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Pronunciation: /senˈseɪʃən/


  • 1 1.1 c u (feeling, impression) sensación (f) a strange sensation una sensación extraña he had no sensation in his arm no sentía nada en el brazo, tenía el brazo insensible
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    • Does my body remember the physical sensation of holding an item, and transfer this feeling to the virtual environment, though my mind has since forgotten?
    • Let your mind be quiet, and observe the sensations of your physical body - blood flow, heartbeat, lungs moving, an itch.
    • Putting the glass back down on the table, he let his gaze settle on Ali as she leant back in her chair, closing her eyes and shuddering slightly as the burning sensation spread throughout her body.
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    • A toxic cloud at the edge of awareness, a sensation that something is amiss?
    • Just the eerie sensation that was present in the creepy scenery.
    • Rick felt massive electromagnetic fields in several rooms in Duff Green, a sensation that confirms to him the presence of paranormal activity.
    1.2 u (ability to feel) sensibilidad (f)
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    • In the case of sensation, the capacity for perception in the sense organ is actualized by the operation on it of the perceptible object.
    • That feels or is capable of feeling; having the power or function of sensation or of perception by the senses.
    • In perception and in sensation, consciousness need not reside in the intentional objects of awareness in order for the state of awareness to be conscious.
  • 2 c 2.1 (furor) sensación (f) to cause o create a sensation causar sensación, hacer* furor 2.2 (success) the play was a sensation on Broadway la obra fue todo un éxito or [familiar/colloquial] un exitazo en Broadway
    More example sentences
    • To say this book caused a sensation is to understate its impact.
    • Her case caused a sensation earlier in the year and outraged her parents.
    • It naturally caused a sensation and there was a temporary surge of interest.

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