There are 2 translations of share in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ʃer; ʃeə(r)/


  • 1 c (portion) parte (f) I've already paid my share yo ya he pagado mi parte or lo que me corresponde how much is my share of the bill? ¿cuánto me toca pagar a mí? she must take her share of the blame debe aceptar que tiene parte de la culpa he's had his share of bad luck ha tenido or le ha tocado bastante mala suerte or su buena cuota de mala suerte I only want my fair share solo quiero lo que en justicia me corresponde they've had more than their fair share of attention han recibido más atención de la que les correspondía I've done my share of covering up for her yo ya la he encubierto bastante to go shares on sth [colloquial/familiar] let's go shares on a taxi tomemos un taxi y lo pagamos a medias ( or entre los tres etc) to work on shares (AmE) trabajar como socios
  • 3 c
    reja (f) del arado

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There are 2 translations of share in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (use jointly) to share sth (with sb) compartir algo (con algn) 1.2 (have in common) [optimism/interest/opinion] compartir; [characteristics] tener* en común they shared the credit for its discovery compartieron el mérito de su descubrimiento peoples which share a common ancestry pueblos de la misma extracción or con antepasados comunes we share the same star sign somos del mismo signo del zodíaco
  • 2 2.1 (divide) dividir the inheritance was shared equally between the children la herencia se dividió a partes iguales entre los hijos we agreed to share all expenses decidimos compartir todos los gastos 2.2 (communicate) [experience/knowledge] intercambiar I'd like to share my feelings with you on this happy day quisiera hacer a todos partícipes de mi felicidad en este día come on, share the joke vamos, cuéntalo, así nos reímos todos


  • 1.1 (use jointly) compartir you may have to share with somebody puede ser que tengas que compartir la habitación ( or el despacho etc) con algn to share and share alike compartir las cosas 1.2 (have a part) to share in sth compartir algo, participar de algo

Phrasal verbs

share out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
[profits/food] repartir, distribuir* the money was shared out among the five children el dinero se repartió or se distribuyó entre los cinco hijos

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