There are 2 entries that translate savory into Spanish:

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savory 1

also: (British) savoury adjective

  • 2 (not sweet)
    I like savory things
    me gusta lo salado
    Example sentences
    • Leanne imagined thin, crispy crust smothered in sweet yet savory tomato sauce, warm cheese, pepperoni, and succulent mushrooms.
    • Maple syrup is no longer relegated to its standard role of sweetening pancakes and waffles; this versatile ingredient adds flavor to both sweet and savory dishes alike.
    • In general, most of the salt we consume is not added during cooking or at the table, but comes from processed foods such as bread, cheese, savoury snacks, breakfast cereals and ready-meals.
  • 3 (wholesome) (usually with negative) his activities don't seem to be very savory
    sus actividades no parecen ser muy limpias
    it doesn't make very savory reading
    no es una lectura muy sana
    Example sentences
    • I don't, frankly, think the Royal Family did look on them as particularly pleasant or savory people.
    • But the task was becoming a less savory one, the world was annoying him at every turn.
    • The most savoury of the paintings (if I can use that word without coming across as prudish) are a series of nudes done from life in South Africa.


  • (Botany, Cooking)
    ajedrea (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Harvest culinary and medicinal herbs like lemon balm, mint, French tarragon, summer savory and basil before they go to seed.
    • Together with dill, sorrel and summer savory, parsley was one of the herbs grown in every garden.
    • Certain herbs will also grow well in cooler temperatures including cilantro, winter thyme, winter savory & sage.
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There are 2 entries that translate savory into Spanish:

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savory 2

American English: /ˈseɪv(ə)ri/
British English: /ˈseɪv(ə)ri/

also: (British) savoury noun plural savories

  • (British)
    (platillo salado que se sirve al final de una comida)
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