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Pronunciation: /ʃɑːrp; ʃɑːp/

adjective/adjetivo (-er, -est)

  • 1 1.1 [knife/edge/scissors] afilado, filoso (Latin America/América Latina) , filudo (Chile) (Peru/Perú) ; [features] anguloso, muy marcado the sharp edge el filo it has a sharp point es muy puntiagudo have you got a sharper pencil? ¿tienes un lápiz con más punta? at the sharp end (British English/inglés británico) en la línea de combate
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    • She cried out in pain; it felt like sharp knives were piercing her.
    • Her fingernails grew long and sharp, able to pierce the skin of a creature in a matter of seconds.
    • A stone is used for ‘honing’ which means putting a sharp edge on your knife.
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    • These spicules are up to 0.03 mm in diameter and taper to sharp tips.
    • The long robe drapes over the front of the throne, falling in pleats that taper to sharp points along the hem.
    • I took out a sharp pencil and began to fill in the grades.
    1.2 [pain] agudo, fuerte
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    • They would travel in one direction for a while and then curve back in a very sharp turn in another direction.
    • Now was time to use my new toy, the strip heater, since I needed a nice straight line bent at a sharp angle.
    • He lay sprawled on the tiles, his arms and legs bent at sharp angles.
    1.3 [wind] cortante; [frost] crudo, fuerte 1.4 [noise/cry] agudo; [crack] seco
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    • A sharp click sounded in her ears, but she was too busy to notice.
    • The sharp sound was so sudden that the horses nearest to him jumped and wouldn't settle down for at least five minutes.
    • The gun itself barely moves, and the sharp sound of the report echoes through surrounding hills and dies away.
    1.5 [taste] ácido a sharp cheese un queso fuerte or muy curado
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    • These materials both have a sharp smell, tangy taste, and are irritating to skin in large concentrations.
    • It had the sharp taste lemon tart should have but was not easy to cut on a saucer!
    • Then she smelt the sharp tang of sulphur again and turned back.
  • 2 2.1 (abrupt, steep) [bend/angle] cerrado; [turn] brusco; [rise/fall/descent] brusco 2.2 (sudden) repentino, súbito
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    • Exports have been hit also because of the sudden and sharp increase in the value of the euro against the dollar and, most importantly, against sterling.
    • According to their calculations, neither global sea level rise nor faster melting of glacial ice could have produced such a sharp change.
    • By a ‘currency crisis’ he means a sharp change in the value of the US dollar that would hurt the economy as a whole.
  • 3 3.1 (keen) [eyesight] agudo, bueno; [hearing] fino, agudo, bueno keep a sharp lookout mantén los ojos bien abiertos keep a sharp eye on those two over there no les quites el ojo de encima a esos dos de ahí he's got a sharp nose for business tiene mucho ojo para los negocios the article takes a sharp look at the world of finance el artículo hace un penetrante or perspicaz análisis del mundo de las finanzas 3.2 (acute) [wit/mind] agudo, perspicaz he's very sharp for his age es muy despierto or avispado para su edad
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    • Her words were sharp and hurtful and more than anything he knew now that he had been wrong to think she had some decency in her to start with.
    • Fervently, she shook her head at each accusation he made, holding her hands over her ears in hope of blocking out such hurtful and sharp words.
    • Seemingly confident just a few weeks ago, she is now prone to utter sharp words about her critics in public.
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    • As her mind unravels we experience sudden images of sharp terror.
    • My feelings of disappointment were sharp, but soon the intifada was over.
    • They remember the sharp fear of unwanted pregnancies.
    3.3 (intense) [desire] intenso, fuerte; [urge] imperioso; [regret] hondo, profundo competition is sharp hay una intensa competencia
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    • For his self-awareness is acute and his sense of humour is sharp.
    • Rigel is looking ominously sharp now and his speed around the court is making it difficult for me to find a winner.
    • If you have the right background and are sharp, witty and perceptive, we would like to hear from you.
  • 4 (clear, unblurred) [photo/TV picture] nítido; [outline] definido; [impression] claro; [contrast/distinction] marcado this has brought the divisions in the country into sharp focus esto ha puesto de relieve las divisiones existentes en el país
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    • Detail is sharp and clear, contrast is nicely managed, and deep black levels make this pleasing to behold - visually.
    • Despite their pervasiveness, lanning clearly shows that such sharp distinctions cannot be maintained.
    • Birth to three months - newborn babies can't see particularly well, but they do like to look at faces and distinct patterns with sharp outlines.
  • 5 (harsh, severe) [rebuke/criticism] duro, severo; [retort] cortante, áspero to have a sharp tongue ser* muy mordaz, tener* una lengua muy afilada
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    • To top it all a niggling pain gave off a sharp, burning sensation in the bottom of her stomach.
    • She also experienced a sharp pain and burning sensation in her right elbow and a tingling sensation in her right hand and fingers.
    • If you have osteoporosis, the first warning sign might be a sudden sharp pain in your back that seems to have come on for no reason.
  • 6 6.1 (clever, shrewd) [person] listo, astuto, vivo [colloquial/familiar]; [move] astuto 6.2 (elegant) [colloquial/familiar] he's a sharp dresser tiene mucho estilo para vestirse
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    • The result is a translation of ordinarily masculine clothing into sharp womenswear that's feminine and sexy without flashing flesh.
    • When you hear the word secretary, you probably think of a pretty, petite lady who wears stylish, sharp skirt outfits.
    • I recently bought a really sharp suit at the Men's Warehouse here in Philly.
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    • It's one thing if analysts are deceived by sharp operators.
    • As for O'Neill, he left with his reputation as a quick-witted sharp operator severely dented.
    • In reality, it was ordinary citizens and not the sharp operators who stored their wealth in banknotes.
  • 7 [Music/Música] 7.1 (referring to key) sostenido 7.2 (too high) you're sharp estás desafinando ([ por cantar o tocar demasiado alto ])
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    • The standard treble is available in B, sounding a tone below written pitch and best for flat keys, or in A, sounding a minor 3rd lower and better for sharp keys.


  • 1 (exactly) at six o'clock sharp a las seis en punto
  • 2 (abruptly) turn sharp right gire a la derecha en curva cerrada to pull up sharp pararse en seco look sharp (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] ¡acelera! [colloquial/familiar], ¡date prisa!, ¡apúrate! (Latin America/América Latina)
  • 3 [Music/Música] to sing/play sharp cantar/tocar* demasiado alto


  • 2 (American English/inglés norteamericano) sharper

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There are 2 translations of sharp in Spanish:


transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • (American English/inglés norteamericano) [Music/Música] [ elevar el tono de una nota ]

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