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American English: /skrætʃ/
British English: /skratʃ/

Translation of scratch in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (injury) it's just a scratch
    no es más que un rasguño
    he escaped without a scratch
    resultó ileso
    salió sin un rasguño
    (before noun) scratch mark
    Example sentences
    • Notice the puncture marks, scratches and big gash all the way to the lower right
    • Which card is more likely to be marked by nicks and scratches on its edges?
    • The black scuff marks and smaller scratches left last Friday night don't bother me as much - they're merely cosmetic.
    1.2 (on paint, record, furniture)
    Example sentences
    • The sound quality is fine, much as it was on the original LPs - minus the surface noise and scratches, however.
    • The scratches and surface noise of Jeck's vinyl further emphasise this notion.
    • Yes, they were free from the scratches, clicks and pops that plagued records, but otherwise perfect they weren't.
    1.3 (sound)
    Example sentences
    • The only other noises were the scratches of the rats claws as they helped themselves to whatever was stored in their sanctuary.
    • Embedded within Pole's framework of clicks, snaps and scratches are subtle yet absorbing layers of sound.
    • First came the sound of voices outside, a familiar chitter of laughter, then the scratch at the door.
    1.4 (act) (no plural) to have a scratch
    can you give my back a scratch?
    ¿me rascas la espalda?
    Example sentences
    • The women resume their conversation and the dogs, no longer interested in each other have a scratch or look for more interesting smells to divert their attention.
    • When you've got an itch on your back you'll do anything for a scratch and there's not much in the ocean to rub against.
    • I picked up the paper clip as my mind told me ‘Just one little scratch wont hurt.’
  • 3 (in phrases) from scratchhe learned German from scratch in six months
    aprendió alemán en seis meses empezando desde cero
    did you make the mayonnaise from scratch?
    ¿hiciste la mayonesa tú mismo?
    ¿la mayonesa es casera?
    I had to start from scratch
    tuve que empezar desde cero
    up to scratch [colloquial]he's simply not up to scratch
    simplemente no da la talla or no es lo suficientemente bueno
    if his work comes up to scratch
    si su trabajo es del nivel requerido

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (damage)
    Example sentences
    • As you can see in the picture below, a deliberate attempt to damage the mousing surface by scratching it with a key caused very little damage.
    • Let only the flat edge of the blade touch the surface to prevent scratching it.
    • Never use abrasives on either anodized or painted surfaces as they will scratch it.
    1.2 (with claws, nails) the cat has scratched all the chairs
    el gato ha arañado todas las sillas
    she scratched my face
    me arañó la cara
    Example sentences
    • Then it started on my face and some other parts of my body which you cannot scratch in public.
    • Huck itches all over and tries not to scratch himself so he doesn't make any noise.
    • ‘Uh, yea,’ Mark said scratching the back of his neck and walking closer to me.
    Example sentences
    • She could here the birds scratching at the ground outside her tent, the leaves on on the tree by the door blowing in the brisk wind.
    • As they talked, one of his chickens scratched up a coin that the young Swede recognised (so he says) as bearing the head of the Emperor Augustus.
    • The man still thinks in terms of animal manure and chickens scratching in the yard.
    Example sentences
    • A while ago, while in Northern Ireland, I saw someone had scratched the name INLA into the wood of a door in a stall.
    • Most often, the entire presentation surface of a redware object was covered with white slip, and a design was then scratched into the surface.
    • Engraving is done by scratching a drawing with a sharp tool on a metal sheet and then making a print from the scratched lines.
    1.4 (to relieve itch)
    could you scratch my back for me?
    ¿me rascas la espalda?
    he scratched his head
    se rascó la cabeza
    we're all scratching our heads, trying to think of a solution
    nos estamos devanando los sesos buscando una solución
    you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
    favor con favor se paga
    hoy por ti, mañana por mí
  • 2 2.1 (strike out, cancel)
    Example sentences
    • It had over a dozen different words written on it and all were scratched out except for the last.
    • It is an explanation consistent with the typing of his name on the deed only to be scratched out and Adam's name written in.
    • It's full of marks and words that are scratched out here and there.
    Example sentences
    • Wednesday's launch was scratched because of a reading of low current from a battery system on the rocket's second stage.
    • Actually, scratch that, it sounds too much like we live in a lost and found shoebox.
    • York RI will also play a fixture originally scratched because of poor weather when they travel to Northallerton in Yorkshire Three.
    2.2 (withdraw) (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • Failure to play before the deadline may result in both players being scratched from the competition without notice.
    • The committee have decided that players who have not played the games by that date will be automatically scratched from the competition.
    • Jeter was the starter in last year's All-Star Game at Turner Field, but only because Rodriguez had to be scratched from the game due to injury.
  • 3 (scribble hurriedly)
    Example sentences
    • He held out the paper again, so I hurriedly scratched my name on his dotted line.
    • He went on marking things down on his clipboard, violently scratching a multitude of checks and notations onto the paper.
    • Then, driven by whatever strange spirit possesses them, they begin monitoring speed, distance and trajectory, scratching their findings into notebooks.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (damage, wound)
    Example sentences
    • If your child cuts or scratches his or her skin, be sure to use soap and water to clean the area because open wounds are more susceptible to warts and other infections.
    • He dropped one hand and the one on her chin was drawn away with the nails toward her skin, so he scratched her slightly.
    • Wambach's skin had been scratched and bruised in several places.
    1.2 (rub)
    1.3 (to relieve itching)
    don't scratch!
    ¡no te rasques!
    1.4 (make scratching sound) it's the cat scratching at the door
    es el gato, que está arañando la puerta
    Example sentences
    • Yes, something was behind the vent, scratching to get out.
    • She scratches at the wall but it doesn't sound the same.
    • Its huge feet and long legs kept up with her easily, its clawed hands were stretched out ready to grab her, scratching against the walls, making a spine shilling noise.
  • 2 (withdraw) (Sport)

adjective before noun

  • 1 (Sport)
    de primera
    Example sentences
    • There followed a scurry round to assemble a scratch team, kit them up, organise travel arrangements etc.
    • Bath took the game to the Italians with a scratch squad and did so with such determination that there was never any argument about this result.
    • A scratch crew from the rest of current affairs had to do the job instead.
    Example sentences
    • I never ever did beat Jonno off a scratch event, but Harry used to make sure that Jon always gave me a start and I'd get the best out of myself by trying to stay in front.
    • He was a scratch player at 12 and had a stellar international record as an amateur.
    • I won't get the benefit of those eighteen shots because it is a scratch event but at least I could make an attempt at qualifying.
  • 2 (haphazard, motley)

Phrasal verbs

scratch about

(British also) scratch around verb + adverb
to scratch about (for something) I spent hours scratching about or around for ideas
pasé horas tratando de inspirarme

scratch out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (gouge) to scratch somebody's eyes out
sacarle los ojos a alguien
2 (strike out)
(on ticket) rascar

scratch together

scrape together

scratch up

scrape up 2
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