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American English: /seɪl/
British English: /seɪl/

Translation of sail in Spanish:


  • 1 (Nautical) 1.1 countable and uncountable (of ship, boat) in the days of sail
    en la época de los barcos de or a vela
    in full sail
    con las velas desplegadas
    under sail
    a vela
    to hoist sail
    izar velas
    to take in sail
    reducir velas
    to set sail (start journey)
    hacerse a la vela
    to trim somebody's sails
    cortarle las alas a alguien
    Example sentences
    • Through the trees you may catch glimpses of billowing sails, wind surfers, cross-lakes ferries and motor boats.
    • The boat suddenly lurched and spun about as the sail was unfurled and caught the wind.
    • The wind caught the sails with a dull boom and the ship heeled about, tacking into the westerly breeze sweeping across the lake.
    1.2 (trip) (no plural)
    viaje (masculine) en barco ( or en velero etc. )
    to go for a sail
    salir a navegar
    it's at least a day's sail away
    queda por lo menos a un día en barco or de navegación
    Example sentences
    • The longest leg of the journey is then the sail to Fort William and the final ascent of Ben Nevis.
    • Kate and Josie Fraser lead out a group of fellow 2003 NCAS Sailing scholarship holders on a training sail at Ballina last November.
    • A night's frantic journey or a daring sail on the treacherous winter sea is all it would take to put an ambusher in their path.
    1.3 countable
    plural sail
    (ship) a dozen sail
    una docena de veleros
  • 2 countable (of windmill)
    Example sentences
    • On either side of her rose hills covered with vineyards and the gently rotating white sails of the windmills used for crushing grapes.
    • Only the sky at the top of each card is left, demarcated by the missing outlines of windmill sails, or trees, or Table Mountain.
    • A tourist boat putters by in the canal; the sails of the huge windmill overhead cast long, cool shadows across the road.

transitive verb

  • 1 (control)
    he sailed the vessel too close to the shore
    llevó la embarcación demasiado cerca de la costa
    his job is sailing yachts for wealthy owners
    trabaja como patrón de yates de gente rica
    Example sentences
    • It has also been alleged that the Burgers did not have the necessary papers and skipper's tickets to sail the yacht, which was apparently not insured.
    • The user may choose from a variety of ships, or may sail a custom-made vessel.
    • Lo and behold Jane is forced to believe when one dreary night Captain Hook sails his ship above London and snatches Jane away under the assumption that it's Wendy!
  • 2 (travel, cross) to sail the seven seas
    navegar por todos los océanos
    she intends to sail the Atlantic single-handed
    piensa cruzar el Atlántico en solitario
    Example sentences
    • It had been fun, pretending to be a captain of a great ship that sailed the high seas.
    • That ship could sail the sea of Storms if it had to.
    • It's a disgrace that British-flagged ships should sail the seas carrying British exports but the crews are foreign.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (travel)
    ir en barco
    we watched as the yacht/cruiser sailed slowly out to sea
    miramos como el yate/crucero se hacía lentamente a la mar
    how long does it take to sail to New York?
    ¿cuánto se tarda en ir a Nueva York en barco?
    to sail around the world
    dar la vuelta al mundo en barco
    I love to go sailing
    me encanta salir a navegar
    Example sentences
    • It takes time for ships to sail from their home ports to deployment areas.
    • Sblt Tielens sailed with the ship from his home port in Cairns to Darwin as part of the sailing ship's circumnavigation of the globe.
    • A flotilla of more than 50 boats, yachts and lifeboats surrounded the magnificent ship as it sailed majestically into its home port.
    Example sentences
    • It was from here that Captain Cook sailed on the epic voyage which led to the discovery of Australia.
    • Ships of the RAN will sail from Sydney Harbour to rendezvous with our international visitors off the coast.
    • There are skippers sailing out of Peterhead harbour on every trip knowing they have to clear more than #8000 each month before they move into profit from their voyage.
    1.2 (depart)
  • 2 (move effortlessly) to sail into/out of a room
    entrar en/salir de una habitación con aire majestuoso
    a swan sailed majestically by
    un cisne pasó deslizándose majestuosamente
    the weeks just seem to sail past
    las semanas van pasando sin que uno se dé cuenta
    Example sentences
    • Finding the funding to get the plan off the ground was the most daunting task, but once launched, the Leeds International Film Festival sailed forth like a stately galleon.
    • The ball sailed smoothly into the air, suspended in time for a moment.
    • Butler, who had now taken over the kicking duties from Feeney, looked to have struck the conversion well but into the difficult breeze, the ball sailed narrowly to the right.

Phrasal verbs

sail into

verb + preposition + object
arremeter contra

sail through

verb + preposition + object
you'll sail through the exam
aprobarás el examen con los ojos cerrados or sin ningún problema
he sailed through the interview
la entrevista le resultó muy fácil
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