There are 2 translations of shiver in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈʃɪvər; ˈʃɪvə(r)/


  • 1 1.1 (tremor) escalofrío (m), estremecimiento (m) the scream sent shivers o a shiver down my spine el grito me produjo escalofríos
    More example sentences
    • She sings with a power and commitment that sends shivers down your spine.
    • There is a particular passage in Myth that sends shivers down my spine.
    • The word Conservative still sends shivers down the spine of voters.
    (shivers pl)
    to have the shivers tener* escalofríos, tener* chuchos (de frío) (RPl) [familiar/colloquial] just the thought of it gives me the shivers de solo pensarlo me dan escalofríos
  • 2 (splinter) [literario/literary] fragmento (m)
    More example sentences
    • I like to look at the way that small shivers and fragments of light, escape through a teeny gap in the curtains, throwing quirky shapes upon the wall or ceiling.
    • He picked the larger shivers of glass out of the cut but that just made it bleed more.
    • Keep away from windows because the high winds and pressure can shatter the window, sending shivers of glass everywhere.

Definition of shiver in:

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There are 2 translations of shiver in Spanish:



  • (with cold) temblar*, tiritar; (with fear) temblar*; (with anticipation) estremecerse*
    More example sentences
    • I am burning up and shivering uncontrollably, hot cold sweat draining from my flesh.
    • I was just starting to wrestle out of my oversized shirt, shivering slightly in the cold bathroom, when a heard a faint knocking on the main door.
    • I shivered slightly in the cold but couldn't help grinning to myself.

Definition of shiver in: