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American English: /ʃæm/
British English: /ʃam/

Translation of sham in Spanish:


  • 1 countable and uncountable (pretense) his grief was all sham or all a sham
    su pena era pura comedia or puro teatro [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Rather we read Mark because he is an expert at exposing sham, pretension, and hypocrisy, and because he was the greatest American humorist of the 19th century.
    • Second, Barnes agreed with South Carolina editor Z. T. Cody who ‘called the whole signing up business sham and hypocrisy.’
    • As a satirist, the writer is unafraid of drawing aside the drapes of hypocrisy and sham that seem to safeguard middle-class ethics.
  • 2 countable (impostor)
    Example sentences
    • The team does not feel the average person today is as ignorant toward shams and charlatans as they might have been just ten years ago.
    • He is a great, flabby sham, an actor close to suicide, maybe - and this is an extraordinary display of incipient madness or incorrigible playfulness.
    • Yet Pétain was no such thing; he was a lifelong soldier and a genuine war hero, rather than some preening sham in jackboots.


  • [derogatory] (no comparative)
    de imitación
    it was a sham election/trial
    las elecciones fueron/el juicio fue una farsa or una parodia
    Example sentences
    • Clearly, a sham intent, a false intent, will give the matter away.
    • Can two suicidal Turkish Germans living in Hamburg find happiness together, or at least a reason to live, by entering into a sham marriage so she can sleep around?
    • Rather a spectacle for a sham marriage isn't it?

transitive verb present participle shamming past tense, past participle shammed

  • (enthusiasm/grief/illness)
    Example sentences
    • It planned for a mock battle, shammed unity, and were confused by the intransigence and solidarity of the other side.
    • He portrays him as shamming his injuries.
    • In his secret note of December 19, 1913, he noted that Savarkar was shamming his ‘change of heart’ and that he did not express the slightest remorse or regret for what he had done.

intransitive verb present participle shamming past tense, past participle shammed

  • (person)
    she's not ill; she's just shamming
    no está enferma; está haciendo teatro [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • There is an important distinction to be made between those who are genuinely dull and those who are shamming.
    • ‘‘Do you think,’ I asked indignantly, ‘he is shamming?’
    • If she is shamming, her body shape will give her plenty of time to either really get pregnant or to claim that she has suffered a miscarriage - probably in response to some claimed misdeed of Peter's.
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