There are 2 translations of shine in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ʃaɪn/


  • brillo (m) he polished the table to a shine limpió la mesa hasta hacerla brillar to give one's shoes a shine limpiarse or (esp AmL) lustrarse or (Col) embolarse or (Méx) bolearse los zapatos to take a shine to sth/sb [colloquial/familiar] they really took a shine to each other quedaron prendados el uno del otro you seem to have taken a shine to my watch parece que te ha gustado mi reloj she took an immediate shine to the dress enseguida le echó el ojo al vestido [familiar/colloquial] to take the shine off sth deslucir* or empañar algo rain1
    More example sentences
    • The day I was there, the beautician started by cleaning the natural nail to remove the surface shine and oils and then applied disinfectant and primer.
    • He was also scornful of the use of varnish, which is a quick way for artists to make the surface shine and also to protect it.
    • A vinyl or polyurethane finish has been applied on the surface to keep a shine without waxing; the urethane is more durable.

Definition of shine in:

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There are 2 translations of shine in Spanish:


vi (past & past p shone)

  • 1.1 (gleam, glow) [star/sun] brillar; [metal/glass/shoes] relucir*, brillar; [eyes] brillar the moon shone down on us la luna nos iluminaba his sincerity shines through his every word sus palabras traslucen sinceridad his face shone with sweat le brillaba la cara de sudor her face shone with joy su rostro resplandecía de alegría
    More example sentences
    • When we arrived in Cape Town the sun was shining down and the people were warm and welcoming.
    • Mr Pike, whose mother was from Burnley, said when he was growing up he thought the sun did not shine in the town because of the pollution spewed out by the cotton factories.
    • The sun was shining bright, and we had all of the windows open, allowing a nice breeze to fill the truck.
    More example sentences
    • He picked up his comb and began untangling his blonde hair, until it shone in the light and stood in place.
    • His soft, straight hair shone in the dim glow from the outside light.
    • When he smiled, his white square teeth shone, reflecting bright sparks of light.
    More example sentences
    • Her eyes shone with bright adoration and what seemed to be respect.
    • His bright, blue eyes shone with joy as he played, and he laughed aloud.
    • Her bright, vibrant eyes shone with gratitude as her steadfast gaze met Kynan's.
    1.2 (excel) to shine (at sth) destacar(se*) (en algo) the promotion gave her a chance to shine el ascenso le dio la oportunidad de destacar(se) or de brillar
    More example sentences
    • But too much could be tough to take - he was such an upbeat, shining example.
    • All of this is inspired by the resolute Texan's shining example.
    • I opened my laptop and showed her shining example after shining example of similarly awful dialogue.

vt (past & past p shone)

  • 1 (point) (+ adv compl) to shine a light on sth alumbrar algo con una luz he shone the flashlight right in my eyes me encandiló con la linterna
    More example sentences
    • John went in first, slowly, shining a torch light ahead of him.
    • She pulled out a small torch and shone the light into Collette's eyes.
    • A woman with a torch shone the light onto the water, following along the guardrail on-board, trying to spot a body.
  • 2
    (past & past p shined)
    (polish) [brass/furniture] sacarle* brillo a, lustrar (esp AmL) ; [shoes] limpiar or (esp AmL) lustrar or (Col) embolar or (Méx) bolear
    More example sentences
    • His shoes were shined to perfection and his dark, just about black, hair had been combed tidily.
    • The walls were sheathed with finely shined wood, and plain white carpeting lined the floors.
    • To shine patent leather, moisten a soft cloth with white vinegar and wipe clean all patent leather articles.

Phrasal verbs

shine out

v + adv
[light/sun/integrity] brillar

Definition of shine in: