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Pronunciation: /seɪv/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (rescue, preserve) salvar new investment could save 500 jobs una nueva inversión podría salvar 500 puestos de trabajo she wants to save her reputation/marriage quiere salvar su reputación/matrimonio rescue workers saved 20 people from the burning house los trabajadores del servicio de salvamento rescataron a 20 personas del incendio to save sth/sb from sth/-ing salvar algo/a algn de algo/ + infinitive/infinitivo to save sb from defeat/disaster salvar a algn de la derrota/del desastre you saved me from drowning/falling me salvaste de ahogarme/caerme you saved me from making a fool of myself gracias a ti no hice el ridículo to save sb from herself/himself impedir* que algn siga haciéndose daño God save the King/Queen! ¡Dios salve or guarde al Rey/a la Reina! to save the situation salvar la situación to save one's bacon o neck o skin [colloquial/familiar] salvar el pellejo [colloquial/familiar] he'd do anything to save his own neck o skin o bacon haría cualquier cosa con tal de salvar el pellejo save it! (American English/inglés norteamericano) [colloquial/familiar] ¡olvídalo!
    More example sentences
    • The children's flick will feature Jackie as a pirate ghost who hobnobs with a little boy and his friends to save their town from danger.
    • Finally, we were saved by a rescue team and they were nice enough to give us a new motor.
    • My husband assures me that my moves will probably save me from any danger, so intimidating, he says, is the sight of me doing the African dance.
    More example sentences
    • He saves his arm strength and uses his horse's speed and power to inflict the deep wounds and deathblows.
    • I must agree in order to save the rest of my strength.
    • To save one's own strength, to defend oneself by sleight of body while drawing from one's opponent all his strength: this is the art of Ju-jitsu.
    1.2 (redeem) [soul/sinner] salvar, redimir
  • 2 2.1 (be economical with) [money/fuel/space] ahorrar it saves (me) a lot of time/work (me) ahorra mucho tiempo/trabajo you can save a lot of money buying a season ticket se ahorra mucho dinero comprando un abono 2.2 (spare, avoid) [trouble/expense/embarrassment] ahorrar, evitar these machines save labor estas máquinas ahorran trabajoto save (sb) sth/-ing she recorded the lecture to save having to take notes grabó la conferencia para ahorrarse tener que tomar apuntes drip-drying the shirts saves ironing them si dejas escurrir las camisas, te evitas or te ahorras tener que plancharlas it will save you a journey o your having to make another journey te ahorrarás un viaje or tener que hacer otro viaje
    More example sentences
    • Thousands of families would have been saved their tears, their sorrow and the grief they are experiencing this very moment.
    • It also saved her family the daily washing machine wear and tear, increased water use and the chore of washing and drying nappies regularly.
    • Little white lies could save someone's feelings and prevent them from having to face bitter truths.
  • 3 3.1 (keep, put aside) guardar; [money] ahorrar we've saved $5,000 so far hasta ahora hemos ahorrado 5.000 dólares don't eat it now; save it for later no te lo comas ahora; déjalo para luego save a slice for me, save me a slice guárdame un trozo I'm saving this dress for best este vestido lo reservo para las ocasiones especiales save my place guárdame el sitio save me some space at the bottom of the page déjame sitio al final de la página I'm saving the tokens colecciono or estoy juntando los vales to save oneself for sb/sth reservarse para algn/algo to save one's energy/strength guardarse las energías/las fuerzas to save sth till (the) last dejar algo para el final to save one's breath [colloquial/familiar] no gastar saliva [colloquial/familiar] 3.2 [Computing/Informática] guardar, almacenar
    More example sentences
    • Client data would normally be saved onto corporate servers rather than desktops but the company is refusing to take any chances.
    • If you are trying to download some file, it will be automatically saved to your desktop.
    • Choose between bitmap or JPEG file formats when saving screenshots to the hard drive.
  • 4 [Sport/Deporte] [shot/penalty] detener*, salvar
    More example sentences
    • The story is told of a goalkeeper who kept waving to his girlfriend in the grandstand every time he saved a goal.
    • You'd be surprised how many points are saved and thrown away in the latter stage of the game.
    • The return of the rejuvenated opening bowlers quickly put paid to any lingering hopes the Cambridge side had of saving the game, removing two further batsmen.
    More example sentences
    • The keeper dives, and the shot gets saved, or it drops into the back of the net, the fans sigh or groan on cue, and the game goes on.
    • But his shot was saved by the keeper.
    • McDonald did have a chance for Villa but his shot was well saved by keeper Hardy.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 1.1 (put money aside) ahorrar 1.2 (economize) ahorrar to save on sth ahorrar algo to save on fuel ahorrar combustible
    More example sentences
    • By September 1889, debt-free and resolved to save money for the future, Boyle proposed marriage for the first time in his life.
    • If we had rented during those first five years of marriage, we would never have been able to save enough money to make that purchase.
    • It'd be cool to be able to save up for something nice, like a nice ride - something I could be proud of.
  • 2 (redeem) salvar, redimir
    More example sentences
    • Whoever converts a sinner from error saves his soul from damnation.
    • The state of knowledge was not a priority when there were fundamental issues of church doctrine to be discussed and souls to be saved from the pernicious influence of Protestantism.
    • My favourite reactions I received were of the religious type, attempting to open my eyes to a Godly world and save my soul from damnation.
  • 3 3.1 (wait) [colloquial/familiar] [work/task/news] esperar will it save for a few days? ¿puede esperar unos días? 3.2 (keep) (American English/inglés norteamericano) [food] aguantar [colloquial/familiar]


Phrasal verbs

save up

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio ahorrar I'm saving up for a car/to buy a car estoy ahorrando para (comprarme) un coche 1.1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento ahorrar

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There are 2 translations of save in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (apart from) save (for) salvo, excepto, con excepción de 1.2save for (if it were not for) he would have died, save for the fact that … se habría muerto, si no hubiera sido porque … or de no haber sido porque …


  • [archaic] save that de no haber sido porque

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