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American English: /ʃɔrt/
British English: /ʃɔːt/

Translation of short in Spanish:

adjective shorter, shortest

  • 1 (of length, height, distance)
    that dress is too short for her
    ese vestido le queda demasiado corto
    he's shorter than her
    él es más bajo que ella
    what's the shortest route to town?
    ¿cúal es el camino más corto a la ciudad?
    you were still in short pants or (British) trousers
    aún llevabas pantalones cortos or andabas de pantalón corto
    they only live a short way off or away
    viven muy cerca
    we've only got a short way to go
    ya nos falta poco (para llegar)
    to get somebody by the short hairs or (British also) by the short and curlies [colloquial]
    pillar or agarrar or pescar a alguien [colloquial]
    to have somebody by the short hairs or (British also) by the short and curlies [colloquial]
    tener agarrado a alguien [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The offender is described as a white man, 5ft 10 in tall, with short dark hair and of medium build.
    • He had short dark hair, a small thin moustache and brown eyes.
    • The suspect is a white man, 6ft tall, with stubble, short dark hair, and crooked white teeth.
    Example sentences
    • This is not a problem on short journeys but on a long haul it can literally become a pain in the neck.
    • Now hardly anybody works on Saturday mornings and cars and buses are freely available to make the short journey to Ibrox or Parkhead.
    • I was put up at a villa that stood on stilts in the sea and which required a short journey by boat to reach from the main resort itself.
    Example sentences
    • Wrapping her arms about her, Jenni cursed her choice of a skirt and short sleeves.
    • Only now they were incongruously dressed in sheepskin jackets and short skirts.
    • She was never associated with skimpy bathing suits, low cut gowns and short dresses.
    Example sentences
    • You have to imagine a tiny, thin, short fellow with a white beard and bald head.
    • She's short and petite, with dimples in her smile and her hair in small little buns.
    • She is short and petite in frame - a trait she inherited from her Japanese mother.
  • 2 2.1 (brief)
    the days are getting shorter
    los días van acortándose
    they're striking for shorter hours
    están de huelga porque quieren una reducción de la jornada laboral
    a short time ago
    hace poco (tiempo)
    a short while ago
    hace poco rato
    hace un ratito [colloquial]
    we've only lived here for a short time or while
    hace poco (tiempo) que vivimos aquí
    in just a few short years
    en pocos años
    to have a short memory
    tener mala memoria
    the short answer to that is no
    en una palabra: no
    Liz is short for Elizabeth
    Liz es el diminutivo de Elizabeth
    we call him Rob for short
    lo llamamos Rob para abreviar
    I'll keep this short and to the point
    iré al grano
    short and sweether visit was short and sweet
    su visita fue corta: lo bueno si breve dos veces bueno …
    Example sentences
    • We'll continue our conversation with both of these senators after a short break.
    • After a short conversation he left but the residents believe someone tampered with a back window while he was there.
    • She was suspicious and, after a short conversation, told the man to leave.
    Example sentences
    • Plan to write a relatively short novel; you are producing one book, not a library.
    • One of the key issues to be considered in this short introduction is the extent to which this is true.
    • The third book is longer than the first two, but is relatively short.
    2.2 (Linguistics)
    Example sentences
    • Maybe it's all part of a plan to nullify the threat from the land of the short sharp vowel.
    • There are other vowel sounds in our language besides the short and long vowels.
    Example sentences
    • Many local accents are marked by a rhythm that tends to lengthen stressed vowels and to reduce or eliminate unstressed short vowels.
    • It can occur in syllable coda position, but only after a short vowel.
    • A trochee is a metrical foot of two syllables, the first long and the second short.
    2.3in short (briefly)
    en resumen
  • 3 (brusque, impatient)
    he was very short with me
    estuvo muy brusco or cortante conmigo
    she has a very short temper
    tiene muy mal genio
    Example sentences
    • He was short with the press, which did not endear him when it came to the races with Coe.
    • British Transport Police are being very short with their version of events.
    • I don't know what I have done to upset him but I must have done something as Gareth has been very short with me of late.
  • 4 (inadequate, deficient) the troops were on short rations
    las raciones de las tropas eran escasas
    to be in short supply he was fined for giving short weight
    lo multaron por no dar el peso exacto
    time is getting short
    queda poco tiempo
    se está acabando el tiempo
    I'm a bit short just now
    ando algo corto or escaso or apurado de dinero en este momento
    we're/they're still six people short or (US also)short six people
    todavía nos/les faltan seis personas
    the throw was short by several meters
    el tiro se quedó corto varios metros
    (to be) short of something/somebodywe're very short of time
    estamos muy cortos or escasos de tiempo
    tenemos muy poco tiempo
    they were short of staff
    no tenían suficiente personal
    do you get short of breath?
    ¿se queda sin aliento?
    five miles short of our destination
    a cinco millas de nuestro destino
    we're still a long way short of our target
    estamos todavía muy lejos de nuestro objetivo
    he's just short of six feet tall
    mide poco menos de seis pies
    it would be nothing short of a miracle
    sería un verdadero or un auténtico milagro
    nothing short of a miracle can save us now
    solo un milagro nos puede salvar
    it would be nothing short of disastrous
    no sería ni más ni menos que un desastre
    nothing short of a full apology will satisfy him
    solo con una disculpa como Dios manda se quedará satisfecho
    short of asking him outright, I don't know how you can find out
    salvo que or a menos que le preguntes directamente, no sé cómo podrás averiguarlo
    to be short on something [colloquial] he's a bit short on brains
    es algo corto (de entendederas) [colloquial]
    they're not short on enthusiasm
    no les falta entusiasmo
    Example sentences
    • We have not gotten off that, which is why we're short on equipment and personnel and training.
    • They were short on information, but all said Deane had resigned from the OPP.
    • If you're short on time and desperately in need of a one-stop option for all of your green needs, you're in luck.
    Example sentences
    • Six days after Tropical Storm Jeanne hit the island, water and food supplies are short.
    • The co-operative's arable manager, Phil Rees, warned that supplies could be very short next spring.
    • He added that there is a short supply of trained diabeticians.
  • 5 (Cooking)
    que se deshace fácilmente (por contener mucha mantequilla o grasa)
    Example sentences
    • The easiest way to do this with very short pastry is wrap it lightly around the rolling pin, lift the pastry up on the rolling pin, and lay it on top of the fruit.
    • The short pastry is good and the sauce emulsified, but filling is bland invalid food and the ham is elusive.
    • This had thin, short pastry nicely dusted with icing sugar and was delicious.
  • 6 (Finance) 6.1
    Example sentences
    • Take short positions with caution until the market reverts back to bull confirmed.
    • Unlike other investors, he can establish either long or short positions in securities.
    • Shorters or short sellers are traders who sell shares that they don't already own.
    a corto plazo
    Example sentences
    • It is unusual because of the falling interest rate environment during most of the period, at least for short bonds, followed by a leveling off and slight rise in the last few months.


  • 1 (suddenly, abruptly) he cut me short
    me interrumpió
    no me dejó terminar
    he cut short his vacation
    interrumpió sus vacaciones
    he stopped short when he saw me
    se paró en seco cuando me vio
    the train stopped just short of the obstruction
    el tren se paró justo antes del obstáculo
    they stopped short of firing him
    les faltó poco para echarlo
    he was brought up short by what she said
    lo que ella dijo lo dejó helado
    to be caught shortwe were caught short by an unexpected influx of visitors
    la inesperada llegada de turistas nos pilló or (esp Spain) nos cogió desprevenidos
    to be caught or (British also) taken short (need toilet) [colloquial]I was caught short at the station
    me entraron unas ganas terribles de ir al baño or al servicio en la estación
    Example sentences
    • He does tend to hit a lot of balls short, which allowed me to move up in the court and attack.
    • Instead, we end up making an ugly pass at the ball and almost always leave it two or three feet short.
    • Today, they are playing away from the body when the ball is pitched short.
  • 2 (below target, requirement) to fall short (shell/arrow) where they fall short is …
    en lo que fallan es …
    to fall short of somethingwe fell short of our target
    no alcanzamos nuestro objetivo
    their quality falls short of our requirements
    la calidad de sus productos está por debajo de nuestras exigencias or no está a la altura de lo que exigimos
    to fall … short of somethingthe arrow fell several meters short of its target
    la flecha cayó a varios metros del blanco
    his performance fell well short of our expectations
    su actuación estuvo muy por debajo de lo que esperábamos
    to go short (of something)we never went short of food
    nunca nos faltó la comida
    her parents never let her go short (of money)
    sus padres no permiten que le falte nada/que le falte dinero
    I went short of many things to pay that bill
    tuve que privarme de muchas cosas para pagar esa cuenta
    my patience is running short
    se me está acabando or agotando la paciencia
    we're running short of coffee
    se nos está acabando el café
    nos estamos quedando sin café
    sell 1 1 1


  • 2 (Cinema)
    Example sentences
    • Arteta made several well-received shorts and the feature film Star Maps, about a would-be movie star who makes a living selling Hollywood maps - and sex.
    • It means feature films, not shorts; fiction not documentary.
    • The Raindance festival commences on October 23 and will include 70 feature films and 200 shorts from 22 countries.
  • 3 (drink) (British)
    (copa de bebida alcohólica de las que se sirven en pequeñas cantidades, como el whisky o el coñac)
    Example sentences
    • Nicholas said he had drunk about six shorts and other alcohol and had taken heroin in the hours leading up to the encounter.
    • She had drunk a litre of cider and three shorts of vodka and had taken too high a dose of her prescribed medicine.
    • There is a fan nearby which fills one ear with white noise and makes me slightly giddy as if I had drunk a short.

intransitive verb

  • (Electricity)
    hacer un cortocircuito
    Example sentences
    • If you did not do anything with the flyback, gradually the internal capacitance will become shorted and you will need to refurbish the flyback.
    • Only by using a ringer test you will know if it shorted or not.
    • It sort of reminded me of when you see powerlines shorting out, or see a lot of sort of slow sparks leaping out from this central point.

transitive verb

  • provocar un cortocircuito en

Phrasal verbs

short out

(US) (Electricity)
1verb + adverb
hacer (un) cortocircuito
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
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