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sheer 1

American English: /ʃɪr/
British English: /ʃɪə/

adjective sheerer, sheerest

  • 1 (pure, absolute) (as intensifier) he did it out of sheer desperation/necessity
    lo hizo por pura desesperación/necesidad
    by sheer coincidence
    por pura casualidad
    it was sheer bad luck that …
    fue por pura mala suerte que …
    his sheer ignorance
    su ignorancia supina
    it's sheer nonsense to suggest that …
    es un verdadero disparate decir que …
    no es más que un disparate decir que …
    that would be sheer lunacy
    eso sería una auténtica locura
    he succeeded by sheer hard work
    lo logró a fuerza de trabajar sin tregua
    they were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the problem
    los abrumaba la mera magnitud del problema
    Example sentences
    • Then began three months of hard work, and long nights mixed with sheer panic and pure delight that this project was becoming a reality.
    • And that is how one man made a life for himself through hard work, sheer determination, and utter loyalty.
    • He had risen in the ranks of the party by the sheer dint of his hard work and forthrightness.
  • 2 (vertical)
    cortado a pico or a pique
    Example sentences
    • Whereas the canyon's south side is terraced and textured, the north walls are sheer cliffs.
    • That tour became the stuff of legends when the guide walked us out the other end and stopped before a sheer cliff wall.
    • Snails are why I grow strawberries in window boxes, not that a snail sees the sheer cliff of wall leading to the window ledge as anything but a challenge.
  • 3 (fine)
    muy fino
    Example sentences
    • The dress was white, with a sheer fabric over it.
    • Bias-cut dresses in silk, satin and sheer fabrics fit the bill for affairs that require strap heels and heavy flirting.
    • A sheer, a see-through or sheer fabric usually used as an inner drapery, gives a softening effect to window treatment.


  • 1 (vertically) the cliffs rise sheer out of the sea
    los acantilados se yerguen verticalmente sobre el mar
    it falls sheer in the sea
    cae a pico or a pique hasta el mar
    Example sentences
    • On the other, a 200 ft - high-cliff fell sheer into scree slopes and the plain below.
    • The hill rises sheer above me, going probably 100 feet up.
    • On the far side was an impressive waterfall, thundering down some sixty feet into the lake from a huge cave in a mountain rising up sheer from the water's edge.
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There are 2 entries that translate sheer into Spanish:

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sheer 2

intransitive verb

  • (Nautical)
    Example sentences
    • The Marine Accident Investigation Branch said the collision was caused by the training ship Arold - which had a qualified pilot on board, as well as three trainees and six crew - losing control when she suddenly sheered to port on a bend.
    • But they say that the measures do not address the real problem of the bridge itself and have painted nightmare scenarios of fully laden petrol barges sheering off mudbanks close by and ploughing into it.
    • River-users who had painted nightmare scenarios of fully laden petrol barges sheering off mud banks into the bridge welcomed the change of heart as a triumph for common sense.

transitive verb

Phrasal verbs

sheer away

verb + adverb
a topic which most people tend to sheer away from
un tema que la mayoría de la gente tiende a evitar or eludir

sheer off

verb + adverb
cambiar de rumbo
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