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see 1

American English: /si/
British English: /siː/

transitive verb past tense saw past participle seen

  • 1 1.1 I can't see a thing!
    ¡no veo nada!
    you can see the whole city from here
    desde aquí se ve or se puede ver toda la ciudad
    we haven't seen her for a while
    hace un tiempo que no la vemos
    there wasn't a policeman to be seen
    no había ningún policía
    to see somebody/something + infinitiveI didn't see her arrive
    no la vi llegar
    we'll be sorry to see her go
    nos va a dar pena que se vaya
    to see somebody/something -ingI can see somebody coming this way
    veo venir a alguien
    I saw them walking hand in hand
    los vi pasear or paseando tomados de la mano
    now see what you've done!
    ¡mira lo que has hecho!
    I thought I was seeing things
    pensé que estaba viendo visiones
    when you've seen one Greek temple, you've seen them all! [humorous]
    con ver un templo griego ya es suficiente
    I'll believe it when I see it
    hasta que no lo vea no lo creo
    to be glad to see the back of somebody
    alegrarse de que alguien se vaya
    1.2 (witness) I saw the accident
    vi or [formal] presencié el accidente
    fui testigo del accidente
    justice must be seen to be done
    es necesario que la gente vea que se ha hecho justicia
    they're going to close it down — I'd like to see them try!
    lo van a cerrar — ¡que lo intenten si se atreven!
    I won't stand by and see you insulted
    no pienso permitir que te insulten
    I'll see you damned or dead or hanged or in hell first!
    ¡ni muerto!
    Example sentences
    • The event may have seen changes in its history, but the prestigious trophy is still as sought after as ever.
    • As an Irishman living abroad I've seen the changes in Ireland happening stage by stage.
    • We support change and want to see a situation that is fast, efficient and safe.
    do you want to come and see the game?
    ¿quieres venir a ver el partido?
    Example sentences
    • However, if you want a real game of the people, go and see some Rugby League.
    • Doors will open an hour before race time so spectators can see some live entertainment.
    • Sure, I jumped a little watching Scream, but I've never seen a film that has cost me a night's sleep.
    1.4 (look at, inspect) I want to see what you've written
    quiero ver qué has escrito
    see over/page 20
    ver al dorso/ver página 20
    may I see your ticket?
    ¿me permite su entrada ( or boleto etc. )?
    Example sentences
    • She saw that he had written the word Love before his name, but cancelled it out messily.
    • He sees that some were written in a different style so he has this whole list of names of people who are writing in his box and he's trying to collate them.
    • His sleeves are turned under to fit - and he sees that I've noticed.
  • 2 2.1 (perceive, notice) I can see you want to get rid of me
    ya veo que quieres librarte de mí
    she's so in love, she can't see his faults
    está tan enamorada que no le ve los defectos
    I don't know what she sees in him
    no sé qué es lo que le ve or qué es lo que ve en él
    you can hardly see the join
    apenas se nota la unión
    anyone can see she's upset
    cualquiera se da cuenta de que está disgustada
    Example sentences
    • I laughed and pushed him away as I saw the familiar blue pick up truck coming down the road.
    • He was last seen wearing a blue jacket, white T-shirt, black tracksuit trousers and trainers.
    • Its windows were shuttered, so that no one could see into the court from outside.
    2.2 (learn from reading, hearing) I see Mrs Baker's retiring
    así que se jubila la señora Baker
    I see from your application form that …
    he leído en su solicitud que …
  • 3 3.1 (meet) I'm seeing him on Tuesday
    lo voy a ver el martes
    when can I see you again?
    ¿cuándo nos podemos volver a ver?
    do you see a lot of them?
    ¿los ves a menudo?
    Example sentences
    • It may be their last chance to see each other, as Mr Spence feels he will be unable to undertake such a long journey again.
    • Never mind playing together, they've hardly had the chance to see each other.
    • Working together is a happy experience, she says, and is often the only chance they get to see each other.
    3.2 (go out with) [colloquial] they've been seeing each other for two months
    hace dos meses que salen juntos
    Example sentences
    • They had a summer of champagne, discreet suppers and walks by the Seine, but after that they saw each other less regularly.
    • She accepts, and before long they are seeing each other regularly and falling in love.
    • While we saw each other regularly, our lives changed and we grew apart.
    3.3 (saying goodbye) [colloquial]see you!
    ¡hasta luego!
    ¡hasta la vista!
    see you around!
    ¡nos vemos!
    see you later/tonight/soon/on Saturday!
    ¡hasta luego/esta noche/pronto/el sábado!
    (I'll) be seeing you!
    ¡hasta pronto!
  • 4 (visit) 4.1 (socially) 4.2 (for consultation) you should see a specialist
    deberías ver a or ir a un especialista
    I want to see the manager
    quisiera ver al gerente or hablar con el gerente
    to see somebody about somethingyou should see a doctor about that nail
    deberías hacerte ver esa uña por un médico
    can I see you about something privately?
    ¿podría hablar con usted de un asunto privado?
    I went to see her about the loan
    fui a hablar con ella por lo del préstamo
    see your travel agent
    consulte a su agente de viajes
    Example sentences
    • He only realised that he had dyscalculia when he went to see Professor Butterworth.
    • He sees a specialist this week but it is thought the crack is already healing and it is hoped he will be fit for the start of the season next month.
    • Another injury victim, Andy Heald, sees a specialist this week over his sciatica, but former skipper Davey Luker is unlikely to feature again this season due to work commitments.
  • 5 (receive) the doctor will see you now
    el doctor lo verá or lo atenderá ahora
    Example sentences
    • The average waiting time to be seen for a consultation is three years and that time is also getting longer.
    • But the GTC report says that not all teachers with voice problems will be seen by a specialist.
    • It is understood the child will be undergoing surgery later today after being seen by a specialist.
  • 6 (understand) I don't see any point in going
    no veo qué sentido tiene ir
    he didn't see the joke
    no entendió el chiste
    he's taking winter clothes, but I can't see the point
    va a llevar ropa de invierno, pero no veo para qué
    I can see no reason to worry
    yo no veo que haya ningún motivo para preocuparse
    do you see what I mean?
    ¿te das cuenta?
    I fail to see what's so funny
    yo no le veo la gracia or no veo qué tiene de gracioso
    you'll have to apologize — I don't see why I should
    vas a tener que pedir perdón — no veo por qué
    I can see (that) you're in a difficult position, but …
    me doy cuenta de or comprendo que estás en una situación difícil, pero …
    Example sentences
    • It may be understandable to see how a young man, fresh from a life of crime could paint such violent pictures.
    • In considering citizenship, we saw that it entailed more than simply a formal badge of membership in a national community.
    • When you stop to consider, you see that it has a lot of the elements that make up a good line.
  • 7 (consider, regard) try to see things from my point of view
    trata de ver las cosas desde mi punto de vista
    the way I see it, as I see it
    a mi modo de ver
    tal como yo lo veo
    a mi entender
    I see her more as a friend than a teacher
    la veo más como amiga que como maestra
    I see nothing wrong in it
    yo no le encuentro nada de malo
    Example sentences
    • What if everyone sees everything differently?
    • Taking a step back for a moment, a vertically integrated business sees itself quite differently to a functional or divisionalized organization.
    • Speed, daring, and deep penetrations without regard to flank security came to be seen as essential.
  • 8 8.1 (visualize) me, a writer? I can't see it, somehow!
    ¿un autor, yo? ¡me cuesta imaginármelo!
    can you see him as a teacher?
    ¿te lo imaginas de profesor?
    I can still see her face when she heard the news
    es como si estuviera viendo la cara que puso cuando se enteró
    8.2 (envisage, foresee) I can see there'll be problems
    veo que va a haber problemas
    to see something/somebody -ingI can't see it working
    no creo que vaya a funcionar
    I can't see him being able to persuade her
    no creo que la vaya a poder convencer
    I saw it coming
    me lo vi venir
    8.3 (accept) (US) [colloquial]we could move Johnson over to Sales — OK, I can see that
    podríamos pasar a Johnson a Ventas — bueno, eso me parece bien
  • 9 9.1 (find out, determine) I went to see what was happening/what she wanted
    fui a ver qué pasaba/qué quería
    I'll have to see what I can do
    tendré que ver qué puedo hacer
    we'll have to (wait and) see
    habrá que esperar y ver
    that remains to be seen
    eso está por verse
    Example sentences
    • It will be interesting to see whether the BBC will consider them for an audio medium.
    • I then considered both points to see whether their placing in the chart was appropriate.
    • It will be interesting to see whether the Ministers will have the courage to embrace this emotive issue.
    9.2 (ensure)to see thatthe umpire's job is to see (that) there's fair play
    la tarea del árbitro es asegurarse de que el juego sea limpio
    see (that) you're there on time
    no vayas a llegar tarde
    see that it doesn't happen again
    que no vuelva a suceder
    Example sentences
    • I have had them checked to see that they are sound, and they are no danger to any structure.
    • Trust and verify is drill jargon for reminding yourself to check the gun and see that it is not loaded.
    • As I was getting off the train, I checked to see that my wallet was stuck in the top of my bag.
  • 10 10.1 (experience, undergo) I doubt if I'll live to see it
    no creo que yo llegue a verlo or que yo llegue a ver el día
    she won't see 40 again
    ya no vuelve a cumplir los 40
    I don't think he'll see 60
    no creo que llegue a cumplir 60
    I want to travel and see (a bit of) life
    quiero viajar y ver mundo
    his hair looks like it's never seen a brush! [colloquial] [humorous]
    parece que se hubiera peleado con el peine [humorous]
    10.2 (be the occasion of)in a week which has seen the start of …
    en una semana que ha visto el inicio de …
    after 24 hours of violence which saw several people dead
    después de 24 horas de violencia que arrojó un saldo de varios muertos
    next Thursday sees the launch of the new model
    el próximo jueves es la fecha señalada para el lanzamiento del nuevo modelo
    Example sentences
    • The last few days of this election campaign will now see a bitter fight over the most hated man in America.
    • Next May sees full council elections across England and Wales, and the BNP is aiming to pick up seats in target areas such as West Yorkshire and Barking, east London.
    • The series of television debates in the American presidential elections has seen ratings soar.
  • 11 11.1 (escort, accompany) to see somebody to the door
    acompañar a alguien a la puerta
    to see somebody home
    acompañar a alguien a su casa
    11.2 (bring, last) [colloquial]$500 should see you to the end of the month
    con 500 dólares debería alcanzarte or te deberías poder arreglar hasta fin de mes
    that's enough to see me till tomorrow
    con eso me alcanza hasta mañana
  • 12 (in poker) I'll see your five, and raise five more
    voy tus cinco y subo otros cinco
    I'll see you
    te veo

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 I can see better from here
    desde aquí veo mejor
    can you see inside?
    ¿ves algo adentro?
    to see into the future
    ver el futuro
    seeing is believing
    1.2 (look, inspect) let me see!
    ¡déjame ver!
    ¿a ver?
    see for yourself!
    ¡compruébalo tú mismo!
  • 2 (understand, realize) can't you see he loves you?
    ¿no te das cuenta de or no ves que te quiere?
    as far as I can see
    por lo que yo veo
    I see
    (expressing realization) ya veo
    (accepting explanation) entiendo
    he's deaf, you see
    es que es sordo ¿sabes?
    it works like this, you see?
    funciona así ¿ves?
    now see here, I'm not going to let you get away with that [colloquial]
  • 3 (consider, think) let's see
    vamos a ver
    will you let me go? — we'll see
    ¿me vas a dejar ir? — veremos or vamos a ver
    I'll see, but I can't promise anything
    voy a ver, pero no te puedo prometer nada
  • 4 (find out) will the car start? — I'll see
    ¿arrancará el coche? — vamos a ver
    will it work? — try it and see
    ¿funcionará? — prueba a ver
    what's going on? — you'll soon see
    ¿qué pasa? — ya lo verás


  • (look) [colloquial] (no plural) let's have a see!
    ¡déjame ver!
    ¿a ver?

Phrasal verbs

see about

verb + preposition + object [colloquial]
1 (deal with) a man came to see about the leaking roof
vino un hombre por lo de la gotera
don't worry, I'll see about it so you refuse to do it: well, we'll soon see about that!
con que te niegas a hacerlo: ya lo veremos …
2 (consider, decide) may I borrow the car? — I'll have to see about that
¿me prestas el coche? — tendré que pensarlo

see around

(British also) see round verb + preposition + object

see in

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
we stayed up to see the New Year in
nos quedamos levantados para recibir or esperar el Año Nuevo
I don't suppose I'll live to see in the next century
no creo que llegue a ver el nuevo siglo

see into

verb + preposition + object

see off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (say goodbye to)
despedirse de
I'll come and see you off
vendré a despedirte or a despedirme de ti
2 2.1 (get rid of) the dog saw them off
el perro los ahuyentó
2.2 (defeat) (British) [colloquial]

see out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (show out) I'll see you out
te acompaño hasta la puerta
I can see myself out
no hace falta que me acompañes
(old year)
3 (last, survive) I don't think the roof will see out the winter
no creo que el techo aguante hasta el fin del invierno
I reckon she'll see us all out
creo que nos va a enterrar a todos

see over

verb + preposition + object

see round

verb + preposition + object (British)
see around

see through

1verb + preposition + object (not be deceived by) anyone could see through that story
ese cuento no se lo creía nadie
I can see through your little game
te conozco el juego
I saw through him from the start
lo calé desde el primer momento [colloquial]
2verb + object + adverb, verb + object + preposition + object 2.1 (support) his support saw me through
su apoyo me mantuvo a flote
his optimism saw him through the crisis
su optimismo lo ayudó a sobrellevar la crisis
2.2 (last) $20 won't see me through the week
20 dólares no me van a alcanzar hasta el fin de semana
make sure this sees you through
con esto te tiene que alcanzar
3verb + object + adverb (carry to completion) he saw the term through
terminó el semestre
I'll see this thing through if it kills me!
¡voy a llevar esto buen a término aunque me mate!

see to

verb + preposition + object
ocuparse de
I'm too busy to see to everything myself
estoy muy atareada y no puedo ocuparme de or encargarme de todo
there's a customer out there: could you see to him for me?
hay un cliente allí ¿podrías ocuparte de él or podrías atenderlo?
at his age, he ought to be able to see to his own breakfast
a su edad debería ser capaz de hacerse el desayuno
to see to it (that)you must see to it that the doors are locked
debes asegurarte de que cierren las puertas con llave
I'll finish by Friday — see to it that you do
para el viernes lo termino — asegúrate de que así sea
are you sure she'll come? — I'll see to it myself
¿estás seguro de que vendrá? — yo me encargo de ello
we didn't get a moment's peace, the children saw to that!
no tuvimos un momento de paz ¡de eso se encargaron los niños!
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There are 2 entries that translate see into Spanish:

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see 2


  • (diocese) the Holy See
    Example sentences
    • The title of archbishop ceased to be used for these two sees of the episcopal church in Scotland after the revolution of 1688.
    • The sees of Edinburgh and Saint Andrews in the east, and of Glasgow in the west have been co-equals since the Middle Ages.
    • In ecclesiastical affairs, the see of Canterbury claimed a comparable hegemony.
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