Translation of sadly in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈsædli/


  • 1.1 (sorrowfully) [smile/speak] tristemente, con tristeza the flowers drooped sadly in their pots las flores languidecían en las macetas
    More example sentences
    • Near the end of the meal I looked up at my two brilliant companions and smiled sadly and shyly.
    • They started dancing, and I smiled sadly, wishing I had a relationship even half as wonderful as theirs.
    • I look up at him and he's smiling so sadly that tears cloud my eyes before I can even look down.
    1.2 (regrettably) the garden had been sadly neglected habían descuidado el jardín de manera lamentable he is sadly lacking in tact lamentablemente no tiene nada de tacto you are sadly mistaken estás totalmente equivocado, cometes un grave error 1.3 (unfortunately) (indep) lamentablemente, desgraciadamente sadly, he doesn't have the experience lamentablemente, no tiene experiencia
    More example sentences
    • I myself have long hoped to be a minion to Cruella Deville, but sadly my youthful dreams have been to no avail.
    • I pity their unhappy lives, but sadly there isn't a terrible great deal I can do to get them out and away from it.
    • And sadly, it's not terribly different from what is actually being done in some churches.

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