There are 2 translations of shell in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ʃel/


  • 1 1.1 (of egg, nut) cáscara (f); (of sea mollusk) concha (f); (of tortoise, turtle, snail, crustacean) caparazón (m) or (f), carapacho (m) pastry shell [Culin] base (f) (de masa) to come out of one's shell salir* del cascarón to go back o retreat into one's shell retraerse*
    More example sentences
    • Mollusc shells are made primarily of calcium carbonate, with traces of strontium and other elements.
    • The fossiliferous horizons occur in greenish to greyish siltstones and brown to black fissile shales associated with mollusc shells.
    • They are cousins of seashells, but instead of having a protective shell, most of them are poisonous.
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    • As the birds accumulated the toxins in their fat reserves, the shells in their clutches thinned and broke easily, or never hatched.
    • The female will lay only 4 to 10 eggs, which have leathery shells.
    • DDT does not directly kill birds but rather thins the shells of their eggs.
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    • They must be taken from the vines while the outer shell and the seeds are very tender; otherwise they are not good.
    • Some of you may wonder how locals manage to work the edible kernel from its black shell within seconds, while holding a conversation.
    • Crack a handful of whole new season's walnuts, remove the kernels from the shells and halve them and quarter.
    More example sentences
    • Turtle shells are constructed with a layer of epidermal scutes overlying a layer of dermal bone.
    • The newest types of tags are attached to things like shark fins and sea turtle shells.
    • Their teeth, which cut in both directions, are like razor blades, perfectly evolved for cutting through turtle shells and bone.
    1.2 (of building) estructura (f), armazón (m) or (f), esqueleto (m); (of vehicle) armazón (m) or (f); (of ship) casco (m)
    More example sentences
    • Prepare the pastry shell to bake blind - line with a piece of greaseproof or parchment paper and fill with beans.
    • Cut out a piece of greaseproof or parchment paper to put into the pastry shell and fill with beans (any old beans, rice or pasta).
    • Fred runs and gets some pasta shells and cheese to feed his drivers from the officers' tent where the major has already begun to tend to the wounded.
    More example sentences
    • The building is a mere shell - cement-block walls, tin roof, benches inside, bare floor.
    • The buildings are shells with walls covered in mildew and grass growing through the floors as high as the ceilings.
    • The building was a shell with the roof having fallen in and walls caving in.
    More example sentences
    • As they closed a hatch, a dozen of men appeared on the platform, but their blasters could not do any harm to the metal shell of the vehicle.
    • We passed several more smoking shells of vehicles destroyed by the resistance - more fuel tankers, more blasted APCs.
    • Even when the shell of a vehicle already exists, as it did in this case, the vehicle-design schedule traditionally spans about three years.
  • 2 [Mil] 2.1 (for artillery) proyectil (m), obús (m) 2.2 (for small arms) cartucho (m)
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    • Exploding shells - initially hollow metal spheres filled with gunpowder - were first introduced in the second half of the 16th century.
    • Some shells contain explosives designed to crackle in the sky, or whistles that explode outward with the stars.
    • Its shells contain fuel-air explosives that on detonation form a ball of fire, creating a powerful blast effect.
    More example sentences
    • Now we once again need to protect our dugouts and shelters, especially at command and control facilities, from direct hits of artillery shells and air bombs.
    • It could also come suddenly and violently from the tooth-and-nail struggle for survival, or from German bombs and artillery shells.
    • They provide the explosive force delivered by hand grenades, bombs, and artillery shells.
  • 3 (in rowing)bote estrecho y ligero
    More example sentences
    • The glow from the rising sun reflects off the sleek rowing shells as they glide on the Mississippi River.
    • The classic built-for-speed vessel is the racing shell because its human cargo is also its engine.
    • As I row in my racing shell, I flash back to Muller's words.

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There are 2 translations of shell in Spanish:



  • 1 [Culin] [peas] pelar, desvainar; [nuts/eggs] pelar; [mussel/clam] quitarle la concha a, desconchar shelled walnuts nueces (fpl) peladas or sin cáscara
    More example sentences
    • Substitute shelled pistachios for nuts in any recipe you fancy.
    • Green nuts are shelled, boiled to mellow the flavour, and sun dried.
    • I have witnessed expats shelling seeds with ease so, although I can't speak from experience, I know that it can be done.


  • [Mil] bombardear
    More example sentences
    • Before being relived by the 94th Infantry later that day, the 5th Ranger Battalion was shelled one more time with some casualties taken.
    • We have as much right to shell the enemy army's central headquarters as to shell its frontline positions.
    • But they knew our gun positions and they shelled us as they drew nearer.

Phrasal verbs

shell out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o [money] aflojar [familiar/colloquial], soltar* [familiar/colloquial], apoquinar [familiar/colloquial] 1.1v + adv soltar* or aflojar (la mosca) [familiar/colloquial], apoquinar [familiar/colloquial]

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