Translation of sheet in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ʃiːt/


  • 1 (on bed) sábana (feminine) the bottom/top sheet la sábana bajera or de abajo/encimera or de arriba a fitted sheet una sábana ajustable or (Mexico/México) de cajón as white as a sheet blanco como el papel her face went as white as a sheet when she heard the news se puso blanca como el papel cuando oyó la noticia between the sheets en la cama
    More example sentences
    • Sleeping blankets and covers, sheets and quilts have been made - with the children's assistance.
    • Nothing made sense but the darkness behind her eyes and the scratchy cotton of the sheets beneath her skin.
    • We're surrounded by pillows, blankets and sun-smelling cotton sheets.
  • 2 2.1 (of paper) hoja (f); (of wrapping paper) pliego (m), hoja (f); (of stamps) pliego (m) information o fact sheet folleto (masculine) in sheets [Printing/Imprenta] en capillas, sin encuadernar to start with a clean sheet hacer* borrón y cuenta nueva 2.2 (newspaper) [colloquial/familiar] periódico (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • It is a neat little unit - exactly the same size as a sheet of A4 paper, and only 65 mm high.
    • Our microprocessor isn't some tiny silicon die - it's the size of a sheet of paper, maybe two.
    • At first, the prints were only the size of a sheet of typing paper.
    More example sentences
    • Here she embellished sheets of postage stamps with silk thread; the sewing records the situations in which they were sewn.
    • Whoever wishes to give a personal touch to stamps can have their photos printed on stamp sheets and use them.
    • The film's title is a reference to the sheet of nine rare postage stamps, which they see as their ticket to the top.
  • 3 3.1 (of metal) chapa (f), plancha (f), lámina (f) a sheet of glass un vidrio, una placa de vidrio (before noun/delante del nombre) sheet glass vidrio (masculine) plano 3.2 (of ice) capa (feminine) a sheet of flame una cortina de llamas the rain was coming down in sheets estaba cayendo una cortina de agua, llovía a cántaros (before noun/delante del nombre) sheet lightning relámpagos (masculine plural) difusos
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    • Once he finally got parked, he nearly broke his neck slipping on a sheet of black ice.
    • Skaters were also having a splendid time in Victoria Park, which had been flooded, and was covered with a sheet of ice in grand condition.
    • Carelessly she ran over to the edges to collect more, but slipped and almost fell because of a sheet of ice that was hidden on the floor underneath the snow.
    More example sentences
    • Essentially, it is a matter of adding a pigment to the interlayer material between the sheets of glass.
    • The problem was that the metal sheet was glued to the door frame, but the adhesive did not properly take grip.
    • Mostly the effects and material were taken from the theatre where a metal sheet would replicate thunder and a hard board against another would give the illusion of gunshots.
  • 4 [Nautical/Náutica] 4.1 (rope) escota (feminine) to be three sheets to the wind estar* como una cuba [colloquial/familiar] 4.2
    (sheets plural)
    (space)espacios a proa y a popa de una embarcación
    More example sentences
    • Soon all three of us have got the hang of tacking, pulling in and letting out the sheets (the ropes attached to the sails) and steering.
    • Turn into the wind and let out the sheet to allow the sail to go slack.
    • With one sail, one halyard, one sheet, and two winches, the boat is the ultimate in uncomplicated sailing.

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sheet down

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