Translation of seize in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /siːz/


  • 1 (grab, snatch) [hand/object] agarrar; [opportunity] aprovechar; [power] tomar, hacerse* con he seized me by the shoulder me agarró del hombro I seized the handrail me agarré or me así de la barandilla she seized the book from his hands le arrebató el libro de las manos
  • 3 (overcome) (usu pass) she was seized with panic fue presa del pánico they were seized by foreboding les dio un presentimiento he was seized with the desire to … lo acometió el deseo de …, sintió garas de …

Phrasal verbs

seize on

seize upon v + prep + o
[chance] aprovechar her remarks were seized on by the opposition la oposición se apresuró a sacar partido de sus declaraciones he seized on the plan as the only viable solution se aferró al plan como única solución posible

seize up

v + adv
[engine] agarrotarse, fundirse (AmL) ; [muscles] agarrotarse; [traffic] paralizarse*

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