There are 2 translations of separate in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (individual) (usu before n) [beds/rooms/bank accounts] separado they're taking separate vacations this year este año cada uno se va de vacaciones por separado they live in the same house but lead separate lives viven en la misma casa pero hacen vida aparte, viven juntos pero no revueltos [humorístico/humorous] to go our/their separate ways irse* cada uno por su lado after the divorce, they went their separate ways después del divorcio cada uno se fue por su lado 1.2 (physically apart) aparte (adj inv) the gym is in a separate building el gimnasio está en un edificio aparte or en otro edificio could I have the salad on a separate plate? ¿me podría servir la ensalada en un plato aparte or en otro plato? separate from sth separado de algo keep your passport separate from your wallet no guarde juntos el pasaporte y la billetera 1.3 (distinct, different) this word has three separate meanings esta palabra tiene tres significados distintos or diferentes answer each question on a separate sheet of paper conteste cada pregunta en una hoja aparte the subject deserves separate treatment el tema merece ser tratado por separado send it under separate cover mándelo por separado

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There are 2 translations of separate in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (set apart) separar to separate sth/sb from sth/sb separar algo/a algn de algo/algn separate the yolk from the white separar la yema de la clara
    More example sentences
    • The facts should be carefully separated from opinion and used in a language those people can emotionally relate to.
    • The greenhouse gas had been separated from extracted natural gas and would normally have been released into the atmosphere…
    • One of the most obvious is the stage at which the juice is separated from the skins by pressing (before fermentation for white wines, after fermentation for red wines).
    1.2 (keep apart) separar the issues that separate the two sides los temas que separan a ambos bandos to be separated from sb estar* separado de algn he was separated from his family for months durante meses estuvo separado de su familia
    More example sentences
    • Sectors are generally not separated by clear boundaries like those between levels of analysis.
    • One of the main disorders occurs when walls separating the heart's four chambers do not form properly.
    • But it was an extremely close contest with just six points separating the top five places.
    1.3 (distinguish) distinguir*, diferenciar to separate sth from sth distinguir* or diferenciar algo de algo she finds it difficult to separate fact from fiction encuentra difícil distinguir or diferenciar lo real de lo ficticio
    More example sentences
    • With experience, you are genuinely able to separate yourself from the writer and your current function as a director.
    • What both types have in common is an ability to totally separate emotion and sex.
    • What qualities separate a top-flight guide writer from one who's merely average?
    1.4 [Tech] extraer*


  • 1.1 (divide) separarse the sauce separated la salsa se cortó 1.2 (move apart) separarse
    More example sentences
    • These ligaments can be sprained, disrupted, detached, or separated, depending on the severity of the injury.
    • As you pull the lithosphere apart, as it separates, decompression occurs in the earth's mantle underneath the spreading centre.
    • Again to surprise them the rectangle flowed apart, separating into strands and being drawn in upwards one after another, perfectly synchronized.
    1.3 [couple] separarse
    More example sentences
    • For one thing Erica knew his parents were always separating or getting back together.
    • After some time together, she separated from her husband with the intention of divorcing him, and moved into separate accommodation.
    • She was living in public housing, separated from her husband and living on a lone parent allowance.

Phrasal verbs

separate off

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
[area/section/group] separar

separate out

v + adv [elements/ingredients] separarse; [mixture/emulsion] disgregarse* 1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o [elements/ingredients] separar; [mixture/emulsion] disgregar*; [considerations/factors] distinguir*

Definition of separate in: