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Pronunciation: /ˈsensətɪv/


  • 1 1.1 (emotionally responsive) [person] sensible; [performance/account] lleno de sensibilidadto be sensitive to sth to be sensitive to music tener* sensibilidad para la música to be sensitive to sb's needs/problems ser* or (in Chile, Mexico also/en Chile, México también) estar* muy consciente de las necesidades/los problemas de algn, tener* muy presentes las necesidades/los problemas de algn 1.2 (touchy) [person] susceptiblesensitive about/to sth he's very sensitive to criticism es muy susceptible a la crítica he's very sensitive about his spots vive preocupado por los granitos
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    • The guidelines dictate that emotionally charged topics be avoided on tests, for fear that mention of them might upset sensitive children.
    • O'Leary cheerfully acknowledges that his abrasive manner upsets the more sensitive among those he deals with.
    • Women would benefit enormously from this - we are very sensitive and get upset about small things, and men have no idea.
  • 2 (physically responsive) [skin] sensible, delicado; [teeth] sensible; [instrument/film] sensible sensitive to sth sensible a algo to be sensitive to temperature changes ser* sensible a los cambios de temperatura
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    • Oberlander will also explain that people are highly sensitive to subliminal signals about personality, regardless of whether or not they know who a message has come from.
    • You've written that patients today are more sensitive to body signals; they're more likely to go to the doctor for something than they would have a few decades ago.
    • Well we found that females seem to be more sensitive to perceiving these signals of fear.
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    • He said the vehicles ‘had a major visible impact with serious ramifications for Dartmoor National Park’, damaging sensitive areas of bog and heather.
    • Prefabrication of the building in a nearby factory minimized both construction waste and damage to the sensitive area by heavy equipment.
    • These creams and ointments vary in strength, and using the wrong strength in sensitive areas can damage the skin, especially in infants.
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    • Orthochromatic films are not sensitive to red light at all, and may be developed under a red safelight.
    • The blue filter is measuring blue light in the visible spectrum, not the ultraviolet light to which platinum materials are sensitive.
    • Even the orthochromatic films were not sensitive to red light.
  • 3 3.1 (secret) [document/information] confidencial he holds a sensitive post in the Ministry ocupa un puesto de absoluta confianza en el Ministerio 3.2 (requiring tact) [topic/issue] delicado the sensitive border region la conflictiva zona fronteriza
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    • The Yorkshire Euro MP may not be the first person you'd think of if you were looking for a sensitive appreciation of the modern woman.
    • One is Mary's uniquely sensitive appreciation of the myriad ways in which the case for academic freedom may be advanced.
    • I now have a more sensitive appreciation of how devastating war really is.
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    • As someone who was intimately involved in dealing with the most sensitive national security secrets out there, how big of a flap is this?
    • The Victorian Opposition has released details of what it claims is yet another breach of sensitive security information within the Victoria Police.
    • General statements that, for example, the information is sensitive security information, are inadequate to satisfy the government's burden.

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