There are 2 entries that translate should into Spanish:

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should 1

American English: /ʃʊd/
, /ʃəd/
British English: /ʃʊd/
Definition of should in:
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There are 2 entries that translate should into Spanish:

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should 2

modal verb

  • 1 (expressing desirability)
    debería ( or deberías etc)
    debiera ( or debieras etc)
    you should be studying
    deberías or debieras estar estudiando
    tendrías que estar estudiando
    she shouldn't treat her friends like that
    no debería or debiera tratar así a sus amigos
    you should have thought of that before
    deberías or debieras haber pensado en eso antes
    tendrías or tenías que haber pensado en eso antes
    I've brought you some flowers — oh, you shouldn't have
    te he traído unas flores — ¡no te deberías or debieras haber molestado! or ¡no te tenías or tendrías que haber molestado!
    shall I invite them? — I think you should
    ¿los invito? — creo que deberías hacerlo
    that is as it should be
    así es como debe ser
    you should've seen the look on her face!
    ¡tenías or tendrías que haber visto la cara que puso!
    I didn't have any breakfast — you should've said!
    no desayuné — ¡me lo hubieras dicho! or ¡habérmelo dicho!
    Example sentences
    • They should make it their duty to make everything as simple and straightforward for you as possible.
    • When a person enters the army, they have to swear an oath, and they should fulfil their obligation.
    • At the very least the council should assume a duty of care to all the kids using this scheme.
  • 2 (indicating probability, logical expectation)
    debería ( or deberías etc) (de)
    debiera ( or debieras etc) (de)
    it should add up to 100
    tendría que or debería (de) or debiera (de) dar or sumar 100
    how should I know?
    ¿cómo quieres que sepa?
    ¿cómo voy a saber (yo)?
    why should they want to come here?
    ¿por qué han or habrían de querer venir aquí?
    Example sentences
    • All these factors should be enough to gain Magee victory, probably on points.
    • The yellow bus scheme should alleviate any worries parents have about public transport.
    • Having won in Katowice, England should be good enough to do it again at home.
  • 3 (with first person only) 3.1 (conditional use) (British English) [formal]I should like to see her
    me gustaría verla
    I shouldn't have mentioned it if he hadn't asked me to
    no lo habría or hubiera mencionado si él no me hubiera preguntado
    I shouldn't be surprised if they didn't turn up
    no me sorprendería que no aparecieran
    I should be grateful if you would send me the details
    le agradecería (que) tuviera la gentileza de enviarme la información
    Example sentences
    • A friend suggested if I were an American, I should pass the US Foreign Service exam.
    • I signed a ‘living will’, making it clear that, if I were terminally ill, I should receive no more than palliative care.
    3.2 (venturing a guess) (British English) I shouldn't think the chairs are very old
    no me parece que las sillas sean muy antiguas
    I should think she must be over 80
    yo diría que debe tener más de 80
    will they be finished by Friday? — I shouldn't think so
    ¿terminarán antes del viernes? — no creo or no me parece
    she's a little upset — I should think she is, poor thing
    está un poco disgustada — y es lógico, pobrecita
    Example sentences
    • In the final analysis, we should hope that fear of global warming will subside.
    • I should imagine the Elliotts feel the same way.
    • It's not overly complicated, which would appeal to the majority I should imagine.
    3.3 (expressing indignation) he said he was sorry — I should think so too!
    pidió perdón — ¡faltaría más! or ¡era lo menos que podía hacer!
    she won't be asking us for any money — I should think not!
    no nos va a pedir dinero — ¡faltaría más! or ¡sería el colmo!
  • 4 (subjunctive use) (with all persons) it is essential that you should be present
    es indispensable que estés presente
    it's natural that he should want to go with her
    es natural or lógico que quiera ir con ella
    I'm sorry he should see it like that
    siento que él lo vea de esa manera
    if you should happen to pass a bookshop …
    si pasaras or si llegaras a pasar por una librería …
    Example sentences
    • You would think that people with this distressing condition should not be in jail at all.
    • He believed there should be a stamp duty or tax on a second seller of rezoned land.
    • One of the features of the new mood is that religion should be effective in the marketplace.
    Example sentences
    • If he feels that strongly about the current situation should he not be campaigning for someone else?
    • Perhaps other people in my situation should not disregard this opportunity if offered.
    • Huntley said that should such a situation arise, he would report it to a senior member of staff.
  • 5 5.1 (expressing amused surprise) and who should turn up but her ex-husband!
    ¿y quién te parece que apareció? ¡su exmarido!
    what should she come out with at the critical moment but … ?
    ¿y no va y en el momento crítico sale con que … ?
    Example sentences
    • I snuck downstairs into the luxurious media headquarters, and who should I see but the two girls from that now-famous beer commercial.
    • Our photographer was dispatched to get a picture of the distressed bird lover, but on the way back, what should he see but 30 ducks waddling towards him.
    5.2 (in exclamations) [ironic]he said she drinks too much — he should talk!
    dijo que ella bebe demasiado — ¡mira quién habla!
    they should complain! I was waiting twice as long as them
    ¡yo sí que me puedo quejar, que estuve esperando el doble que ellos!
Definition of should in:
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