Translation of shrink in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ʃrɪŋk/

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (past tense of/pasado de shrank or , shrunk past participle of/participio pasado de, shrunk or , shrunken)

  • 1 (diminish in size) [clothes/fabric] encoger(se)*; [meat] achicarse*; [wood/metal] contraerse*; [area] reducirse*, verse* reducido [formal]; [amount/number] reducirse*, disminuir*, verse* reducido [formal]; [person] achicarse* the blouse shrank in the wash la blusa (se) encogió al lavarla the total has shrunk to two/by ten per cent el total se ha reducido or [formal] se ha visto reducido a dos/en un diez por ciento the veal/spinach will shrink away to nothing la ternera/espinaca va a quedar reducida a nada
    More example sentences
    • The current bearish stock market, rising energy costs, and shrinking family size would all seem to counter this trend.
    • Chipmakers can cut costs by shrinking the size of their semiconductors and fitting more on a single silicon wafer.
    • Faced with budget deficits when he took office in 1993, Mayor Giuliani refused to raise taxes but instead shrank the size of government and slowly began cutting taxes.
    More example sentences
    • Keep in mind the material might shrink slightly.
    • Will the market for printed Japanese materials shrink?
    • Amazingly, when he did, the clothes shrunk before his eyes to form a perfect fit.
    More example sentences
    • Her shrunken face is ash white but her eyes burn in recognition.
    • Her arms are stick like and her skin folds down around her shrunken body like a curtain.
    • The intense painting shows three old women with shrunken faces and clad in white.
  • 2 (recoil) retroceder, recular [colloquial/familiar] to shrink back o away from sth/sb echarse atrás or retroceder ante algo/algnto shrink from sth/-ing I will not shrink from the truth no me voy a acobardar ante la verdad she shrank from actually telling him he was fired no se atrevió a decirle que estaba despedido he will not shrink from doing his duty no rehuirá cumplir con su obligación
    More example sentences
    • People no longer winced or shrunk away in fear when she passed, and the teachers no longer completely ignored her.
    • The archive page has moved, and has shrunk dramatically.
    • Although private equity investment in many countries was already shrinking amid fears of a global recession, it has now fallen off a cliff.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense of/pasado de shrank or , shrunk past participle of/participio pasado de, shrunk or , shrunken)

  • [clothes/fabric] encoger*; [costs] reducir*, recortar to shrink heads reducir* cabezas to shrink sth on [Technology/Tecnología] montar algo en caliente


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