There are 2 translations of seal in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /siːl/


  • 1 c (implement, impression) sello (m) the king's/queen's seal el sello real given under my hand and seal sellado y firmado de mi puño y letra the seal of quality el sello de calidad he gave the plan his seal of approval dio su aprobación al plan it has the prince's seal of approval cuenta con la aprobación del príncipe they put the formal seal on the agreement sellaron formalmente el acuerdo the seal of the confessional el secreto de confesión to set the seal on sth ratificar* algo
    More example sentences
    • The center has tested prototypes for food ecolabels - seals or logos indicating that a product has met a certain set of environmental and/or social standards.
    • His seal was embossed on the right side of the bottom margin (difficult to see).
    • Each course was listed, dated, signed by Fred and a raised seal was embossed on the page.
    More example sentences
    • The seals were generally cut from steatite and were carved in intaglio or incised with a copper burin (cutting tool).
    • Sometimes the seals were not rings but stamps of other kinds, but if it was a ring worn then it was even more creditworthy as only the wearer could make the seal on the document.
  • 2 c 2.1 (security device) precinto (m) 2.2 (airtight closure) cierre (m) hermético; (on glass jar) aro (m) de goma; (around window) burlete (m)
    More example sentences
    • The quality of the new seal creates a tighter seal, thus protecting the integrity of the product.
    • The molded-in membrane creates a much better seal than anything on the market today.
    • Bah, humbug, I say as I scrape the mould off the rubber window seals.
    More example sentences
    • He replied, handing her a letter with a navy blue wax seal.
    • I looked at the inky black lettering once more before I broke the wax seal.
    • The seal was usually impressed on red wax, but was occasionally seen imprinted on a wafer stuck to the instrument with soft wax.
  • 3 [Zool] 3.1 c (animal) foca (f) 3.2 u (skin) (piel (f) de) foca (f); (before n) [coat/jacket] de (piel de) foca
    More example sentences
    • Others suggest that marine species were derived at least twice, with one lineage leading to the sea lions and the other to the true seals.
    • It is among the type A influenza viruses, which can affect humans as well as chickens, ducks, horses, seals, whales, and other animals.
    • For example, among true seals, the sexually dimorphic species, the northern elephant seal has distinct differences in diving behavior between the sexes.

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There are 2 translations of seal in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 [envelope/parcel] cerrar*; (with tape) precintar; (with wax) lacrar sealed with a kiss sellado con un beso my lips are sealed [set phrase] soy una tumba, prometo no decir nada 1.2 [jar/container] cerrar* herméticamente; [tomb/door] precintar seal the wood before applying paint sellar la madera antes de pintar seal the meat before roasting (BrE) dorar la carne antes de asarla
    More example sentences
    • Improved packaging also includes using special wrappers, seals, or caps on the outer and/or inner containers, or sealing each dose in its own pouch.
    • The viral solutions would survive the UV lights only because he would seal the syringes in an opaque biohazard container before leaving.
    • Dried seeds were sealed in plastic containers and stored at - 20° to prevent them from after-ripening prior to use.
    1.3 [joint/crack] rellenar
    More example sentences
    • They have been working to make the gel suitable for sealing cracks in oil wells to prevent water seeping through, and have now been awarded a contract to use it in five sites.
    • Frankly I'd feel much happier with a billion dollars being spent sealing roads in the outback than building tunnels and freeways in the cities which just generate more traffic.
    • The water stress treatments in the present study used containers sealed with parafilm to minimize water loss.
  • 2
    (sealed past p)
    sealed orders órdenes (fpl) secretas a sealed carriage un vagón cerrado
  • 3 (affix seal to) [document/treaty] sellar signed, sealed and delivered firmado y sellado
    More example sentences
    • And he sealed the document with the seal of arms that his grandfather had worn.
  • 4 (decide, determine) [victory/outcome] decidir their fate was sealed su destino estaba escrito
    More example sentences
    • His bronze was Britain's third medal of the Games, sealing a remarkable turnaround in fortune after a dismal first week.
    • Chasing a victory target of 80 after dismissing their opponents for 170 earlier today, the tourists sealed their comfortable triumph in just 17.2 overs.
    • He saluted the match winner's wonder strike as York City sealed their first win in seven attempts with a stirring 3-2 victory over Leyton Orient.

Phrasal verbs

seal in

v + o + adv, v + adv + o

seal off

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 [area/road/building] acordonar; [exit] cerrar* 1.2 [fireplace] condenar, cerrar*

seal up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 [window/door] condenar, cerrar* 1.2 [crack] tapar, rellenar 1.3 [letter/parcel] cerrar*; (with wax) sellar; (with tape) precintar

Definition of seal in: