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American English: /ʃeɪd/
British English: /ʃeɪd/

Translation of shade in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (dark place) we sat in the shade
    nos sentamos a la sombra
    is there any shade?
    ¿hay sombra?
    25°C in the shade
    25°C a la sombra
    to give shade
    dar sombra
    to put something/somebody in the shade
    hacerle sombra a algo/alguien
    eclipsar algo/a alguien
    1.2 (in painting, drawing)
  • 3 3.1 countable (of color) a lighter/darker shade of green
    un tono más claro/más oscuro de verde
    in pastel shades
    en tonos pastel
    Example sentences
    • In coastal climates, coleus thrive in shade or sun, but pinks and other vivid shades become more intense in brighter light.
    • The clouds consisted of many shades of light and dark grey.
    • There are dark shades and lighter hues folding into each other.
    3.2 countable (degree of difference, nuance) varying shades of meaning
    diferentes matices de significado
    every shade of opinion
    toda clase de opiniones
    opiniones de todas clases
    there is not a shade of difference between …
    no hay la menor diferencia or ni sombra de diferencia entre …
    Example sentences
    • They come in a variety of shades, lengths and styles.
    • But, if I make an effort, I sense in my duration a variety of shades.
    • The result was an unwieldy and complex organization of all social classes and all shades of unionist opinion.
    3.3 (slight amount) [colloquial] (no plural)
    pizca (feminine) [colloquial]
    a shade (too) long/short
    un poquitín or una pizca largo/corto [colloquial]
    he's a shade too confident
    se tiene un poquitín demasiada confianza [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Even the soulless Laise had had a shade of humanity to her.
    • There was a shade of meanness in her speech, and she spoke it so emphatically that for a moment he was not sure if she was telling the truth.
    • For the first time, a shade of uncertainty entered her voice.
    Example sentences
    • I dress stylishly, wear shades, have a cross hanging around my neck and am quite intellectual.
    • Clown was sitting in the chair, again wearing his shades and a hat that seemed to look like a bucket on his head.
    • He was wearing shades and a cap, which prevented either of us from knowing his identity.
  • 4 countable (ghost) [literary]
    Example sentences
    • I can feel the shades of my forebears crowding before me, waving their spectral hands at me and admonishing me to go no further.
    • The bull swam with her out to sea, some say across the Pillars of Hercules to the shore of Southern Spain, others to Crete, where later she gave birth to Minos and Rhadamanthus, ruler of Elysium where the Shades go after death.
    • As opera matured over the next 150 years, the dramatic duties that at first had been assigned to mere Shades and Furies were taken over by full-fledged gods and goddesses.
  • 5
    also: shades plural
    5.1 [slang] sunglasses 5.2 (on being reminded of something) shades of my schooldays!
    ¡eso me recuerda cuando estaba en el colegio!
    shades of Watergate!
    ¡uno no puede menos que acordarse de Watergate!

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (protect from sun, light)
    proteger del sol/de la luz
    a large tree shaded the garden
    un gran árbol daba sombra al jardín
    her seat was shaded from the sun
    su asiento estaba resguardado del sol
    Example sentences
    • He laid out the Botanic gardens in Khartoum, as he did at Luxor, in Upper Egypt; and he imported the Neem trees from India to shade the streets.
    • The viewing screen can be shaded to an extent from the sun or other directional light sources, by means of baffles, but the basic problem remains.
    • A giant live oak tree shaded the west side of the house, a long-abandoned tire swing hanging dejectedly from a sturdy branch.
    1.2 (screen)
    you should shade the bulb a little
    deberías tapar un poco la bombilla
    Example sentences
    • Clouds covered the sun, a respectful veil shading the sun's merry rays.
    • He walked towards it on soft feet shading the torch with his hand to reduce its light to a narrow thread.
    • But all the greenery shaded the light, casting shadows and filling the forest with deep darkness.
  • 2 (Art)

    shade (in)

    Example sentences
    • Exquisitely shaded pencil drawings are the basis for this slow, patient drift through a surrealist landscape that is at once impossible and alarmingly familiar.
    • Underneath two arched eyebrows, her eyes were large and brown, shaped like two walnuts and looked as though they were shaded in with a pencil.
    • A triangle adorned the map and the space within the triangle was shaded in red signifying the area that they would be searching.
  • 3 (defeat narrowly) (US) [colloquial]
    ganarle por muy poco a
    ganarle por un pelo or por los pelos a [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Was there any way to shade the odds, gain an extra edge as he had in the first challenge?

intransitive verb

  • the colors shade into one another
    los colores se funden unos con otros
    the yellow shades (off) into orange
    el amarillo se va convirtiendo en naranja
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