombre) he made a sad mistake when he married her cometió un error lamentable al casarse con ella the sad fact is that … la triste realidad es que … this has been a sad day for sportsmanship ha sido un día triste or aciago para el deporte it's a very sad state of affairs es una situación lamentable sad to say desgraciadamente, lamentablemente
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    • I think it is a sad reflection on society that teenage girls can get pregnant.
    • It is a sad reflection on our societies that we have to escape from reality in these ways.
    • The woman who helped my mother was in a very sad situation, unfortunately not uncommon at the time.
    More example sentences
    • I now feel sad and inadequate that I don't have enough bookmarks to make filing and indexing them an issue.
    • Food shopping as I've said before is one of the highlights of my pathetically sad week.
    • Human nature and its failings are given a crude inspection, at times becoming a sad, pathetic spectacle.
    1.4 (poor, feeble) [showing/effort/performance] que deja mucho que desear, bastante malo he made a rather sad attempt at a joke quiso hacer un chiste y le salió mal 1.5 (drab) [color] triste, apagado

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