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American English: /sim/
British English: /siːm/

Translation of seem in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (give impression) she seems friendly
    parece simpática
    you don't seem very sure/happy
    no pareces (estar) muy seguro/contento
    things aren't always what they seem it certainly seems that way
    eso parece or así parece, por cierto
    I thought he seemed a total idiot
    me pareció un verdadero imbécil
    you seem a completely different person
    no pareces el mismo
    you must do what seems best
    debes hacer lo que mejor te parezca
    strange as it may seem
    por raro que parezca
    aunque no lo parezca
    to seem to + infinitiveshe seems to like you
    parece que le caes bien
    he didn't seem to be expecting us
    me dio la impresión de que no nos esperaba
    you seem to find it very amusing!
    ¡por lo visto a ti te hace mucha gracia!
    she seems not or doesn't seem to have noticed
    no parece haberse dado cuenta
    it seems (that) they were worried
    parece (ser) que estaban preocupados
    it now seems certain that …
    ahora parece seguro que …
    it seems as if or as though they're ready
    parece (ser) que están listos
    so it seems, so it would seem
    eso parece
    así parece
    it seems not
    parece que no
    to seem like somethingwe waited for what seemed like an eternity
    esperamos lo que nos pareció una eternidad
    that seems like a good idea
    esa me parece una buena idea
    it seems like years since I saw you
    parece que hiciera años que no te veo
    are they having a good time? — (it) seems like it
    ¿lo están pasando bien? — eso parece or así parece
    he seems very like his father
    se parece mucho a su padre
    Example sentences
    • Nobody else seems very interested, but I think it looks great!
    • Nobody else seems to notice, except perhaps Barry, who simply wants to be left alone.
    • Therefore, it seems somehow a bit excessive to single him out for this sort of treatment.
  • 2 2.1 (get impression)to seem to + infinitiveI seemed to hear voices in the kitchen
    me pareció oír voces en la cocina
    I seem to remember that you …
    creo recordar que tú …
    I seem to have been here before
    me da la impresión de que he estado aquí antes
    Example sentences
    • Superficially it would seem to have very little to do with an historic attack on Greece over a millennium before!
    • On the basis of this evidence, it would seem that the battle against it is lost!
    • More weight is given to politics than poetry, history or writing, it would seem.
    2.2 (in somebody's opinion) it seems to me/him/them that …
    me/le/les parece que …
    it doesn't seem right to me
    a mí no me parece bien
    it may seem silly to you, but …
    a tí te parecerá una tontería, pero …
    how does it seem to you?
    ¿a ti que te parece?
    2.3 (toning down statement) there would seem to be no alternative
    parece que or al parecer or según parece, no queda otra alternativa
    we seem to be lost
    parece (ser) que nos hemos perdido
    I can't seem to remember where I put it
    no logro acordarme de dónde lo puse
    they don't seem to be here
    no parecen estar aquí
    parece que no están aquí
    it seems to be closed
    parece que está cerrado
    what seems to be the trouble?
    veamos ¿de qué se trata?
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